How can I get my 3 year old to sleep in their own room?

How do I get my three-year-old to sleep in a room alone?? Her sister, who just turned one when she turned 3, was having some health issues and was in the hospital quite a bit as an infant, and my brother n his wife apparently were helping my parents watch her while I was gone with my youngest… anyway they knew not to put her in her bedroom with the door closed and the light off Bc she was still getting used to being in there. Well, they did, and she ended up waking up and, from what I heard, screamed bloody murder for 10 minutes till my dad heard her and came in and got her. Now she refuses to sleep anywhere, but in a room with men is really getting hard Bc my one-year-old has set her own schedule where she gets tired about 7 pm, and my older, it honestly just depends on what her day has been like. So any advice helps!!


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It helped to redecorate. I lie in bed until he falls asleep but my husband doesn’t he goes into the room every few mins and comforts him. Once she gets used to a routine where she knows you’re right there she will be fine. I also suggest making sure she can get up and come find you not be trapped in a crib. Then she knows she can come make sure she’s not alone. My son is just turning 3 and it’s been about a year and he still comes into our room sometimes but not every night.


I had a hard time getting my daughter to stop sleeping with me in my bed. It was a lot of late nights, crying, and constantly returning her to her own bed every time she got out of it. It took about 4 nights before she stopped getting out of bed. But definitely having a routine would help. My daughter’s bedtime is 8:30pm sharp. Every night no exceptions. She’s 2 years old. We go upstairs, I turn on her nightlight, read her 3 books, and say goodnight. Ever since I started following this routine I rarely have an issue at bedtime

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You could get her a cool night light, one that shows the stars on the ceiling. Something that helps her be happy and comfortable in her room


I know as parents we want our alone time…but enjoy her being little while she is. Snuggle up with her at night because times flys and all to soon she won’t need mommy like ahe does now.


A really big thing that helped me and my son when he was a little younger was a set bed time, always 7pm no matter how long he napped or early he woke up, the consistency really
Helped. He sleeps in his own room but I usually snuggle him to sleep in his bed, and if he wakes up halfway through the night I let him snuggle me back to sleep in my bed. Find what works for you & your little, I’m about to have my second and I can’t even begin to imagine what changes were going to get with the old guys sleep schedule.


I have a 5 year old, 3 year old and 2 year old who all refuse to sleep in there own beds


I have 5 children that are now grown adults. Mamma needed some “me” time so I put a baby gate on their bedroom door and never closed the door. I kept a little low watt light bulb on. They used to play and fall asleep on the floor. It was basically like a giant playpen.
7-8pm bathtime and a story, 8pm baby gate up and mamma got peace. Good luck :+1:

You could try a sticker chart. So when she’s slept in her room all night she gets a sticker. After so many stickers she gets a treat. Worked wonders with my son x

I told my kids you can sleep in my room but not in my bed , bring your pillow and blanket , after a few nights on the floor they decided their bed and room were better and starting sleeping there . They were 5& 4 at the time . ( it might not work with a 3 year old)

I never had bedtime time. I would put all my kids and grandkids to bed at a reasonable time I would read to them and rub or scratch their backs or play the letter game on their backs they have to guess what letter its was I also sang songs to them ever night they would fall a sleep and then I would get up and go do what I wanted. It was easy an No night light it best to sleep in the dark.

Well it sounds like she had a bit of a traumatic experience, so it is going to take patience and time to get her comfortable again.
Play with her in her room, make it a positive experience when she is in there. If she naps or has quite time, do those in her room, be patient and calm and ALWAYS tell her her door will be open and a night/light will be left on and she is safe. Tell her that you will be just in (whichever room) and if she needs you you will come. (If you can’t come right away for any reason, answer her with your voice and tell her why you can’t come right away (in bathroom, changing other child etc) but you will be there as soon as you can. If need be keep talking to her every few seconds to reassure her you will be there soon.
The biggest thing to be consistent with, which yes it will be tiring, but the most beneficial for your child, is to respond to her cry/scared/upset emotions EVERY time!! This will teach her to trust again.


Just put her back in bed when she comes in reassure her there’s nothing 2 be afraid of. Leave the door open with a night light in major areas. (By the bed, door, closet) put a blanket, pillow, or stuffed animal in there with her 2 snuggle with that smells like u.

Lay with her in her bed until she falls asleep.

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