Has your child had either of these conditions?

Hubby and I went for our OB visit today, and the ultrasound showed that our baby might have either an Omphalocele or Gastroschisis! After researching and talking to doctors, we have been told how they fix the issue, but not what to expect in recovery or long term! I’m just wondering if any moms here have experience with this and what difficulties you faced or issues you had if any? Also, what do you believe is important for new parents of a child with this condition should know that Drs may not tell you or that you may not find in articles. You can read about something all day, but I always find that first-hand experience is always the best!


I’m a Gastroschisis mama, please feel free to reach out to me! There’s lots of information out there and everyone has a different experience- but I’m happy to share ours! I can also point you in a great direction to connect with more families with Gastroschisis :green_heart: