How can I get my daughter to gain weight?

Could someone give me some advice on how to get my daughter to gain more even though her pediatrician is not worried about it? My daughter was born at 4 pounds and an ounce 4 weeks early. At 4 months, she was at 10 pounds and now at 6 months, she only went up to 11 pounds.


I don’t think this is a Facebook question. If you feel your pediatrician is not listening to you, please seek a second opinion from a separate pediatrician

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My son was born 10 weeks early weighted 3.01lb. he is 6 now and still a peanut he’s 41lbs. They all grown at their own pace

Babies should only about double their birth weight at 6 months and triple at 1 year. So as long as she’s on that path, she’s perfect. :heart:

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Babies are supposed to at least double their birthweight by the age of six months. So perfectly fine🙌

Don’t worry about it - it’s easier to gain weight in this life than lose it. Look at her percentile for weight and height and if it’s fine, don’t worry. Also, once you start adding food to the mix they start gaining at an amazing rate.

My preemie took a long time to gain weight and when she did, she took off. If the pediatrician says she’s fine, then don’t stress. You can’t force her to gain weight. Hopefully she is on Neosure formula that has extra calories. Give her time

There really is not anything you can do at this point. If you are that worried about it you can seek a 2nd opinion.

Don’t force your baby to gain weight when it isn’t necessary…that’s honestly horrible…baby was a premie, she won’t gain weight at a “normal” pace. Although she’s 6 months old, developmentally she isn’t.

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Unless her medical professionals are concerned about her weight gain it’s fine. What do they say? What we’re their specific instructions for your preemie baby?

My daughter was also 4 weeks early. She never got chunky. Now she’s a happy 9 year old. She’s tall and skinny. Dont worry momma. As long as she’s eating and not hungry she’s fine. Her body is just using everything that goes in. Sometimes preemies are small and some stay small. But like I tell my daughter, " tiny but mighty". Size doesn’t matter. As long as she’s healthy. So don’t stress and enjoy your little baby because they don’t stay little long!

Listen to your pediatrician! There should only be concern if she isn’t hitting her marks or if she starts losing weight. If her weight is a serious concern for you and you feel that your pediatrician is missing something, you can get a second opinion with another pediatrician or a nutritionist.

I have twins, born 7 weeks early. They weighed in at 5lbs 8oz and 4lbs 11oz. They were tiny for a while, then caught up to where they were supposed to be.