Has anyones toddlers had a high lead level?

Has anyone toddlers had a high lead level? What happened, what was the cause? My 2 year old lead level came back slightly high, she has to go to get blood taken tomorrow. I’m nervous: my house recently got tested for lead and came back fine. I don’t know what else it could be, she doesn’t drink tap water

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do you cool with clay pots at all? i wouldn’t worry too much, you’re on top of it already!

Lots of fruit pouches these days contain high lead levels.

My 3rd kiddo tested high one time. We never could figure out the cause. No one has tested high since.

I bought swabs from Amazon and started swabbing all over my house. The only thing that came back positive is my bath tub drain so I got a cover to plug the tub for her baths instead of using the stopper in the drain itself if that makes sense

Bathing in the water could be the issue, that’s what it was for my youngest! Skin is the largest organ and anything that comes in contact with it gets into our bloodstream.

Lead-Based Paint.
Contaminated Soil.
Children’s Toys and Jewelry.
Workplace and Hobby Hazards.
Traditional Home Remedies and Cosmetics.
Lead Glazed Ceramic Ware, Pottery and Leaded Crystal.
Imported Candy.
Mini Blinds.

Check her toys and if she goes anywhere else: daycare, another house for play dates, etc -
Recalls have been done multiple times bc tots were done with lead paint.

Recalled kid pouces recalled due to lead.

Has she had any of those recalled fruit puree pouches? It was on the news recently

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Has the child had the recalled applesauce pouches?

The finger prick test the doctor does at the office is easily contaminated, giving false results back. Happened to me with my son. The doc said it’s very common. We went to get blood work done, and his levels were normal. I’m betting the same happened to you! I wouldn’t worry until you get the blood work back. :blush: