How can I get my potty trained son to stop taking his clothes off when he potties?

Advice mamas, My son is four, turning 5 in August, and is potty trained. However, The only problem I’m having an issue with is when he poops, he takes his pants and underwear completely off and has his legs super open. And then he needs help putting them back on properly. He does this everywhere. And I’m nervous about when he starts kinder next school year. In the head start, they helped him. But next year, he’ll have to be more independent. So my goal is to help him not take off his pants completely and poop properly. But it’s a fight. Does anyone have any tips on breaking this habit? He’s good with keeping them on when he pees standing up. It’s just when he sits down to poop; he has to take everything off. Thanks in advance. No judgment, please.


My son is 8. He still does this but only at home. Never in public or at school.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my potty trained son to stop taking his clothes off when he potties? - Mamas Uncut

My son is almost 9 and still strips all his clothes off to poop

My son did that and I told him the poop monster will steal his pants and then he won’t have any and people would laugh at him being naked… i hid in the shower and snuck them and next thing I know he’s freaking out and asking for help… I told him pants can’t go past the feet or he gets them…

My son is five and still does this unless he’s at school then he goes normal but if we are at home or grandmas house he strips naked it took everything I had to get him not to do it at school :woman_facepalming:t3:


Same predicament muma n my 5 yr old is so small he still needs a potty seat n puts his feet on the seat so his knees almost touch his face. The only thing I can do is teach him to out his underwear and pants on right after. Even coming in n watching hubs and I go the bathroom to try n show n teach hasn’t worked. Sorry just wanted to let u know your not alone


Not kid BUTTTT my husband, who is getting ready to turn 36, stillllllll does this about 75% of the time :woman_facepalming:t3::woman_facepalming:t3:

My son is 10 & still gets naked to poop… My husband does also.

My son is about to be 7. He has always taken his clothes off to poop. He thinks he has to be completely naked for some reason. When he gets done he always gets new clothes and underwear. When he is at school he obviously doesn’t strip down lol. I always dress him in pants that have elastic so he can just pull them up. He has a hard time with buttons. I’m hoping that by the time he’s an adult he will stop getting naked to take a crap but who knows. :rofl::woman_shrugging:

I would just get him to practice putting it back on properly, with out needing help. He’ll be doing PE etc at school and will need to dress himself anyway. Once he realises the hassle of having to put it all back on by himself I bet he won’t strip it all completely off!


Lol,My youngest son who is now 35 still takes all his clothes off,my nephew does it,and my Granddaughter,They just don’t use the bathroom anywhere else.


I think it’s a boy thing lol cause my son did it n sometimes still does but luckily redressses himself but I think that’s to ditch the boxers when he’s home lol n he’s 13 now :woman_shrugging:t3:… surprisingly tho in public n at school he keeps his clothes on. Don’t worry too much tbh

Make him dress himself again. He’s big enough to do it on his own. As long as you do it for him he’ll never learn to do it for himself.


My oldest did this for a long time after he was potty trained. As much as I explained that all he had to do was pull down his pants, not get completely naked, he kept doing it, but eventually stopped after a while.

My almost 40 yr old husband does this :joy: my 6 yr old does it too.


Teach him to put them back on when hes finished let him do it you just be on stand by

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Get him to dress himself without any help.

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I put shoes on my son he couldn’t get his pants off he eventually got the hint that and I told him if he doest that at school he can’t go with his friends.

Idk my almost 4 year will strip naked just to go poop but so does my grown ass husband​:joy::joy:

Use a step stool to keep his feet higher up so it’s easier to keep his pants around his ankles without coming off. Gradually adjust to no step stool

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My little girl does this. She doesn’t at school but at home if it’s poop she’s nude.

Is he wearing zipper and button pants or sweat pants…
Maybe he feels he needs more room for his legs to spread…

This is literally so normal, just have him put his clothes back on HIMSELF once he’s done.

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I have no advice. My husband still does this at 38 :woman_shrugging:


I’ve heard of boys getting completely naked. My husband still takes off his shirt lol :laughing:


My son did that. He will grow out of it.

