Has anyones child had impetigo?

Any mommas dealt with impetigo with their littles my son has it and is pain and very restless need some tips on how to get through this

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Definitely need a prescription for antibiotics otherwise it will get worse and severe scaring will occur.

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Dr should prescribe antibiotic cream plus using hibiclens soap to prevent it from spreading more. Tylenol can help with some of the pain and oatmeal with epsom salt soaks and coconut oil for moisturizing the skin. My child had it really bad and it takes awhile for it to be fully gone but even after the last sore is healed I would continue with the hibiclens soap for another week or so and sanitize everything… bed stuff, toys, bathtub etc

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My oldest daughter had it when she was not quite 2 she got from daycare. Went to doctor and they prescribed antibiotics.

Trim nails. The child can spread it by scratching in multiple places. As a peds nurse I frequently saw it on hip and under nose at the same time. (Pick nose, scratch bootie routine)

My son had impetigo on his face when he was about 4 yrs old ( 46 yrs ago) That was when kids played outside, dug in the dirt, etc. The pedi Dr gave me some cream & it went away. He never complained about any pain or was he restless