Has anyones period come twice in a month?

Has anyone gotten their period nine days after finishing their period?? My cycle is always normal. A few times, it has come a day early or a day late but typically pretty spot on. Usually starts day one really crampy and heavy. Day 2 and 3 is super heavy with a few clots, but by day four, it starts tapering off until day 7. Well, yesterday, I strangely had pink spotting, and I just thought that maybe it was ovulation spotting, but last night it became a little darker but light. All-day today, darker but light, then all of a sudden bam, it’s heavy, super crampy, and felt and seen a lot of clots. I called my doctor this morning (when it was lighter) and asked her opinion, and she says, “it could be normal, but with you having them normally spot-on, then this is a little weird. If there are any symptoms that you don’t usually have, then give us a call.” Well, the extra clots have me worried a bit. I can’t call until morning. Just curious if I should be worried and/or if this has happened to anyone else?

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Anything is possible. Stress can cause it and hormones. Pregnancy could cause it as well, although it seems a little early.