How can I get my milk supply up?

My baby wouldn’t latch so I exclusive pump. I pump 8-10 times a day. Does anybody else do this? How do I get my supply up so I can store breast milk. is there anything that I can eat to help with the supply? Is it okay to sleep thru the night with out slowing down my supply? Any other helpful information?


I’ve read that body armour is supposed to up the supply

Lots and lots of hydration! Water or good stuff

You need to pump at night also. You can also order milky mama lactation cookies, brownies and drinks. Stay hydrated! And if all else fails ask your ob to prescribe reglan.

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Fenugreek vitamins and water

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You should search lactation cookies

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I pumped every 3 hours religiously and very quickly my milk came in in abundance… it got addictive to see what I could get…think my body thought It was feeding twins… i had my freezer full of breast milk &my friends freezer I had to much.i did ot for 6 months &the quit stopping was unreal but he had I’d say another whole week of frozen breaths milk or more…so be consistent with expressing especially during the nights

Lots and lots and lots of hydration! How many ounces do you get at a time? I used to pump 1-2 more times than my baby ate, so I could store the extra. I found a tea that really helped : Traditional Medicinals, Mothers Milk tea. All organic!

Lactation cookies, gatoraid, and flax seed will all help. FunGreek has very bad side affects for you and baby but some ppl can take with out any complications! You must still pump at night & can also power pump during the day. Make sure you label am milk and pm milk as well :heart: feel free to pm me with any questions, I’m still breastfeeding my youngest :blush:

You can get mother’s milk tea… it’s a fenugreek tea… it helps with milk supply


Up your protein. Skin to skin while you pump. Find a good lactation specialist so you get the support you need.

The yeast in the beer will bring your milk in. It just have to decide to have a cold one.

How long do you pump? I EP and pump for at least 30 minutes each time. Every 2-4 hours. 6 max from bedtime. And only one time daily that far apart. Lots of water.

Drink a beer before you feed or pump

I EPed for 50 weeks, fed my baby for months after and donated 15 1/2 gallons to mothers milk bank. Put the work in during the first 12 weeks when your body is building hormone receptors. Pump every 2 hours, and power pump to build your supply. Get up in the middle of the night and pump too. Babies don’t sleep though the night, neither should your pump. Breastmilk composition changes with the time of day. I also did 2 rounds of fenugreek (coupled with power pumping). Make sure your are drinking enough; have a bottle handy while your pumping. Google how to set up a pumping station. I also used lanolin just around the edge of my flange for comfort and I put my flanges in the fridge in a Ziploc bag for use with 2-3 pumps. YouTube how to massage your breasts for increased production/more complete emptying. Massage each side for a good minute before you pump to help loosen milk fat from the ducts. Use warm moist heat.

Oatmeal helped my supply. I would say pump before bed and then immediately as soon as you wake up if you plan on sleeping through the night without pumping.

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Drink a beer before u go to sleep . Wake up with rocks in ur shirt lol i only did it once but i went from a few ozs per side to 8 each side overnight


I bought lactation cookies and drank teas all day that help produce milk.

Cluster pumping to imitate cluster feeding! Pump normally and the. A few minutes later pump for 20 minutes and then on and on for 10 minutes a few times. Look it up they have better explained schedules

I used blessed thistle and fenugreek combo and they definitely helped I got them from a health store

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You can check out some exclusive pumping groups. I literally took off my bra today and have been getting more milk since I started noticing a drop in supply these last couple of days. Don’t buy just any oatmeal. Steel oats not instant. I heard blue Gatorade helps havent tried it yet. There’s mothers milk in the tea aisle. I heard fenugreek helps. Heat and massage breasts. Are you power pumping? Is that why you pump so much? I usually can only get in 6 sessions a day, but I have a newborn and 5 older children.

If I remember correctly, been a few years since I’ve had a newborn, I would wake up during the night and pump to help. Also use a nipple shield to help with latch.

