How bad is it giving birth without an epidural?

So I found out that my SO is extremely allergic to the epidural, and started coding while his mother was giving birth to him. I obviously don’t want to risk it, I guess I was just wondering how bad labor will be without one. I am a FTM😊


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. How bad is it giving birth without an epidural?

4 out of my 5 were without any epidural or pain medication. It honestly just depends on your pain tolerance. Have a good coach to help you breathe through it. Induction seemed for me to make for a harder more painful labor. Exercise throughout your pregnancy if possible to maintain muscle tone and endurance. Do whatever helps make it more manageable. I always did better waiting at home as long as possible. Good luck and blessings to you and yours


I just had an unintentional unmedicated birth on Wednesday. It was by far the most excruciating pain I have ever been in. I was literally screaming off the top of my lungs in my home, outside to the car, and through the hospital. My son came fast though after my water broke (he was born less than an hour after that) and was almost born in the car. That all being said when it came time to push it was as equal to the pain as the contractions but not more so. I know everyone says if you breathe you can do it, but the pain was so intense it’s the last thing on my mind. I just wanted baby out by then. I want more children and I do not plan on having an unmedicated birth. Next time I’ll be staying right next to the hospital to make sure I get that epidural or at least pain medication.


The amount of pain is indescribable.


Had 2 baby’s at a birthing center with a midwife and no medication. When I was 19 I saw the documentary The Business of Being Born and I knew if I ever had kids, thats how I wanted to do it. I knew what my body was doing, plus being able to progress naturally, its something I’d never change. No tearing, pushed 3 times with both in a birthing tub as water is very soothing, it was incredibly empowering. You can watch that documentary to get more information and feel confident in your choices. And a natural birth at a hospital is not the same as a birthing center so be aware of that and look at your options. Your view on it all matters a lot in regards to pain as well.


3 out of 3 of been without epidural.
If you learn to let the contractions happen and release tour body, and control your breathing it is bearable.
Letting gravity help move baby down is also a tremendous help. I’ve delivered twice on my hands and knees.


Get the epidural!! Your husband won’t have an allergic reaction to it! it’s not going in him! It’s going into you! trust me! you will want it!!!


I JUST gave birth last Tuesday without an epidural. It was brutal! Not exaggerating and not sugar coating at all. This was my fourth child and it was the most excruciating thing I have ever experienced. I have an extremely high pain tolerance. I opted out of the epidural because it gave me such a bad neurological reaction for 5 years after my last child. It takes a lot of courage to go this route. I will say that the biggest advice I can give is to breathe, hang in there, and keeping telling yourself that you can do this. The pain was so intense that it is engraved in my mind. My husband said that he felt the pain in his lower stomach, that is how loud and how high of a pitch I was screaming. It’s better to know how it really is, but don’t be afraid. Just go with it and keep your mind focused on bringing your beautiful baby into the world. All I could think about was seeing her face for the first time.


I’ve had three natural births. I would do it again. I was a teen mom and did it completely natural at 16 with an almost 9.5 lb baby. I had incredible nurses coaching me. The best advice I can give is breathing through the pain is key. You can totally do this.


I had my first with a pain numbing medication in my Iv but no epidural, it was painful but only because I had back labor with him. My second was all natural. I wanted to try it and I succeeded, it was easier than I thought and for having no meds, it was way easier than my first. I’m doing it that way with the one I’m carrying now. Good luck and congrats!


Depends on your pain tolerance level. I have very low pain tolerance level so I knew i had to get the epidural the first time. If I hadn’t, I would be in labor pain for 25 hours. Something I knew I couldnt do. However, for 5 years I lived with the pain of the epidural in my spine. I had to do a lot of strength training on my back to get my back to work normal again. 5 years with that pain. My second, I did without because by the time I was at the hospital, she was about to come in the car already. Quick 15 minutes of pain. Pushed her out and it was done. But couldn’t pee bc the burning was worse than the labor pain. I hope my experience helps you in some way. Congratulations on your baby


I had both of my children without an epidural. You can do it!!!