My son does this all the time. I’m pretty sure it’s a guy thing. I taught mine how to put his clothes back on so I wouldn’t have to. He doesn’t do it anywhere but at home, think maybe it’s a comfort thing, so I don’t stress ab it :woman_shrugging:t2:

My son used to do the same except he would remove everything, anywhere we went shoes and all, drove me insane But as soon as he started Kinder he soon realised he doesn’t have to do this, as no other kids would do it, was actually an easy transition, so don’t worry about it. He will be fine :relaxed:


Yup my youngest is 4. Was potty trained at 2 and has been doing this since lol. As soon as he started i made him put his own clothes back on at first he always had them inside out and backwards but after some practice and reminders that the tags go inside and on the back it all worked it self out and he dresses himself after just fine :heart: good luck kiddos can be stinkers lol

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My son is almost 7 and still does this lol im so happy to see im not the only mom who sees its a boys trend.

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My 2 year old was dressing herself… stop doing it that is part if being trained. Thats just lazy at 5

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Doesn’t he dress himself? He should be picking out his own clothes and dressing himself by now, with maybe a little help for snaps and buttons. Work with him several times a day taking his clothes on and off and putting them back on. Let him pick out his own clothes and dress himself every morning and with his pajamas too. He’ll catch up quick.


My 32 year old sister still does it. Good luck sweetie


My son did this until he was 5, I think they grow out of it.

Let me know what you figure out id like to teach my husband :joy:


My son is 7 and he still does it

I know a man almost 40 who still does this…I have no advice

My kids do this at home (8yo and 6yo,) but they know not to do it in public.

Instead of trying to make him stop taking them off, id concentrate on helping him get them back on, if he’s more comfortable with no pants while pooping, id let him, I mean I take mine completely off sometimes. Focus on practising woth him to get his pants back on at home, everythime he gets changed, things like that.


Lmao…good luck,I think my boys still get naked to poop and they are 23,24 and 29…lol

Maybe change the type of pants? My eight year old still does this but almost exclusively wears sports shorts or sweats, so they stretch more.

I mean everyone poops different, depending on mine, sometimes I don’t want any clothes touching me at all it’s weird but happens lol good luck

My son still does it, he’s turning 10 :woman_facepalming:not all the time. He’s my feral child lol

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I don’t know. My 19 year old & I have 2 adult friends over the age of 40 who takes everything off from the waist down to poop… he will have to learn to dress after he finish. Maybe ne thinks he is going to take a bath

Gosh and here I thought my son was the only one that stripped down naked to poop :joy: He did it until he was about 10 yrs old, it’s must a a boy thing

It’s a phase, he’ll stop… well maybe

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My husband and bonus son does this :sweat_smile:

My grandson does this!! Just the way he likes to go poo

I have a niece who would take her shirt off every time she went to the bathroom

My son did this exact thing. He will out grow it when he’s ready.

It’s a phase he will be perfectly fine in kindergarten mama :heart::heart::heart: he will get the hang of it. I’d personally buy some pants and shorts with just the elastic waste so he is able to pull them up and down pretty easily


My 11 yr old still does that. My nephew used to strip completely. Not sure if he still does. Maybe focus on him managing to put them back on independently. I’d be a little concerned about him holding it in or struggling to go if he’s uncomfortable

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Wait…you mean they’ll stop?? So far it isn’t at age 45, 27, 23 or 20!


Sounds like a normal little boy. Just teach him how to properly get his self dressed after.

Mine does the exact same. Im just working on teaching him how to dress himself alone better :laughing:

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Maybe keep them on one leg so he will have an easier time putting them back on? I’m not sure I’d focus on him putting his pants on by himself at home this summer I’d start with the stretchy shorts then sweatpants.

I feel your pain love my son is the same an his only 2 :gun:

Maybe start trying t I teach him how to dress himself

Just teach him how to put his pants back on by himself. I prefer to poop naked or no pants on,and I’m an adult female​:woman_shrugging:t6::woman_shrugging:t6:

My teenage boys still do this. But it’s a 100% off not just pants lol.