My baby wouldn’t latch either so I got nipple shields and he was able to latch without a problem. Also pump as much as you can. Make sure you’re drinking enough water. I’ve heard body armor and Gatorade helps boost the milk supply.

Keep trying to get baby to latch.

Fenugreek, alfalfa, goats rue, blessed milk thistle supplements, pregnancy vitamins, and power pumping

If you pumped through the night it would increase your supply

I heard body armor (the drink) helps and there’s a flavor of Ben and Jerry’s as well

I made lactation cookies they were delicious and worked great!!

I’ve heard body armor drinks help

Eat quality food and more of it.

Try half a beer once a day. It helped when I struggled with my first.

Milky Mama products work wonders

Putting ground flax seed and brewers yeast in my oatmeal helped. Drinking tons of water helps.

Nipple shields worked for me … they have them @ Walmart in the baby section… she eventually latched in the my breast took a couple of months…my doctor told me to eat dairy products like yogurt and cheese and it helps with the production


Yes I have one twin that latches beautifully the other will not latch at all. So I pump for her. I just try to stick to a schedule and stay hydrated. There’s tea you can drink too.

My first daughter I did everything and didn’t make milk so she was a formula baby. Good luck hun

I made homemade lactation oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and they work wonders for me I also drink mother’s milk tea and munchkin lactation tea.

When I was trying to get my supply up I would pump every 60-90 mins. That really helped get my supply high

Some people buy breast milk

Hydrate a ton, eat healthy and rest… as hard as it is. I also had poor milk supply due to my son never latching. I tried it ALL: oatmeal, brewer’s yeast, blue Gatorade (seriously, look it up… doesn’t work LOL), milk thistle, fenugreek… everything. I really liked Mother’s Milk tea. I went through boxes of it and noticed when I didn’t drink it that my supply was way less. On a good day I could get 3-4oz per session, but on some days, just drops. You can also try power pumping. For 60 mins, do a cycle of 20 mins pumping, 10 mins rest, 20 mins pump… etc. if you set aside the time to really do it, especially morning and night, it can help mimic cluster feeding & improve your supply. It’s tough! Don’t beat yourself up over it. For me, when my period came at 6 weeks & my milk dried up, I was actually relieved.

Eat lots of Greens… Cows do…

Drink lots of water and try the body armor drinks. The pineapple one works wonders

Hand pump, I found it works way better then an electric pump and I pump every 3 hours. I drink a ton of water and 1 Body Armor a day

They have breast milk brownies that you can buy at the grocery store

Skin to skin while pumping …

Sleep 2hrs every time you pump. Stay hydrated well.

Power pumping saved my life.

Don’t buy any of the cookies meant for milk production. Same with any other products like this. Not only are they overpriced, but the only ingredient you’ll find different in them compared to a normal cookie is flax seed. Get flax seed (like $2-3 at Walmart for a bag) and put it in smoothies in the morning, oatmeal and other things. I tried a lot of different things when I was trying to produce more milk, flax seed worked the best.

Try Milky Mama, LLC products. Their brownies & juices are delicious & helped my supply tremendously :heart:

A glass of stout apparently helps.

Check out this link. This woman is awesome support for breastfeeding. There’s an endless supply of knowledge in her blogs and her Facebook posts. Keep it up, mama! :heart::heart::heart::heart:

Kayley Cabalero Mails

Lots of water and stay hydrated! Also Milky Mama is amazing and helped me with my supply! I highly recommend them🥰

Fenugreek, that’s what my ob recommend. He said you know you have enough in your system when you smell like maple syrup

Sleeping through the night can cause a lower supply as your body isnt triggered to produce as much. I use lactation cookies and drink two 28 oz body armors a day, plus water. Those 3 things help so much.


I dont know if you have this issue…i used to pump because my daughter was in Nicu for a few months and had a hard time with let down. I got a nasal spray for a compounding pharmacy, don’t remember the name of spray. Anyway, it helped a lot with pumping and keeping supply.

