How can I fix my childs sleeping habits?

For the past three nights my one twin decided after going to sleep that he wants to wake up and not go back to sleep until 10ish. He’s been taking short naps during the day too. Only like 30 minutes. I’m at my wits end. I’m exhausted and mad and overtired myself. I have ended up just sticking him in the swing until he passed out and then yransferjng him to his crib. I have no idea what to do. I’m so tired. Once he’s asleep for the night he’s stays asleep until about 7. I’m just having such a hard time getting this boy to go to sleep. Any advice? He turned five months old on the 12th.


That’s probably the sleep regression around 4 months coming a tad later. Short naps seem to generally mean they can drop a nap and go longer stretches. It takes some time to get through the sleep regressions but it’ll straighten out.

Sleep is developmental.
It is probably a growth spurt or developmental leap.
I would first try nursing or feeding baby (whatever way you do), change diaper…
What works for me is just bringing baby to bed with me.

Having that same thing with my 3 year old. Hopefully someone can give you tips that will help me as well.

Look up wonder weeks. This is normal and will pass, don’t overthink it