Get the epidural. Especially if u get induced!
It is extremely intense from the beginning. This is no joke! If this is your first pregnancy… labor takes forever like 20 hrs +! You will be too tired to push when it finally the moment.
If baby becomes allergic to meds- they can do emergency c section.
You really don’t know if baby will be allergic.
There are other meds to help ease off and calm you. But overall… I really don’t recommend no epidural.
Get acupuncture after birth to fix ur back pain issues afterwards. Get massages. Cover your back from cold weather…. It’s basically a huge muscle cramp spasm knots… that can be fixed . Don’t let cold air hit your neck… put heat packs on injection site and make sure u have good back support when sitting. Everyone who suffered back pain afterwards with epidural… didn’t take the time to heal the back with these remedies.

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All 3 of mine were without an epidural. It was painful- trust me. But it couldn’t have been that bad because I had two more after my first :joy: if you breathe, and distract from pain it makes a world of difference! You got this mama

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It truly depends on your pain tolerance…I have a high one and my fear of being permanently paralyzed was stronger than the pain. And I know that you will hear people say this, and in my case it is actually true, it is the most intense pain you will ever feel, and you will almost instantly forget it as soon as you look at the face of your sweet angel. Everything just goes away :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I trained for an unmedicated delivery with my first. And the training probably saved both of our lives despite having to switch plans. Train and prepare because it will always be beneficial. But also allow yourself room to be flexible and adapt if necessary. First births are always a bit of a wildcard. Your body knows what to do better on the second round. You’re gonna do great! :people_hugging:

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Everyone is different… so just because some women say is easy without the epidural doesn’t mean it will be for you. I wouldn’t plan my labour around any other person’s labour experience. Have a plan but go in with an open mind as sometimes plans change.

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I’ve had 5 with no epidural and if you focus and breath it can be done. I’m not a fan of needles and have had epidurals because of back problems. The spinal headaches I have gotten (2) are worse than childbirth by far.

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My second was unmedicated. Didn’t tear at all and recovered so quick. The contractions were bad but i labored fast and pushed my son out in 2 pushes. The feeling after is also indescribable. Id do it again in an instant. If you’re going to do it, look into a midwife and doula :slightly_smiling_face: YouTube was a big help and I also read the Mama Natural. Educating myself helped ease my fear and made me excited!

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Personally I went into every labor 100% open to all pain relief options. All births are different and everyone has a different pain tolerance and not everyone responds to medicationsthe same way. I ended up doing all 3 without it because I had decently easy labors. It hurt but in my case was doable without the help. I say just keep an open mind. Knowing about that reaction may make it scary for you but it doesn’t mean you will struggle at all. Good luck mama :sparkling_heart:

Hmm. Epidural with the first, really big baby, went from tough pain (no contractions, just one big enormous, endless cramp) to pleasant buzz for the next 8 hours of labor. Tough to push correctly as you can’t feel it, tougher recovery.

Second baby dealt with contractions through the night OK, but when I was in the hospital I had a giant contraction and my water broke I screamed the loudest I’d ever done in my life. It was the most pain I’d ever been in. OTOH I knew if there was no time for drugs I’d be a mom quickly. Would have been momentarily but they weren’t ready for me @ the hospital. Finally got a local numbing shot in my crotch & she was out in one push. MUCH quicker recovery.

Honestly, it depends on the person and pain tolerance. I have 5 children and had 3 of them naturally 1 c-section and 1 epidural. For me personally. I will NEVER have another epidural. I couldn’t feel myself pushing and I didn’t like it. The pain is intense but bearable. Praying for a safe delivery for you.

I gave a natural birth with all 4 of my children. Of course there was pain but I also have a high pain tolerance. You also have to keep in mind that as soon as you give birth, all of the labor pain goes away. And so does the pain from pushing and getting the baby out. It’s all really up to you. Good luck.

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I had 1 with an epidural and 6 without, I will chose without if I ever have another. Having one slows down your contractions and your labor. The pain is pain but once the baby is out, the pain is put in the back of your mind as your snuggle your sweet little baby! Good luck to you momma!

So I have a pretty good pain tolerance & this story my freak you out but it only happens about 10% of the time. I had an emergency C-section & never went into labor with my first. My second was supposed to be a planned C-section but he had other ideas. I went into early labor & almost had a vbac (was not advised by the doctors) because he was coming quick. I honestly don’t know how long I was in labor because I didn’t feel anything until my water broke. The contractions were every 7-8 minutes as soon as my water broke & it was uncomfortable but not unbearable. By the time I got to the hospital my contractions were every 3 minutes & I was rushed into a C-section. They had me walk down a little hallway to the OR & a big contraction hit & it buckled my knees. I’m assuming it wasn’t going to get much worse than that. My spinal ended up failing so I was mostly paralyzed but I felt everything & id take the contractions & what I assume birth would feel like over that any day.