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Have a decent beer, like a craft beer or similar. If I felt my supply drop I would have one and then the next morning be overflowing. You could also try boobie cookies.

In all honesty it may also be that bub isn’t touching skin, just the touch creates the hormones that help milk supply.

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i used fenugreek capsules from gnc. did not like the taste of mother’s milk tea. check with dr first or a lactation consultant. they gave me a schedule to increase the capsules until I smelled like maple syrup. when i was ready to wean, i slowed down taking them and it made the transition easier. i had a metabolic condition that made supply always low and i was in the rare group that had kids or nursed at all.
good luck and don’t be hard on yourself!

Do NOT skip pumping through the night. That will kill your supply. Every 3-4 hours until you want to stop. Your supply will increase over time. You can power pump which is usually not much fun. Stay hydrated. Eat oatmeal cookies, but mainly consistently pumping on a schedule will keep your supply up.

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I am the same way but luckily some friends reccomended Mother’s Milk tea and it has worked wonderfully for me.

Drink lots of water, be in a relaxed area where you can get comfortable and prop your feet up, and pump when you can. Make sure that you are also getting enough vitamin D and calcium.


I pumped exclusively with my daughter. I found the pump itself makes a huge difference. Also, I was told to continue to pump and extra 30 seconds to a minute after I was dry to simulate baby needing more. I’ve also heard flax seed helps with production but haven’t tried it myself.

I used the tea moothers milk it’s makes you smell like maple syrup but it works
My daughter was born at 30 weeks she wouldn’t latch either I pumped all the time but she left the hospital in three weeks instead of 10 like they thought and she’s 8now my profile pic
The tea works hard to find it’s organic but it works

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You need to be pumping about every hour and a half at least or whenever baby eats. Keep trying to latch him. He may have a tongue tie that is preventing him from patching properly. It’s definitely an art! Keep working at it. Find a lactation consultant who can help. Also drink an insane amount of water. I drink between 130 and 200 oz a day! You may also disagree but a beer may help too. You could pump and dump afterwards but it may help. It’s an old timers recipe. Oatmeal cookies, mammas milk tea but really it’s about the water intake and feeding often. Also nursing is more effective than pumping. When you pump, pump for several let downs like 20 minutes or more

I took fenugreek pills. I produced an over abundance of milk after taking it. I took it the while time I nursed my son. The only draw back, they make u smell like maple syrup.

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Water water water along with a good multiple vitamin & pumping every 2 hours (pumping )expressing the milk with your hand is best & a couple night pumps would also help

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My mother in law would always give me oatmeal and soups. She said warm food and milk increase your supply. I nursed for 2.5 years for both my girls.

Drink plenty of water and try Mother’s milk tea. It helped me. But word of caution - it tasted better as cold tea than hot tea.

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I was a full time pumper for 8.5 months!! Fenugreek and Milk thistle supplements … Lots of water…pump ever 2 hours… I can "power pump… 20 mins on, 10 off 20 on 10 off then go back to every 2 hours


My friends baby wouldn’t latch so she pumped for months and froze it. But she kept trying with him and eventually he latched just fine :slightly_smiling_face:

Here we take a lot of warm drinks. Our water is warm too. It helps. They told me ground nuts which I live so took alot but not sure how that helped. But I am sure the warm drinks did. Tea, cocoa, water all warm it steaming hot if you can tolerate it

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I’m exclusively pumping too. Oreos. I swear by oreos! I started eating then every night and my supply went from 12 oz per day to 28 in 3 weeks

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I had the same problem of my babies latching on. It wasn’t until years later at a dental checkup that the dentist noticed they were all tongue tied. I couldn’t pump. I had to switch to formula. But when my youngest son was born when my youngest daughter of my three, now grown children, was 11, he wasn’t tongue tied and fed brilliantly. It may not be you.

Pump consistently, like clockwork. Don’t miss if you can avoid it, just like a feeding. Your body produces based on how much you feed/pump. The more you want to produce the more consistently you need to pump.

