How can I get my cats to stop chewing cords?

Not really mom related but house/animal related. How do yall get your cats to stop chewing cords? I’ve gotten her so many toys and The little sticks for cats to chew on. She will loterally.hide from us and chew on every cord she can find


I used to wrap the cords in foil wrap and they would leave them alone

I have some no chew spray I use for my dogs. They make it for cats

Mine didn’t stop until he chewed a lamp cord and it zapped him.

I had a dog that did that until she got zapped one day. Never did it again.

They have a mesh thing you can buy…like a hollow garden hose you cut to size…I use that for cords my cat loves to chew, like the Christmas tree. I got it off Amazon.

Cable sleeves from Amazon

Mine never chewed cords and I don’t think they will stop until zapped

I tried everything from bitter spray to hot sauce, nothing worked until my cat chewed on the cord for my fan in the middle of the night and zapped himself. He had a permanent bald spot under his lip from it.
Never chewed a cord again.


Listen mine eats plastic, I think yours is a little smarter.

Buy bitter apple and spray the cords.

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Go get her teeth looked at by a vet. Chances are her teeth are hurting her. Cats usually don’t obsessively chew.

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Amazon has some pipelike things you can feed the cords through to hide them for this reason…haven’t gotten to get them yet but it is really dangerous for kitty and annoying when they constantly destroy wires! I have a couple that do this and a couple that chew plastic so we have to hide the tp and paper towels and take the water bottles out of their cases but they will go after bread bags and anything else they can find! Ugh had one always on a holiday when everything is closed that goes after the garbage bag while it’s in the can yet and gets the drawstring out! Scared me 2x now one Christmas and one new years he had something hanging out his butt! Luckily the olive oil helped him push it out and it didn’t get snagged anywhere inside…we’ve been very lucky! We love them very much but they can be a handful! Oh and not every cat stops once they get zapped, when my dad was alive he had a clock radio plugged in near the couch and one cat would go chewing at the cord and we caught him when he shook his head like he got zapped and went right back to it! That’s how we found it was him doing that, he kept trying to go back to it like he enjoyed the jolt! We started calling him uncle fester after that! So good luck :heart: sincerely hoping for the best!