How can I get my stepson to try new foods?

If you dont get them to eat now they never will. Keep placing the same plate till they eat.

You clearly don’t have any of your own kids if you’re blaming picking eating on the “mother”. Have him try it, but don’t force him. Picky eaters grow out of it and some don’t because it’s another medical issue. Just make sure the kid is fed and stop looking for a issue with the mother.


The child might feel sick and can’t explain. Please don’t force him.

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My now 19 bonus son was picky as a child, we would take something we were having that he was picky about and modify it slightly until he was eating exactly what we were- like he had this thing with Mashed potatoes- so when I made them I could take a spoonful or two out and mix the potatoes with a little butter and sour cream but not mash them- this is what he would get- over time I would adjust how they were served to him until he finally would eat the. Just like his dad and I did. Now he won’t eat any one else’s but mine- saw stuffing ( he won’t eat his mother’s or any one else’s but mine. My biggest suggestion is give it time and work with him. Your pallet changes as you grow up - so just because he isn’t a fan of a dish now doesn’t mean he would be a fan down the road. We also had the rule once my bonus son was old enough that if he didn’t like what was for dinner he could make a PBJ sandwich - he was eventually got sick of PBJ and would try what we were having plus when his little brother came along he wanted to be a good example so he ate what was on his plate.


My son will try anything new if he sees it in a video on YouTube. Lol

I offer incentive for my kids to try new foods. They get a marshmallow for trying. I also try and Introduce new foods based on what I think they will like so they are trying things that taste good to them to further grow their own interests in trying new foods.

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Have him help cook! I have a son with Autism and was VERY picky eater. He was more willing to try new foods if he helped make them.

Just let him eat what he likes. Offer lots of healthy options. Why do you feel like you need to control what he eats? Your an adult so you can choose what you eat. Dont force foods he doesnt like. Could be a sensory thing but honesty it doesnt matter. Your making an issue out of nothing


He will eat if he is hungry.


It’s not always picky eating. My 10yr old has what is referred to as ARFID. He has an actual phobia of food and eating. He has his safe foods he will eat and that’s it. When he was younger, he would have panic attacks and hyperventilate and cry if we put something in front of him that wasn’t a safe food or if we tried to make him eat it he would gag and vomit. Please try to be sensitive about it.


My six year old is the same way. Our current system is this:

If it’s a NEW food, she has to try at least one bite. If she truly does not like it, she can have something else she likes that doesn’t require much cooking (eg oatmeal or cereal).

If it’s a meal that she’s eaten before or that contains only foods that we know she likes, she either eats it or there’s no dessert that night and the plate is put aside and if she gets hungry later in the evening, that is the only food she can eat.


Such a caring stepmom

On Guam, you better eat was is cooked. We don’t have time for picky bullshit. If you don’t eat was is cooked then you simply don’t eat!

You stated clear as day in your statement “I THINK it’s because his mom will make him what he will eat, BUT you’re NOT sure…”. So there’s two things here. If you’re “assuming” things, that’s coming across like the father never spoke with the mother about it. That’s on him, he should be communicating with her. Secondly, most people do cook what their kids will eat. So without more information on the situation, that statement is coming across “catty”. If you’re saying that you’re “unsure” why the kid won’t eat certain things, that comes across like no communication or conversation has been had with the mother. Just remember, kids are picky at times. It’s okay to try knew things. But communicate so everyone is aware of possible allergies to things. I have an almost 3 year old and all he will eat at times is nuggets, mash potatoes and mac & cheese. Kids will be picky at times.

Tell him he gets nothing else until he tries it. AFTER he tries a bite or two allow him to say no. Also cut down on the snacking.

Get him to cook with you and also play with food a little. Sounds like he has a restricted diet with Mom.

You should either follow this Instagram account (feedinglittles) or signing up for one of their courses online. Ive learned alot from just following their page.

11 year old kid still is a very picky eater. Well maybe his future wife will feed him better :rofl::joy:

Bring him to a therapist. It’s a matter of control.

My mom had a rule growing up you eat what I cook or you don’t eat i have almost the same rule except if I know my won’t eat something and I want to make it I will make something different but for the most part you eat what I cook and with my step son same rule he doesn’t like veggies but when he’s here he has to eat them I only give him a small amount nothing to dramatic

Sad there is all this catering to feelings and wants as opposed to nutrition

In our blended household you eat what is made or you go without, And if you say you’re hungry after the meal you are given what’s on your plate. If they’re hungry they’ll eventually eat

We have a 1 bite rule.

My son is 5 and has always been a selective eater. He too will get very upset if I try to push him to try something new. I’ve had many conversations with his pediatrician over the past couple years and even took him to a nutritionist. We tried every everything they suggested to no avail. We had him help plan a weekly menu, grocery shop, help prepare meals, have him watch others eat what he’s reluctant to try. The list goes on. Nothing worked. His pediatrician says that as long as he’s growing as he should and taking his multivitamin every day not to stress about it too much. He will now occasionally suprise us by asking to taste a new food. We always ask him if he wants to try what we’re eating but if he says no, we don’t push it. Just hoping he becomes a more adventurous eater as he gets older.

I have a super picky child , I do my best to to slip in nutrients any way I can with familiar foods. I have started buying ripple chocolate milk. It’s made from peas but it’s so good and creamy. She loves it, she also loves the boar head dark chocolate hummus. Simple ingredients and made from chickpeas but tastes like chocolate frosting. And we also do lots of smoothies


My son was picky when smaller. He liked his carbs and veggies but not a fan of meat other than a nugget. He is now 10 and eats pretty much anything minus fried :poultry_leg:. His taste has changed as he has gotten older and also since I made him eat school lunch instead of sending lunch helped a lot with not being picky. I would just say he has to try something but not force him to eat it.

My son is a texture eater. So if it has a weird texture he doesn’t like it. And it was very hard for us to get him to try new things. But I finally put my foot down and told him he has to take at least 3 bites when given something new. If after that he doesn’t like it then we will try something else. It has helped alot. He now eats alot more. I have also started making him help me cook our meals. I found that if he sees how we make it then it helps him want to try it.

I went through this with my step kids. They had to try a bite of everything. We had horrific tantrums for quite some time as they were use to being fed junk and not real food. They eventually learned the rules of our house and don’t put up a fit and have actually gotten to enjoy most of the food. I’ve learned what they actually like and don’t like vs. they just don’t want to eat healthily. And if I know they like it, but are being in a mood in hopes of getting junk food instead they can eat it now, or it will be waiting for them at the next meal and they don’t get anything in between.

I hear what everyone says and we do have to take into consideration different taste buds, textures etc. But don’t be a push over and the whole fear of eating disorders if you make them eat food or not eat food or what, is a bit dramatic in my eyes as long as you go about in a living manor. I’ve been up and down this path and have tried it all. Being firm
is what worked for us. Good luck! Stay strong.

That sounds like a self restricted eater. Far more than picky eater. Find an occupational therapist or speech therapist who specializes in feeding. It would be better if everybody was on board with feeding intervention but I was able to fix my daughter without input from the other side. It just took a little longer

I always had a little better luck when i let them help me cook it.

My son actually went to a nutritionist because i was concerned that he was so picky, and besides what I mentioned in my other comment, their advice was try cooking & preparing the food in different ways. For example- maybe they don’t like raw carrots, but maybe they like them steamed, or sautéed. Or with cheese dip on them!

My son will eat almost anything if I put Parmesan cheese on it!

Keep fixing it and putting it on his plate. Without arguing he will try it.