How can I get a paternity test?

How would I go about a paternity test, not going through court… Just a home test out of curiosity, how much do they cost and what company’s offer effective results?

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We did it at labcorp on our own not through courts

They sell them at drug stores by all the feminine products

It was like $300 in az

There are places that do it but it’s a bit expensive

They sell them at walgreens/cvs. $30 to buy the kit, $90 to send through mail and get results


Do you have a Rite Aid near you ?

Honestly, if you’re having to do this, the father will just find another excuse and say "it was a store bought test, not accurate enough "

Just go to court

You can buy this at Walgreens and it is a very accurate. Its what i used

Bought it at cvs for $40 and then sent it with a check for about $140. Came out right for both kids lol