He says he is just messed up in the head

Me and my husband have been separated almost 6 months now. He’s been moved in with another woman already, which is fine. Our marriage was too toxic and wasn’t alright anymore with our kids involved. I have two daughters 4 and 5.

So I started dating a long time friend of mine from highschool. So about 10 years we’ve known eachother and been great friends. But since dating only 3 months we’ve broken up already about 4 or 5 times because I keep catching him talking to other woman.
At first it was him commenting on TikTok’s, saying stuff like “let me be your bf” or “when can I meet you”
He promised me he wouldn’t do that anymore.
Then I catch him talking to his ex, who lives in another state. Sending her nudes and videos of him and telling her that she should let him be her side piece. But she wasn’t having it.
He begged for another chance and I said ok if he stops talking to her. He said he blocked her off everything but I had a gut feeling he was lying. Sure enough he’s still talking to her on TikTok.
So we broke up.
Them we got back together on thanksgiving because he wouldn’t leave me alone. Came to my job. Told me he loves me so much and can’t lose me. Wants to marry me. Loves my kids and that he’s just stupid. So I gave him another chance.
Well I had another gut feeling. A really bad one. And the other night on Monday morning I went on his snap and saw him buying nudes from a girl, while he was spending the night at my house and sleeping in my bed.
He started crying and telling me he’s a fuck up. Deserves to be alone. To give him one more chance and that he’ll delete all socials. I told him I don’t want that and he shouldn’t even have to do that regardless. I’ve asked him many times to think about what he really wants and he keeps saying it’s me that he wants. Us. He said he’s just messed In the head. He knows what I’ve been through with my marriage. Constant lies and cheating. And I trusted him because of how long we’ve been friends. I trusted him to be the first man I open my heart and my life, and my daughters lives to after their father left.
He keeps saying he’ll change. That I’m all he wants.
He says he’s been hurt so badly and he’s afraid.
But I’ve been hurt too but I haven’t done this to him.
He’s also been telling his friends and family that I’m insane. And breaking up with him just because I’m psycho. He’s not telling them I’m breaking up with him because he constantly talks to other girls and buys their content and tells them he’ll come fly out to them to meet them. I don’t know what to do at this point. I care about him. I want to be with him but I can’t be hurt like this anymore. I don’t deserve this. But idk why I feel bad leaving him ? I’m confused

Don’t feel bad for leaving. The amount of chances you’ve given was way more then enough. Then he wants to lie to his family about why you broke up with him?? No, he knows what he’s doing. I’m sorry you’re going through that, you really do deserve better.