I had both of mine totally natural .for me it was not as bad as I thought it would be .it was so wonderful to feel the baby coming into the world …keep in mind that you didn’t go 9 months protecting that little baby only to dope them up . several things to keep in mind tell the nurses that you are going all natural ,if you don’t they will keep trying to push the drugs on you ,bring a focus point mine was a little stuffed animal and a picture of the last ultrasound .make sure your partner is 100% supportive and practice your breathing techniques

I’m also a ftm and I had a natural birth. The contractions hurt like hell, I won’t lie but it’s do-able. Women gave birth naturally for thousands of years. We were made to do this and I promise it won’t be nearly as bad as you’re imagining it will be. I had severe anxiety about giving birth up until I actually did it. Afterwards I was so proud of myself and the amazing thing that I did.

1st i had a epidural (21 yrs old), had to get induced for high blood pressure…took forever…2nd (35 yrs old) water broke at home, dropped our son off at the grandparents, got to the hospital, by the time i went in for a check, 7cm, up to the room, changed…10! Ready to go, no time for one…not much pain until pushing, then i begged for them to pull her out! She came out fast though…Lol…simple recovery, no tears like the first

I was scared for my first because I was getting induced so I had epidural gas and morphine he was only 4lbs then my second was 8lbs and no pain relief, the last was an emergency c-section, it sucked but I didn’t think I was about to die, I recovered quickly with my second boy

If you’re being induced, the labor will be 10 times more painful than natural onset of labor. I thought I was going to die from the pain of my last induction. If you can coach yourself or get a coach to help you cope through the pain it will be over before you can even ask for one.

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There are so many other pain relief options you can try other then the epidural if you talk to you midwives they will be able to inform you of them I did birthing classes before I had my son and that is were I found out all the different types of pain relief available and when it can be taken in different stages of Labor

I had both my kids without the epidural due to me giving birth so fast so i dont know the difference, but i know the real “pain” for me started at 6cm. With my daughter i was a first time mom i didnt know what to expect but when they said breath threw it it really works. With my son i labored at home from 7am to 1115am and i would just breath threw it, its a state og mind you have to get to. I enjoyed my labor mucb more with my son than my daughter for that fact

All 5 of my babies I gave birth to without and form of pain meds. My last one was born feet first. I have a high pain tolerance and I hate needles. I also had very quick births. It all depends on you and your body. Talk to doctor about alternative pain meds instead of epidural. With my last I planned on to have some kind of laughing gas to take edge off but I changed my mind when I was already in labor at my appointment to try and turn him.
Wish you the best on this journey

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I have had 1 with no epidural, just pain meds that made me vomit… yeah, it sucked. 2nd time was c-section. Just wondering why you think you should not have an epidural if your SO is the one allergic? It’s an iv going onto YOUR spine. The SO would not be exposed to it at all…

Had epidural 1st baby Dr messed up I still felt everything. Now a deteriorated disc. Had 2 more babies no epidural when their in your arms you forget all the pain.

Last time my epidural did not work at all for some reason they think that my scoliosis effected how it went through my body only my abdomen was numb it was awful horrible I can’t even .
That was my 3rd I’m 36 weeks pregnant with my 4th and I’m so scared I have ptsd for sure lol but I love my kids so much I would do it 50000
More times over !! You get through it period . Our bodies are so amazing !!! I admire all of us 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼

I had both my daughters without epidural. 1st child I had laughing gas (I went through a full tank and half) , second child had nothing as I didn’t have time as I barely made it to the delivery room.

It honestly depends on your pain tolerance and what you are comfortable taking for pain medication. Make it part of your birthing plan and ask on your next appointment what they offer for pain medication as some hospitals are different.

allergies are hereditary but that doesn’t necessarily mean your baby will be allergic too…get the epidural your baby will be in good hands if anything happens

I’m not going to say it doesn’t hurt but once baby is here you instantly forget it! But, I had 3 with no epidural and my biggest advice is focus on breathing, it makes a world of difference. Plus you’re able to freely move as you want before and after!

Ive had all 8 of my kids with pitocin (makes contractions stronger and harder) without pain relief meds or epidural. I personally don’t think it is that bad, it gets to a point where it gets overwhelming, but for me when that happens I knew that I was almost done and would be seeing my babies in the next hour or so. Find yourself a doula to help you naturally relieve your pain/pressure during labor and birth. You won’t regret it.


I’ve had four kids three medicated one unmedicated. While the pain was bad with the unmedicated one, I’m going to tell you the best feeling was being able to get up within the hour of giving birth. With the epidural you have to wait for it to wear off.
It’s going to depend on your pain tolerance but I was okay without the pain medicine but the two births after that I wanted the epidural.

I’m not going to lie, it is EXTREMELY painful. I highly suggest taking birthing classes to help you learn breathing exercises. You really need to pace yourself during contractions. My contractions happened so fast one right after another there was no time for an epidural. But it’s definitely manageable with proper breathing techniques and a supportive partner :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Honestly it hurts that’s true but I gave birth 3 times no meds twice at home… just meditated through the pain did exercises with the help of midwife/doula/husband and they helped rub back etc I had 3 water births no tearing no issues :woman_shrugging: I’d have more kids if I hadn’t HATED being pregnant 2/3 times and my kids were more neurotical… I have my hands full with the appointments of my three :sweat_smile:

I had all 5 of mine without. I did have a little fentanyl which is the only drug that does NOT pass the blood brain barrier to the baby. Completely safe for baby during labour amazingly but it does help take the end off!

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I’ve done it 4 times with no meds while being induced. I hear induction makes it more intense and I was okay. It’s not a walk in the park, but you have to become one with your body and let mother nature run it’s course. Breathe through contractions and you will be okay.

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3 babies,all natural,no epidural.control your breathing,try to relax in between contractions,it’s the worst pain ever,but once you see that baby :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: it’s All worth it.:heart:

I chose to not have an epidural with my first, and for me yes it was painful but wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Granted I had front labour which is a lot easier to handle then back labour (officially had both, back sucks) honestly it’s completely up to you if you want one or not. Honestly if you don’t want one then don’t have one and just go as long as you can. A hot bath can help too! But no shame in getting one (terrified of needles going near my back but got one with my second)

My babies were small, 6 lbs both, even then epidural was not on my mind, I am not afraid of needles, but If I can’t see it I don’t want it in me. & I also have sciatic nerve pain & the last thing I wanted was to make it worse :sob:
My son labor was the easiest , I labored at home until contractions were 3 mins apart, got to the hospital & was duly dilated, the one thing I loved about not getting the epidural, was that I was able to stand right away. ‘ the pain once the baby is out, it’s gone.

Why is everyone ignoring the fact that epidurals do NOT enter the bloodstream and it’s impossible for a baby to have an allergic reaction to it?
Of course, there are risks, just like there are risks with everything that has to do with childbirth. Your husband was coding due to something else, not the epidural.  usually it’s due to a mother’s blood pressure dropping or labor taking longer than usual so the baby is in the canal longer than usual causing distress.
It’s perfectly safe for you to get an epidural because your husband is not allergic to an epidural.
If you want to have a natural birth, that’s great, but don’t let incorrect information. Sway your decision. 
Just because your mother-in-law had a scary experience having your husband doesn’t mean you will. 

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I have had 2 unmedicated births and my 2nd one my uterus inverted. I was up within an hour after birth and did not tear with either. Both children came too fast for me to have an epidural and in the future if I have more I will probably have an unmedicated birth again. It is intense for sure but if your goal is to do it, you will

My last one (and biggest child😫) was without an epidural. I won’t sugar coat it, it’s extremely painful. What I remember most is feeling like my legs and feet were on fire. It can be done though, mama. Our bodies are built for it. Also, having the experience of birth with and without an epidural, I would honestly choose no epidural again. I hated how the meds made me feel before and after birth.

I truthfully had 4/5 kids by induction & 3/5 of my kids with no epidural. I had the best recovery afterwards. Labor went quick so the pain was easily forgettable. I had like 20 minutes of intense labor

Don’t let people scare you I had four all natural. Yes you cramp but if you learn to relax with each contraction and have a good coach to guide you in breathing you will do amazing. I would do it the same way all over again instead of being numb from my neck down. When you get epidurals yes it can help with the pain but you can’t help with your child’s birth.

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3 kids, no epidural with any of them. No pain relief at all with two of the three. You’ll be fine. Congrats!

I had two babies with just gas and air, it’s going to hurt and you’re going to think you can’t do it but you can and it’s all worth it!

I went natural. So I didn’t have any epidural… be prepared, follow instructions, push from right below the rib cage. It’s not that bad.
And I didn’t have the shakes after.

I got all the way to 8.5 centimeters in my shower with hot water hitting my back, it was painful but I felt I could have labored with moderate controlled pain if I would have stayed in my shower but when I got to the hospital I had to be poked and just so much uncomfortable stuff for a women to focus on while in full on basically time to push labor so that was awful but like I said if I would have stayed in a calm place or maybe would have started in one with warm water Surrounding me I probably would have been in low pain and comfortable. Good luck :pray:

I only had an epidural with my recent twins only for caution if they had to do an emergency c section. It’s rough. It’s hard and exhausting but so worth it. In the end, you get a baby. I’d do it again if I ever have another. The pain is over after delivery. You can get up and shower, use the bathroom. In my experience, I prefer not having one.

It will hurt so bad you will feel so many different things and you will beg for the epidural! But I promise you the second that baby comes out it’s all over and you will feel the best feeling in the world I can’t even explain. It’s an amazing feeling.

Did it 3x ! Lol but hopefully midwifes be able to help you stay calm. Go with the flow listen to your body ( sounds cheesy) I know. First one 12hrs /second 6hrs/ 3rd one 3-4ish. Last one water birth best one. Lol.x

My pain tolerance is moderate/high id say, with my first I had a epidural because everything was going wrong in her birth so I had to get it in order to have some relief. I struggled for hours to walk by myself and had some back pain. With my toddler I didn’t get the chance to get a epidural, she was born within a few hours. Honestly after the pain of birth and labor was done I was literally on my feet and ready to go home with no issues. It just depends on what’s going on in your situation and labor/pain.

Learn about all of the different positions that help labor and relax the muscles that are cramping. Being up on your feet in a crouching position on the bed helps, being up on all 4’s rocking back and forth helps plus many more. Don’t I repeat DONT lay on your back on the bed. That is the worst position to be in.
Check FB for specialists that show and talk you through ways to relax your body and put pressure on the right places. Having someone with you that knows when and where to apply pressure to certain body parts helps immensely. I had one while in the military, they don’t believe in any pain meds and then I had my others with epidural plus other pain meds that sedated me just enough. Your doctor knows what works and your coach but be willing to try what they are recommending. Best wishes for an easy time and

I did 16 hours without any pain medication and I did good. But the 17th&18th hour I had an epidural because they wanted to speed things up and gave me medication that caused horrible contractions and it was either that or c section so I chose the medication and epidural and tbh I wish I hadn’t and just stood up for myself and said no I won’t neither cause my son wasn’t having issues and his heart rate was good cause I still have pain in my back from that damn epidural and that was 14 years ago almost 15.

Just have relaxing music and only positive people in the room for there’s no negative energy in the room and have relaxing essential oils in the room too

The hospitals I’ve gone to push epidurals really bad. I didn’t want them. They were forced on me. Now I fight daily pain from them.

It wasn’t so bad for me the first time but the second time omg it hurt so much because I was induced and I didn’t have any pain killers

My epidural never worked. Poor guy kept coming in to try and adjust it… I gave birth and then walked to my pp room. It sucks, it feels never ending. Lots of moving, walking ,breathing, anything that might give u some comfort is good but that’s a pain that I couldn’t forget. It’s worth it tho.

First 2 i had one and it was smooth sailing…3 pushes they were out!! Are all fine…22 and 20 now…
My last one was without only bc it didn’t take…it was extremely painful…but can be done! Women have been doing it for 1000’s of years! After it’s over, you soon forget the pain and focus on baby! Good luck!

Had all my natural had 6 kids an yes depends on your tolerance for pain

They have alternative medication. On 10/25 I had my son natural. First natural for me also. By the next time they checked me I was 5 cm dilated. And they called for the epidural guy but he was 25mins too late. I had to take the pain. It did feel like a train was trying to move thru my hole but after he came out it was a relief. But when it was time to get the afterbirth out I begged for medicine becuz it felt like another baby was coming out. I got a half of shot of morphine. I turned down the fentynal they offered i dont like taking strong medicine :neutral_face: but when it was over I was up walking and awake for hours!

You don’t need pain meds to have children. I would suggest a TENS machine, although I barely used it. Fear creates pain and stress.

I didn’t have one. Honestly it just burned down there and I feel like everything happened with such intensity that the pain wasn’t really something i was even focused on. I don’t know if that makes sense. She did numb me when she had to stitch but other than that I always say that the recovery was way worse

I had all 3 of mine naturally. No IV’s not pain killers. With my second I had something that helped me relax, but nothing more. It depends on your pain threshold. I have a high one so I can take a lot pain.

I did it twice yeah it’s a little painful . I didn’t have any medication with either of mine while giving birth.

Girllll you will be fine .time your contractions and start sucking on the gas as you feel the contraction really does make the pain manageable/bearable. I asked for an epidural for my 5th.they hadn’t finished the process yet before I was ready to push so didn’t end up having the benefits of it but honestly the epidural process hurt more then the contractions and my back hurt for weeks after

I didn’t get one with either of my kids, they both came in less than 2 hours after my water broke. Rushed me right through it😅

It hurts but the second they put that baby in your arms. You forget it bc it was so worth it. Best wishes!

FTM and for me it wasn’t too bad. It went pretty quickly so that helped. I didn’t get a choice because of how fast everything went. The only part that really hurt was the ring of fire and stitches but it was really quick!!

Well the first time i gave birth I did so without the epidural ( intentional ) and it was horrible and it hurt like…. I thought I would die from the pain not to mention the sounds coming out of me….but as soon as the baby came out the pain went away.
The second time I gave birth without the epidural ( intentional ) it was honestly a whole lot better of an experience. I was ready for the pain. Like I was ready like I had been preparing to do this again for months mentally ready. It took 3 hours and 33 minutes and I didn’t scream, didn’t lose my cool. Just let it happen and relaxed and breathed and had my husband give me hot wash clothes ( helped soothed my down stairs ) and baby came out and that was it.
Learn to breathe now with like a Braxton hicks contraction…. If you get that deep breathing started maybe it’ll come easier to you in labor ( again my first I was all over the damn place ) and wouldn’t breathe to save my life. But the second was much better :slightly_smiling_face:
Some hospitals really push it- just tell them you don’t want it but that you’re open to alternate pain relief. ( shower, a shot of a pain killer or whatever else they can provide. I like ice packs and heating pad and bouncing on a ball )
Your SO is allergic to epidural? Or his mother had it and he started coding while she was giving birth….
Because I’ve never heard of a baby being allergic to the epidural. There are cases like that that I’ve heard of but it’s because of the side effects of getting an epidural that nobody talks about
( just trying to understand- definitely not trying to come off any type of way )

I had my last one without a epidural. (Had no choice he was coming to fast)
It wasn’t as bad as I expected it to be but the contractions sucked after he dropped into the birth canal. Everything leading up to it was just annoying like bad period cramps. I wouldn’t do it like that again if I had a choice. But it does suck but for me not as bad as I expected it to be.

3/4 of mine were without medication of any kind. I prefer it that way (as I have a history of quick labors) I feel like I healed way quicker without the epidural homestly

I never had a epidural for any of my 3 kids. Sure, it’s painful. But I chose to do it without drugs.

I gave birth twice, first time, it didnt work. I could walk and everything. Second time, i chose all natural and i would go all natural every time.

Three babies with an epidural, one without. Honestly, wish I’d have had all four without.

My first three were a breeze but the epi slowed my labor down, with epi my average labor was about 3 hours, without it my labor was less than an hour.

I, personally, didn’t have too much pain. Less than an hour of contractions that hurt pretty bad, but not unbearable. Then I was ready to push at which point, I am unsure if it was adrenaline or what, but I was completely numb without medication of any kind. So I didn’t have pain during the actual delivery. My recovery was phenomenal. I was up wanting to pee five minutes after delivery. No pain afterwards aside from slight swelling which caused it to feel uncomfortable down there but not painful. :woman_shrugging:t4:

I had my daughter at 16 (22 now). I got an epidural & it failed- only numbed my legs. Took me 3 days to be able to walk or pee by myself lol.
What I will say is the epidural slows things down. The pain is what motivates your body to get that baby out!!! It can make you labor for longer, etc. Also not good for the baby. When I have another baby I will NOT be getting an epidural. It was painful of course but I did it!! Lots of ppl do it. It’s very liberating honestly.

Had one who came on her own without an epidural and one who was induced late and I ended up using an epidural.

I preferred the natural labor without the epidural, but I also think pitocin is a beast.

If you can make it to a 7, just keep pushing through.

I have given birth both with and without epidural and to be honest if I could go back and change my choices I would have had all 6 kids without it.

I’ve given birth four times and never had an epidural. My last baby I was in labor for 104 hours and still managed. You can absolutely do it!

I just gave birth 6 months ago, to my 4th I medicated and without an epidural.
And also labor started from absolutely nothing with Pitocin.
The Pitocin made my contractions a little worse than they should have been but nothing was unbearable until legit about 30 minutes before time to push. Those last few clusters of contractions were PAINFUL and I was screaming pushing her out- not gonna lie lol
But the postpartum healing was so much easier than it was with any of my epidural babies.

With the epidurals, you can’t feel when you need to push or how long you need to push. But without it, your body legit takes coarse. Once you start feeling that need to push, your body is not gonna let you stop until the baby is out and feeling the contractions helped me push her out way easier.

If I have another one, I probably won’t get another epidural. The 3 I had RUINED my back. I can’t even be touched in my lower back because it sends a pain through my entire body.

I had an epidural with my oldest and youngest not my middle. It’s different for each pregnancy I think.

My first i was extremely sick. I was actually at the drs gettin a prescription when my water broke. So with being as sick as I was it felt a lot harder on my body.

Second he was crowning before I even made it to the elevators after getting registered.

Third I was induced and Christ the contractions just hit you like a tidal wave. So I got asked for an epidural with her as well.

I have fast deliveries thankfully as well tho.

Piece of cake :woman_shrugging: I’ve had 7 natural births including a twin birth. And also 3 of those labour’s I was induced. Everyone is different though and copes differently.


4 out of 4 no pain meds of any kind. Best thing to do is relax. Honestly if you tense it’s will hurt but keep your mind busy have the people with you keep it calm maybe telling good stories jokes keep it light. I will say i have extremely high pain tolerance so i was not affected as much as I have heard some women say. Go in with i got this attitude and relax. I also have a huge fear of needles so my fear of needles is out weighed by my fear of pain. I did tear badly with 3. but i was laughing waking i drove 45 mins for 2 of mine to the hospital in active labour.

It’s hard of course. But I did it twice. My first baby I didn’t know how to tell I was in labor. My water broke early, I had no contractions so I went to the hospital and literally sat for hours and it was miserable and I ended up getting the epidural. My 2nd and 3rd pregnancies I had contractions and went into the hospital as last minute as possible, did lots of moving, walking etc and didn’t sit down until I had to. That made all the difference. It’s hard, it’s painful, but I would choose to go that route all over again. Recovery is so much easier too.

I had 5 kids over 4 kilos each only with gas as I am paranoid about the epidural it was put in my mums spin nerve so I didn’t want the same .

I had 1 totally natural! And if I could’ve I would have had all my natural, that was my plan, but didn’t happen that way, if you can handle pain you can do it, it was hard, but I would do it again naturally

I was induced and made it to 2cm before I broke down and begged for the epidural. The pain is out of this world. My contractions were not stopping for a break in between, and they were not dilating me at all. I would only dilate 1/2 cm every 4 hours. My labor lasted 33 hours and the doctor that delivered him said I should have had a scheduled c section for how big he was compared to my body. I tore so bad I needed a unit of blood donated to me.

My epidural saved my freaking life, along with the blood donor

You can do your best unmedicated, but giving birth will throw you curveballs and you just gotta go with it in the end

Wishing for a safe and healthy delivery for you and baby

Look up breathing techniques. I did nine labors that eway and it was a very positive experience

I’ve done three natural labours without epidural. Just gas & air at the end of the labour. Xx

Given birth twice with just gas and air on and off. Breathe through the pain and contractions

It truly wasn’t anything you can’t endure. Major painful yes. But after it’s done, you can walk, move and get on to the next step without not being able to walk or other complications