Help with fleas!

Please help! I have been through a terrible divorce, and have remained single for the past several years. I also work more than full time. In turn, I wanted to give my children pets to “normalize their childhood” to have great memories of their childhood, and companionship, which has truly been a blessing.... BUT, as I read on the internet page, that some others have encountered the following issue with fleas. They ONLY bite my daughter, and no matter WHAT we do, they still keep popping up! My children adore their pets, so getting rid of them would only leave new scars behind... BUT I CANNOT KEEP GOING THROUGH THIS! Never have my son nor I ever even sustained a single bite, but she stays COVERED in them... and YES I HAVE indeed seen them on her. We can bomb, poison, bathe the animals, vacuum, clean, etc... the poison acts as a party agent, and they still jump straight on her, as she walks through the door. Long sleeves, wearing insect repellant in the house... NOTHING seems to stop her from getting covered in bites! I did read, for those interested, that certain people emit more carbon dioxide than others, which seems to draw fleas to one person over others, but I’m having trouble finding what causes this emission, or if there’s a way to rid her of emitting so much. Perhaps through diet and/or exercise, plants in her room? Air purifiers/humidifiers? Does anyone have any ideas on the subject. It’s truly an anomaly to witness, tbh... but soooo true! We won’t see even one, until she is here, and there they are... they go straight for her! I’m currently bombing, spraying, cleaning, and also bathing the animals until I’m blue in the face, to no avail... please help!