Has anyones child had a micropenis: What was the outcome?

My son is ten years old and officially has a micropenis. His appointment with the urologist is in a few weeks, but I’m worried about the outcome. Any of your parents have kids with this problem? Did it eventually grow to normal size with medication?


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone's child had a micropenis: What was the outcome? - Mamas Uncut

I’m officially done taking anything on this page seriously.


A friends son was born with this. Born with one ovary but yes a micropenis. They got steroid creams shipped in from overseas that had to be applied to the area daily as well as medication. His 20 now and once puberty hit with the help of creams and medications he has developed normally.


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Some of yall are fked up. This isnt something to laugh about.


Y’all are some toxic bitches for making fun of her child’s situation. It the same bitches that want 10" dick thrown down thier throats.


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Thought this was a page FOR NAILS ? If I’m mistaken then clearly this page needs a new name :thinking: seems like everything on this page has nothing to do with Nails at all Dearly Nails 2

If you all don’t like what is being asked get off this post, she obviously is concerned. How about not bashing her.

FYI, the number of comments help the page, so all those asking why it’s posted are increasing her views.


I’m going to answer this: I have seen preemies born with barely anything to circumcise & yet they’re very well endowed in adulthood - not all but odds are good.


2nd comment to this question: Why hasn’t this parent spoken with a specialist?

Some of y’all sons got nasty penis and y’all not checking hope y’all taught them how to wash

What happen to you posting about nails or has this turned into a drama page


I’m sorry, bare with me………nothing to do with the post but wasn’t this a page about nails? I’ve seen all these posts but I had to ask………….

I feel for you and your son. his pre-teen and teen years are going to be very difficult- kids can be very cruel. as for you ladies giving this mother shit, shame on you!! may God bless you with a child with a deformity maybe then you’ll have some compassion :rage:


What in the actual fuck does this have to do with nails?

That’s concerning talk to the dr. Thanks for briny this up I know some people are talking shit. This might be eye opening for other people.

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Some of you need your uterus taken out so you don’t reproduce.

Some of yall are just shitty humans.


SMH!! Let the mother ask a question. I think it is perfectly acceptable to ask. And who says the mother wasn’t alerted this by the dr. And I’d say she was in the room when he was examined. We are suppose to lift mothers up. It takes a village to raise a child. And she has asked the village an honest to God question. And before anyone get ignorant and says “ well size doesn’t matter”. A mother doesn’t want her child to suffer the stigma of cruel witches who whine about the size of a penis. All mother wants the best for their children and if she can prevent shaming later in life I applaud her. Wether it works or not, just knowing that you are not alone in this is the greatest. So those who sit on their judgement thrones better wake up! Karma has a way of knocking you off. So to the momma, you keep asking those questions. At least your honest!!

I can’t believe she came here for advice about something she has every right to be worried about and ya acting like asshoes towards her!!

Why is this page now called Dearly Nails? And were discussing micropenis? I’m so confused.


It is a legit thing. I had to Google it cause I never heard of such a thing


I have no advice but i pray its something that can be fixed. Good on you for being such a dang awesome mom. Im not sure why these other girls are so dusgusting but ignore their toxicity.


Infantile syndrome is what he has

O’my, I didn’t know this was actually a thing “micropenis” I babysat two little boys with this, on separate occasions. One was a baby and the other a toddler so of course I was changing diapers and giving baths. I felt sorry for them thinking about their future as teenagers. Kids can be cruel

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Your a honest and compassionate mom thank god

I was a major caregiver for my 14+ yrs younger than brothers and one of them unfortunately has this condition it was formally diagnosed at the age of 12. There really is not much you can do beyond helping him cope emotionally. There is hormone therapy but that’s a crapshoot in adolescents or surgery for a penile implant. And for the hormone therapy it should have done while they were infant not once they have started puberty. Also if your child is over weight or becomes overweight as an adult it will only get smaller, so teaching correct eating and exercise will be a must for your young man to feel confident as he grows up. But first and foremost he is going to need some counseling to learn how to cope and deal with the cruel reality of what the other boys will say and do to him as he gets older because less face boys are mean as hell to each other.


Yous are some ratchet uneducated immature ass bone heads

He’s not even going threw puberty yet give him a chance damn​:roll_eyes::joy:

They told me my son (20 months) could have one cause of his medical condition… he has actually been fine which is surprising but they said he could need testosterone or growth hormone or both if it doesn’t grow like it should as he gets older. You’re doing the right thing! Medicine is so advanced these days!!

Please take this page down… I HAS TO be run by pedophiles… the proof is in the pudding!


My cousin was born this way and they later found out that his penis was growing inside instead of on the outside, after surgery all is well and good according to my aunt

Lol ladies! Stop crying that they don’t post nails! There are so many other groups and pages that post plenty of nails! Y’all cry about it every single day :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: go join another group

My son was the same way…I prayed over it and sprinkled holy water…this is dead serious…now he has 4 kids and can’t keep it in his pants…some boys are late bloomers like girls with our boobs. I had to have a kid to get some. But definitely see a specialist as well

I want to know how some people don’t know about micropenises.


I ain’t seen my son penis since he was 8 he’s 15 now how you see it he showed you?

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Can they see that at age 10 :thinking:
I mean, it isn’t all grown yet isn’t it ?

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone's child had a micropenis: What was the outcome? - Mamas Uncut

No, what you are Born with, you have to Live With


You need to be more concerned with his education & less with any body shaming. Teach him to be happy with how he already has been created & that there is nothing to be ashamed about.


My late son was born with one due to medical issues. They use to give him growth hormones

What I’m so confused what does it matter what size your son’s penis is till he gets older and goes through puberty I’m so confused never even heard of this before .


I don’t have any advice but I hope you get the answers you need x pay no mind to the silly comments! There’s no cure for ignorance :woman_shrugging:t3:


It’s a medical condition…lot of people don’t get it and how it causes problems for them. It’s not about looks it’s about their health


Hope you find the answers you need, I wish I had help to offer. Don’t listen to the people who decide to push their hurtful views and opinions on you. They just want attention. People are always scared of what they don’t know. Some just would rather be mean about it than educate themselves. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It’s a medical condition that can really have an impact on his self confidence as he gets older. But I can say that there are procedures that can be done when he is older to help lengthen and add some additional girth. Hopefully as he grows it won’t come to that.

Just when I thought shitty people couldn’t get any shittier. This woman has a true concern and some of y’all respond to her in this way. God forbid y’all children don’t have an issue to be concerned about. Sad and pathetic.


For those who don’t know what exactly is a micropenis, it’s where it’s smaller than the average size…my late son who was born with severe medical issues was born with one. When he was three he his micropenis was as small as a newborns. He had problems with his urine output and kidney problems because of it. It’s not just a small penis it’s a medical thing that this poor child is having trouble with

They have surgeries for that. But not until older. Hang in there mom. I know your just concerned. :heart:


Nothing can really be done until they are older, if that is something they choose. However in the meantime ask the doctor about hormone therapy for children.


I’m curious… Why wasn’t this diagnosed when he was born. From what I’ve read it’s typically diagnosed at birth


i am officially. going to hell


but seriously its nothing to worry about if its functional


Y’all are some serious assholes!!! A concerned mother just looking for advice in regards to her sons HEALTH! Keep your head up momma, and give your son nothing but encouragement and positivity. See what the doctors have to say, and to hell with all these trolling assholes that are just flat out mean! Teach your son body positivity! I hope you get some answers from the Urologist!


Did you discuss treatment such as hormone therapy and do any testing on hormones?

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I looked this up as I had no clue but could be to low testosterone levels in the pregnancy while developing. There’s treatment for it in the article. Just read it and talk to your pediatrician and try not to make it a big deal not saying you are but poor kid. Hey maybe I came a across a micropenis once and I had no idea. I thought it was just a guy with bad luck so im happy you care for his later life. But either way he’s still a healthy child. It could be worst.


Lots of nasty women here that don’t understand how this condition could effect your sons mental health as he gets older. Shame on you. Momma, I hope you find the right medical people that will show you the way to the best outcome for him.


u need to check with both urologist and endocrinologist 'coz he might have undiagnosed medical condition related to genetic/hormonal disorders. it should be detected from birth if he had newborn screening test.

