Has anyone used wattpad?

Any mommas out there heard of Wattpad? Experiences with this app and if you’ve had to block it due to content.

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I’m an author on there, been for years. Never had a problem with it.

What is that? Never heard of it

Yes. It is literally smut. My 13 year old is not aloud to read it! I told her if you can’t read it out loud to your mom or grandma you shouldn’t be reading it!

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I read on it all the time. There’s no problem with it but you just have to monitor the stories they read. They can read anything.

It’s a site for stories.
There is perfectly clean content that could be read in church, and then there is content that wouldn’t be safe to read in a brothel.

Depends what the child is choosing to read, and their age. Most stories are good and I wouldn’t worry any about it.