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Lots and lots of water! I use to carry a big water bottle around with me. And I wouldn’t sleep through the whole night until your supply really comes in. Try setting an alarm for at least every 3/4 hours in the night.


I always had to eat a big juicy fatty bacon cheese burger and a beer and I was leaking the next day! Fenugreek and thyme pills work as well just take a few days!

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Do not skip pumping at night!!! Pump AT LEAST as often as baby eats. Keep taking your prenatals and stay really well hydrated. Make sure to fiddle with the settings on your pump to find what works and is the most comfortable for you.

There is a tea for breastfeeding moms that helps your milk supply. It has a special herbal composition.

Oatmeal and lots of water. Also helps if you are looking at your baby (even just a picture) or watching a video of your baby so you can hear their noises. Helps a lot

They have lactation cookies I bought them for my daughter they seemed to help

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Fenugreek herb capsules and lots of water. Pump on the same schedule you’re baby eats to ensure supply.

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Following. I’ve done almost everything on this list and it’s still going down. I used to make 30oz a day. Now 20. If I’m lucky. I pump every 4 hours, I pump after she nurses, all the foods and drinks that could. My mom thinks lack of sleep and stress are killing my supply (single mom of five month old and 11 year old, zero help, family is 1000 miles away).

I took fenugreek capsules from the health store and whoa did that help.

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I exclusively pumped for 2 years. Drink lots of water, lots of fresh fruits and veggies. Try to stay away from caffeine and sugar as much as possible. I pumped religiously every 2 hours. At times it felt like I was always pumping, but I had a decent back up supply of breast milk.

Omg honey, pump what you can and supplement the rest with formula. You’ve got this mama! As long is baby is getting bigger it’s getting what it needs. No need to feel guilty at all! I can only speak from experience, my kids are & and 10 and I was drier than the Sahara

I haven’t breastfed since Christmas 2018 but i still have milk due to having had too much production & the depo shot I use as birth control (got it first administered the day after my daughter was born) keeps the production going… was like this after my son also & didn’t stop producing until 6 months after I stopped depo the first time. I can go a week without squeezing any out & then I do & it just squirts everywhere! :grimacing: sadly i take other medication that isn’t breastmilk-safe, otherwise I would donate!

Check for lip or tongue tie. Keep trying to latch. Our bodies are more receptive to baby than plastic. Eat oatmeal. Drink water. Proud of you!

I was able to pump for 1 year for all 3 of my kids. I drank lots of water and pumped every 2 hrs for the first month. After that, I pumped every 3-4 hrs during the day.

Drink lots of fluids and you may want to look into fenugreek.

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Oatmeal, water, fenugreek, ensure and pump every two hours. I needed more calorie intake.

Try Fenugreek!
Works amazing! Makes you smell kind of like maple syrup though :slight_smile:

Oatmeal and body armor, healthy protein snacks and fruits helped me

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Yes water water and more water. I had the same issue with my daughter. It works

Eat coconut oil. I would spread it on toast like butter and have some cheese or something. About a tablespoon or 2 a day works wonders for increasing milk production

Make sure that you drink a cup of fluid every time you pump. Also Fenugreek will help

Oatmeal and body Armour sports drinks helped me. Some people say a beer a day helps (something about the hops) but talk to your doctor first before trying it!

Talk to your doctor and make an appointment with a local lactation consultant. The consultant will be the one who most likely to know how to help you up your milk production.

Fenugreek pills or soak fenugreek overnight n have them, garlic n carbohydrates help in milk production. Drink lots n lots of water. Atleast a gallon of more in a day.

Lactation cookies!!! I made some when my supply was going down with my son. They helped immensely. Some many recipes online or on Pinterest if you have it.

Most people take allergy meds that dry it up. Also how much fluid are you getting. Breast feeding moms eat like cows and drink like a sailor (not booze lol) your body also reacts to the close proximity of your child. I found rocking my youngest while pumping really amped up my supply.