How can I get my son to play well with others?

I don’t have anyone that’s really close I can vent too . I am a mom of a boy that’s 3 years old - he is all boy meaning he is rough ,and has a ton of energy all the time . The sweetest boy though . I get so embarrassed when we go to family events or something with lots of kids or just family functions in general . It’s like he gets so excited his common sense goes out the window … and I have to basically be on top of him telling him no or whatever . It’s so exhausting to the point I don’t even want to go anywhere anymore . I’ve heard a ton of ppl call me helicopter mom or I smother him or I just need to “chill”(it really hurts my feelings but I try and laugh it off ) I can’t just let him break stuff or hurt other kids . I just am at a loss - his daddy is always working so he isn’t able to come with me the times I go . What are y’all’s suggestions or encouraging words ? He won’t ever have any siblings due to my health issues , and I won’t be able to have anymore . How can I get him to play well with others , and be able to add least enjoy going places with him? Please help a overwhelmed stay at home mom


Have you tried having him handle a a kitten or puppy? Sometimes it helps when he knows he has to be easy with something fragile? So when you say be easy, he understands.


My son was/is the same way from about 1.5 years old. He is 12 now. He was diagnosed with ADHD. He lacks impulse control and comes off aggressive because he acts before he thinks. He doesn’t ACTUALLY mean to be too rough

My middle son was like this. It was exhausting. But he could actually hurt someone and badly if I wasn’t right with him. 0-60 in no time. I would tell people he had no impulse control and they’d say of course not no x-year old does. And I would try to explain but no one understood.
It turns out he is on the spectrum. Seek out an OT evaluation and potentially a psychologist to check out how he’s doing. Your mom gut is clearly telling you this is an issue. :heart::people_hugging:

Preschool!! Even if it’s just a couple hours a couple times a week, having the structured environment will help. The teachers will correct him & he’ll start acting better in other situations


Parks. Everyday so he can learn. Can’t teach him to be gentle/kind to other kids if there’s no other kids around.


Have u thought about daycare a couple times a week? Or having another mom with a children around his age take him for a playdate for a couple hours once or twice a week? That way he can learn to be with other kids and u don’t have to worry about being a helicopter mom. If u haven’t family or friends with kids say 'if u take the kids for a play date on this day and this day I’ll take them on these days" so both parents get rest and ur son can learn to be with other kids and u don’t have to constantly be on him. I know what u mean. Ppl have said that to me too about My kids. Wen it came to other things. Ppl tell me to “chill” like during bon fires I’m always on them about getting too close or when they are around dogs Im on top of them to make sure nothing bad happens, other situations too. But I just can’t help it. My anxiety doesn’t let me chill when it comes to my kids. Doesn’t make u a helicopter parent. I’m far from one, lol. It’s tough. Esp when u only want the best for ur kids n for them to grow up with common sense, respect, manners, ECT…

Let him be a child!!
Don’t let anyone say anything to you! You can still chill and keep an eye on him, you don’t need to hover over him but you can still keep your eye on him. That way, he can feel like your not over him all the time and if he hurts another child you’ll see it happen then you can go to him and speak to him etc.

Please! Don’t isolate him away from other children or adults, he needs to be around them as much as to be able to understand. He is only 3 he can’t brut someone that hard he’s only a little boy! Obviously you need to just watch for things like biting, throwing stuff at people etc. but children are children and children will play “fight” and be rough especially boys

Try finding local mom groups to take him too! A lot of boys that age are rough so you just have to find other boys his age that play like that then let him be! My son is like this and once I found another child who could handle his full play mode it was easier to telll him that to play nicer with other kids. I’d say “that’s not X friend you have to play gently with them”.

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Are we talking about my child!!! This is me daily!!! I just embrace it. If I get the comments I say fine… cause u usually may get the " oh they are fine he can’t hurt nothing" like I do…

I say okay and I take a break from trying to direct him and let them see that little tornado… then they get it. Otherwise tell them to piss off or help. U can’t stay inside forever, momma.

Bring the favorite things and be prepared for not listening and melt downs. Hah… and for the comments? Just be ready to say something funny to lighten it up. :rofl:

Edited to add… going on walks in nature trails are amazing. They at least help ground him a bit attitude wise. He slows down and gets curious. Hah

Find places that you can go to play with others.

Is he mean or just a boy… I let my boys be rough and tumble :woman_shrugging: