Home remedies for a toothache?

Hi there moms.
Are there any home remedies for toothache during pregnancy? I’m almost 28 weeks pregnant and this pain is killing me.


I switched to sensodyne and it’s helped

You should see a dentist if possible

Seriously i know its gross but essential oil cloves will make the pain stop

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Toothpaste directly in the tooth and gums…also chew peppermint gum and stick it to ur whole tooth. Sounds dumb but works…

I ended up just going to dentist when I had a tooth ache while pregnant. He numbed me enough to where I could handle it and fixed it temporary until baby was born. Once baby was born fixed it fully as he was able to fully numb my mouth

I swear by this whenever I or someone around me has a toothache!


I got all my dental work done while pregnant, doctor just has to approve it. They can give 800 mg Motrin for pain while pregnant too. Only time I had dental insurance was while pregnant.

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You can go to the dentist. Get a clearance letter from your obgyn and you should be good to do all necessary treatment.

I usually Use mouth wash to help and i am almost 28 weeks too

Get to a dentist, most city have free clinic for emergency. Teeth just get worse not better. You don’t want an infection running through your body /baby.

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I work in dental field and have 20 years. There is no substitute if you need true dent care. Seek help. You take care of you mama.

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Aside from the above suggestions, warm salt water can help with the pain, and keep any possible infection from spreading. Avoid putting any kind of warm compress on your face as it will spread the infection (if there is one). You should consider going to a dentist. If there’s an abscess on the gum or at the root of the tooth, the dentist may be able to numb you enough to drain it and give you some relief. You are allowed to take tylenol while pregnant and it may help with temporary relief. I’ve also heard a tea bag can help. Good luck!

What do u do with the teabag?

Some of those tooth pain gels end up eating ur teeth… trust me I know

Many people don’t know this, but raw garlic is a natural antibiotic. I know it’s very potent for some people (especially pregnant women), but if you can tolerate it, I would recommend cutting up a clove at night in thin slices and letting the juices soak into the gums of that tooth. Also there’s a wax that people use for braces. Obviously ask your OBGYN first if it is safe for you… but if it is, you can mold some of that around the base of your tooth to help sensitivity issues… obviously just make sure to not chew on that side or anything… but if by chance you do swallow it, it is non-toxic and actually meant to be swallowed over time because your salvia breaks it down.

The pregnancy hormones can do a number on your teeth and gums, going to the dentist is good so they can help you and make it less painful. My last 2 pregnancies I had to see my dentist for some extra cleaning

I have a book give me a minute to look it up

Garlic cloves! Crush garlic and put it directly on the cavity or sore tooth. It’s also an antibacterial /inflammatory. Saved me till I was able to make it to the dentist.

Go to a doctor. Dental issues during pregnancy can be serious issues, including pre term labor.

Chew on cloves! Worked wonders for me

Liquid gel advil- open capsule and put on tooth

Place a clove in mouth near tooth , will help.