I knew someone with this and he ended up taking a few different medications with no effect so he ended up having surgery to give him an extra 2 inches. Years of therapy on top of it because boys are mean . Good luck to you and your son


I’ve never heard of it but I pray your child gets thru it .


Rodalyn Eda baka eto na makahelp kay JJ Nueros. Db Israel Sotto??

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This has been posted in like 4 groups already


:face_with_monocle::thinking::confused: wow I didn’t even know that this is a real thing. I have a son who is 18 years old.


Have you read up on Klinefelter syndrome most males don’t even know they have it till they hit puberty might be what he has dont listen to people being negative wish both of you the best


Gosh. Mither a stixh in time saves nine. Write down all your concerns and ask your urologist also ask other medical doctors questions too
Your child being ridicule can lead ro devastating behaviours.
To those of you who choose to be brutal your day will come with tax added on.


They will give a round of testosterone shots (about five) and he will be fine.

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My only experience with it is I dated a man with a micro. He had an inferiority complex. I never asked if it was because he was made fun of by boys in school, or because women rejected him (probably cuz he turned out to be an asshole). Definitely worth having him start seeing a therapist now, so he is comfortable with it when puberty kicks into high gear.

So many ignorant people in these comments that don’t understand how a micropenis is not JUST a small penis problem. It is so small that it can cause serious health issues. Please educate yourselves!


Google it my dear and seek more information from a medical practitioner

Please ignore everyone here. Write down your questions and your sons questions for the doctor. I hope he does not get bullied.


Have you had him genetically tested?

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I had a service user who is a lot older than your son an he had a micropenis, he was always having problems with being in pain and constant infections due to not being able to clean properly, dr wanted him to keep trying to pull the skin back but it was too tight an he couldn’t get a errection. I would say definitely get it sorted now don’t wait. :grimacing:


Honey ignore then ignorant comments from people
That have nothing better to do. You are doing right by your son being a concerned mom! This is a medical condition that can be caused by multiple
Things it is best to have him seen by a doctor. This can also affect his mental and emotional self as well. Not everyone gets that’s so good job mom for being proactive for him and his well being I hope you get the answers he needs :two_hearts:


There is married small penis men around everywhere . Least you know your daughter in law is not going to be shallow pos

Research and look for the best doctors to help your son. As a boy mom, I understand your concern. Prayers for you both.

Take him to an endocrinologist

Metabolic disorders can cause that

Well I once knew this man…
anyways, minus the story, it really is the motion not size. If he stays tiny I hope he finds the perfect partner.

Are you absolutely cracked putting this extremely intimate information out on FB. your exposing your son to bullying and harassment from any number of sources who figure out who you are.Best discussed in private with your family pediatrician!!


Nothing to do with size, it’s the skin around the penis that stops it from moving forward, once the skin is snipped he will be a perfect normal boy.


Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone's child had a micropenis: What was the outcome? - Mamas Uncut

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I truthfully have never heard of this. I truly wanna follow this thread to become educated on this subject!

Good vibes for your momma strength as you go thru this journey with your sweet boy while you figure it out momma!


Poor fella I hope it gets resolved


Idk but my ex had a micropenis and he was full grown🤷‍♀️


My son had surgery done to fix his


We had 3 rounds of steroids took us a year and a two surgeries later his balls are now dropped. He’s now four all of this was done under 2 :pleading_face:

Hopefully surgery can help - if they can give people one that weren’t born with one then I’m sure they can help - hope it goes well


Honestly I applaud you for thinking about that sort of thing for your child’s benefit. Most parents don’t even care


Mine is 11 and had the same thing. Idk what to do about it either


Do they not wait until puberty to see if it grows?


Yes. But it is due to my son’s condition and when he was only 2, he had to get shots to help it with growth. He had 2 sessions and it helped tremendously. My son was diagnosed with his condition a year after that and it’s called panhypopituitarism.


My now 19 year old had Buried Penis syndrome and had surgery to correct it when he was 1 yr old. Is that the same thing?

Jennifa Mwelwa Ntema comments kuno

I have no advice but, much love to you. It takes a strong woman to consider her sons confidence as an adult and sexual health. I hope you figure it out and I have confidence you will make the best choices


I don’t have any advice, but big hugs to you and your son.