How can I get a child to stop lying?

What helps with kids the lie my nephew has a really bad lying issue he won’t tell the truth about anything to save his life if it depended on it he about to b 6 next week


My son is 6 and he doesn’t lie but he does act out a lot one thing I do try to with him more is sit and talk to him like an adult not a child. He has 2 younger sisters so my attention cannot always be on him and it really helps to talk with him and see what is going on and what I can do to help or if he is just craving some mom time alone.

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It can be age appropriate. Just guide him and teach him. Model the behaviours you want from him and make sure he can trust you to be able to tell you anything, even if it is something he’s done wrong.

Does he get in trouble off his parents? Sometimes sneaky behaviours stem from not feeling comfortable to tell the truth to adults. Obviously not always the case


I had my son do some special chores when he was about 8 with the promise we could go to McDonald’s if he finished them all. When he was finished I told him I lied. I offered him peanut butter and jelly. It worked for awhile.


I find that kids lie when their parents are overly strict, they have been yelled at for expressing themselves (or asking questions), or someone has told them to tell lie/not tell so they start to. Also, fear of getting in trouble or knowing they can get what they want is often a factor.


For me lying happens to avoid unpleasant encounters . I am not at all trained in human phycology let alone children’s but from my own self reflection on the white lies I might do here and there as well as when I was a child and as a mother I feel a lot of this might be able to be resolved with some self reflection and finding out if your behavior or reaction might be part of the problem and once you can eliminate that as possibility then I am at a loss on what to recommend besides asking for help from professionals .


I’m not sure but it never stops. We have slowed it down but my 8year old still tells some lies. So my comment is mate that what may have happened in your mind but what actually happened. It has helped and don’t yell if you do that can make it worse. Everyone wants to be heard maybe it’s a call for attention. Not being mean or nasty just something that helped with my 8year child

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I Know exactly what you are saying here… I know someone from 6yrs old he’s now in his 30s still lies and steals till this day. His Mom supports his stealing by bailing him out al the time​:pensive::cry:

You need to find out WHY he’s lying
Is it out of fear?


It’s pretty much normal behavior at that age. One thing to remember. If you saw him do something, or know he did it, do not encourage him to lie by asking “did you do this” or “who did this” Instead say for example “I saw you hit your brother now apologize.”


I think it’s that age. My daughter loves to tell stories. She has a big imagination and will tell you stories and act like it happened today when it was a year ago and some are made up. I just correct her or tell her baby I don’t think that happened. The only time I talked to her was when she went to daycare and told the teachers I drowned her sisters. I told her you can’t say that. Say we went swimming not drowning

Tell them you have something special planned for them. Get them all excited. Let them get ready… then tell them it was all a lie… when they get upset, explain to them about how lies can feel when they tell them. Lies can hurt. Cause and effect. Consequences.
Parents don’t teach consequences anymore.

I always tell my children that I don’t lie to them, so I really hope they would not lie to me. That lying makes you an untrustworthy person and no one will believe you after awhile. I also do not punish them for wrongdoings when they are honest with me about it. Honesty is very rewarded

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My niece lied about a lot of things and kids at school to the point of completing making up stories for no reason… turns out she just had an extremely active imagination. Now she wright’s a bunch of crazy stories that involve space, cats, non earthly thing.
It could just be his imagination and he doesn’t fully grasp how it works yet, encourage him to write stories and explore his imagination.

I always told my kids that no matter how bad it is the truth is always better then a lie. I told them if I heard the truth from someone else the punishment is far worse then if they just tell me themselves. At such a young age, I’m not sure if this is useful or not. Hang in there !

I wish I knew the answer. I had this issue with all my kids. The only that “worked” was put up cameras. When something happened I’d say “you can tell me the truth or I can check the cameras. It’ll be worse if you lied”. For awhile they’d quickly confess. But they knew if it didn’t happen in or near the house I couldn’t prove it & how to avoid cameras. Plus something’s are hard to see on camera. So it helps some. But doesn’t teach them not to lie. Just not to get caught. I hate that.

My 4 year just started to lie and we just constantly explain the difference between the truth and a lie. How it’s not okay and if he’s always lying no one will believe him. I would let him tell you something you know is true and not believe him until it starts to make him upset and then tell him, it’s hard to believe him when he lies. Parents also have to do the same. Be consistent and if nothing changes I’d start even taking away privileges


My step daughter who is 24 still has not stopped, we have tried pretty much everything. It drives me crazy, and Dr thinks it’s in her genes, her bio mom was a massive liar and though she hasn’t seen her in 13+ years she’s just like her on many things.

talk to him and see why. something or someone is teaching that behavior, and hopefully it’s not super bad, but in cases like this it is. its like kids will learn the idea of stealing or lies from bad people doing super bad stuff, then they act out about it.

hopefully it’s not a bad case, where he just seen an adult lie or steal. either way, it’s learned behavior and acted out.

pressure never works w a child, especially in the case something could have happened, be the fun aunt. talk about things, and keep things chill. you could even have a house cam setup for convos. … but please, don’t pun8dh him until it’s atleast understood how he came to learn this habit

All kids are liers at that age
Wait till he is in his teens
They will bear face
Lie to your face

It might be too late to start but I used to tell my daughter that it could smell lies. I would sniff her anytime that I thought she was lying. I usually could tell when she was lying because she would get nervous and then she’d get in trouble. Lol


punishment & loss of privileges (no tv, no ipad…)