Hello bello diapers

How many of you have used the new Hello Bello diapers? Do you like them? I love saving where I can & noticed their a little cheaper than Huggies (the brand I used for my oldest) and have a couple more in quantity too. I know with my oldest Parent’s Choice & Luv’s didn’t work very well, so if you have tried those as well, are they similar to those brands?


I literally just bought a small package of them the other day because they are cheaper than huggies, which is what we normally use. So far we like them! They work just as good, and don’t feel cheaply made… and there cute!:blush:

I bought the big box of hello bello and i love them so far

They work really well! My son never leaks in those.

I use them for my almost 2 year old and 4 month old and love them. They are so soft, and higher quality diapers for cheaper than honest company and the others. I haven’t had any issues with blowouts yet and haven’t had my kids in the same diaper for more than 4-5 hours so I don’t know how well they hold up for longer periods of time. The wipes are great too! 99% water and so cheap compared to “water wipes” brand, very soft as well. I would 100% recommend this brand :slightly_smiling_face:


I am loving them! I like the wipes too because you can use for face and hands!

I liked them for my 1 year old but not my 2.5 year old. My older son is a heavy wetter and they didn’t hold up for him. But they are absolutely amazing for my younger son! I will definitely be buying more for him.

Just got a box given to us and I’ve had no issues so far! I definitely recommend!

I subscribe to the monthly boxes. Baby girl isnt here yet so I havent gotten to try them out but I love how soft they are compared to honest co

Yes I love them we are on our second box. We use the wipes and the bath soap now as well!

Where do you get them at?

I use parents choice they hold as much as any other brand.

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Kirkland’s. You don’t need a Costco membership, they are available on Amazon.

Love them! Work great, so soft, and cute designs

I was told by someone who tried them that they run small.

Love them and their bath products too!

It’s weird. With my son, LUVS worked great!! Didn’t use other brands that much. With my daughter, parents choice are the best and once I bought LUVS and ended up returning them as they seemed so cheap. So, I swear by PC… But I’ll look into this brand too! Price wise how is it