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My son is almost 3 and does this same thing! It’s super annoying but it’s the only way he feels comfortable to poop lol

I think it’s a boy thing. My son did this for years. I asked him if he had to poop at school what he would do and he told me he would hold it or take his pants off. Lol!! :woman_facepalming: They do grow out of it on their own.

It is what it is… don’t make it a big deal.

Lol just try to remind him not to.
He’ll get annoyed and start to remember. It’s what I do with my 6byear old who forgets to wipe his butt.
He hates me saying it, even if it’s to pee

My 12 year old ( and my ex husband) legit get 100% naked

Try tucking his pants in his socks so it’s harder to get the pants off until he learns to poop with them on

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Mine does this pooping or peeing. He will be 4 in august.

My daughter potty trained herself at 1 year old she would take every stitch of clothes of every time she went potty she had to have clean ones on everytime!! I mean everytime!!

It’s a phase lol :rofl: at least they going lol

Following cuz my husband does the same thing!:joy:


It’s a boy thing! & not really a big deal… All 3 of mine do this & always have

Typical for lots of others, just teach him how to redress

He might out grow it lol my 4 year old has a habit of stripping completely naked before he even gets in the bathroom we have worked with him he at least only does it in the bathroom now but he forgets sometimes 🤦

This is a boy thing for sure. All of my little brothers used to do this :joy: he’llgrow out of it eventually

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My son is 5 and does this but will dress himself after :rofl:

I would maybe start getting him to learn to dress himself again , he needs to be able to dress himself when in school as pe will be challenging if he can’t change back into his uniform or clothing

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Shoot my kids they ran around the house naked if that was the case LOL this was in 88 91 though then if I had to go somewhere then I had to put clothes on but the rest of the time they would just run around free

My son is now 6 and still does this :rofl: but when he went to school he wouldn’t it was like he knew he couldn’t get naked anywhere else except home :heart:

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Have an almost 5 year old that does the same!!

I know grown ass men that do it too, wish I had some tips.

My daughter does exactly the same! And so do I. It helps relax me and makes me feel free :relaxed:

My son did it as well mine grew out of it before school I also told him if he wants to go to school like his sister he needed to keep his clothes on when he goes potty

My sons 3 and I have this exact problem lmao my son hates clothes😂

My son is now 7 and still does this but only at home. He goes to school full time and keeps them on. But at home all the clothes come off and then back on even his shirt lol.

I would focus less on stopping that behaviour and more on teaching him to put them back on properly :slight_smile:


My 10 year old son does this but only while he’s home. Once he started school he stopped doing it there so you may find he doesn’t do it at school x

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It normal but be thankful its only the bottom half in kindergarten my grandson did butt naked shoes , socks and all. He will out grow it but explain in school we need to be dressed and at home is optional.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my potty trained son to stop taking his clothes off when he potties? - Mamas Uncut

My son did this too. When he started school I was worried but he didn’t do it at school. Only home. It will stop on it’s own as the other woman said.

It will stop on its own…

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It’ll stop eventually. Mine did this at home but never at school. Around 8 years old he quit on his own.

He won’t be in Jr high still.taking his clothes off!

I taught K and one of my students was found naked in the bathroom bc he had to poop. The custodian had to help him get dressed… poor little guy! When I wrote mom to tell her what happened she was like “omgggg he does this at home I had no idea he’d do it at school too!” Lol I don’t think he did it again after that. :see_no_evil:

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Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How can I get my potty trained son to stop taking his clothes off when he potties? - Mamas Uncut

I know a couple of adults who take their clothes off to potty…:joy::joy:


Some blokes do this as adults. As long as he’s in a toilet cubicle and it’s shut it should be okay. I’d focus more on helping him get dressed after


I know fully grown men who do this n I mean 30 year olds :see_no_evil::rofl:


My 4yo does this, but also takes his shirt off :rofl: just in case I guess! Lol

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My daughter did this too. She didn’t do it at school though.

All kids do this lol