Has anyone tried gastric bypass?

Hi, PCOS and gastric band is like having 2 diffrent conditions… PCOS weight gain is due to hormones and gastric band is to shrink the stomach for over eaters so they fill full when eating less…
I feel your doctor may not understand PCOS fully and maybe you need to see another Dr. If you are an over eater then maybe yes a gastric band may work best for you but to get the band you have to change your eating habits and eat certain type of food which you loose weight so maybe its mind over matter as if its possible to go on the eating plan before the op then its will power to continue it on after… as I know people who have had the band and lost alot of weight and I know some who havnt but they went back to eating whatever whenever like before the band so they havnt lost the weight and have put weight on…
So I do believe the band is unessacarry as its will power… and dedication…
However when it comes to hormones you will carry more weight around your middle such as those going through the menapores struggle with their weight…
PCOS kind of works the same way with hormone levels and that extra weight.
Which does make it that more difficult to keep the weight down and be toned… its not impossible but its more of a consistent challenge…
I am a sufferer of PCOS so I completely understand the stress and frustration regarding weight loss plus I’m disabled too so makes things that more difficult…
The best way to loose weight is to trick your metabolism so few days of being good, eating more fat burning foods, fruit, veg ect then have a day or so where your more relaxed with what your eating and then go back to few days of being good again… this makes your metabolism work at its best.

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Are you diabetic or insulin resistant? I have PCOS too and have been steadily gaining weight since I gave birth to my son. Two things helped turn things around for me, one was being put on birth control meds to help balance out my hormone deficiency and two was being diagnosed insulin resistant and being prescribed metformin. Taking my metformin and birth control everyday with exercise and dieting has made a huge difference. I lost 13 pounds in just 26 days. And even more the next month. But dieting is essential.

Yes I had gastric bypass…I was down from 297 to 235 on day of surgery. After surgery went down to 207. Started to climb again back to 245. Only when a friend mentioned we both ought to pay closer attention to what we put in our face did a light switch turn on. The next day I started to pay attention to everything I ate a can of soup is two servings… If I went out to eat I had the waitress bring a go container with my food. Put half away as you get way more than one serving when dining out. I lost 95lbs in less than 6 months and have kept it off.

Unless you are willing to change your life style FOREVER, I suggest something less invasive.

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Talk to your health care providers, research the pros and cons, then decide which one will fit your lifestyle. Good luck!

I had a gastric bypass 20 years ago. It’s definitely had it’s ups and downs, but all in all, I would definitely do it again.

Try adding some minerals… people are losing weight, by fueling their bodies with what we lack… & even if you do go through with the surgery, these minerals could assist you with the healing… worth a shot :sunglasses: Wishing you well on your road to become a healthier, happier, YOU!



I had gastric bypass 18 years ago when the procedure was still fairly new. My best advice: listen to your doctor and dont try to rush the stages when you are introducing food back into your body post op. I had the surgery December 2003 and I had egg beaters and ricotta cheese that year for Christmas dinner. But I did it. No longer boarderline diabetic and my joints didn’t hurt. Still have high blood pressure although not on as much medication. I eat whatever I want now but physically can’t eat that much. I have kept off over 100 pounds and am at a healthy weight . I do t regret it one bit. I know there are horror stories out there but I wasn’t one of them. Good luck!

It really depends on the person how your body will react to it. I have a friend that had it done 20 yrs ago and she did great. Went from a 26/28 to a size 10. But on the flip side, I had a customer years ago that had it done and went from a 5x to a small. But it destroyed her body, she was sick all the time from complications due to the bypass. The same with my sister. She was almost 400 lbs, had gastric bypass, and her body has not reacted good to it at all. She almost died, and will be on multiple medications for the rest of her life. It’s hard to say how anyone’s body will react. So it’s not an easy decision.

Hi :wave:t2:

A lot of people with PCOS are insulin resistant. Try changing up your diet, play around with your macros, see if low carb helps.

Play around with food. Are you sensitive to sugar? Gluten? Dairy?.

Also it’s important to be in a calorie deficit. Look up TDEE for your recommended intake.

Don’t crash diet, we need to fix your hormones and it needs to be maintainable. Weight loss takes time, rushing isn’t the answer.

Exercise too, even if it’s small, like going for walks. Strength training is great, the more muscle you have , the more food you can eat/burn.

Look at things like sleep and stress levels.

What is the root cause? Unfortunately surgery can be a bit of a bandaid approach. What happens when you reach your desired goal? Will your body be getting enough energy and nutrition ? Will you be able to have a normal relationship with food?


I had the gastric sleeve have lost 150pds. No regrets

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Research Ideal Protein…I have had the same issues my whole life. I started this lifestyle change on April 6, 2021 and have lost 100 lbs. I have alot of energy, I sleep much better and feel better.

I had the gastric bypass 15 yrs ago you lose the weight extremely fast it has its ups & downs it does mess with you mentally as well as physically I went from 359Lbs to 152LBS the only problem is my esophagus is closing up so I’m only able to eat mainly soft food I’m lucky if I could have one to two bites of something and I’m good for the day. My Dr wants to do some kind of liquid drink to see how much it’s opened and to see if I need surgery to open the esophagus back up, but all in all I would definitely do it again.

I had sleeve nearly 3 years ago and I honestly regret it.

Am a 59 year old male during lockdown I put loads of weight on I was shielding I went back to work and there was a few unkind comments about me being fat. So my partner Linda bought me a treadmill and some weights 6 months later am back to what I was prepandemic it takes 3 to 6 months to see any difference in an exercises diet routine. Just try and stick with it

Have you tried changing your water? Your body is more then 75% water. Bottled water is HORRIBLE for you it is filled with chemicals these cause bloating and water retention. I have a Medical grade water machine the water gives you more energy, better mood, better focus, Fat loss, faster recovery, decreased inflammation, detoxifying, Anti aging the list honestly goes on and on. If you are interested in Changing your water and your life let me know.

I have a band. Lost 40kgs in less than 6 months but then slowly put most of it back on. You still have to watch what you eat all the time.

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I had a gastric bypass in 2012 at 16 years old. It’s the best and worst thing I ever did.
It gave me my husband and son. But it’s still doing so much damage to my body.
I have recurrent stomach ulcers that lead to a rupture in 2019. I needed surgery to repair my stomach that had been torn apart, my bowel had been ripped and my chest was filling with acid and air that lead to my lungs being crushed. I had a 20% chance of making it through the surgery alive.
I made it through that but then the ulcers carried on coming. I had a revision surgery last year that repaired everything again. I was so weak before the surgery that I needed to be tube fed for a month.
I still get ulcers now and I am chronically malnourished. I am watched like a hawk for any signs of cancer in my stomach, oesophagus, throat and mouth because chronic reflux increasing your chances. My fertility is through the floor because I’m so malnourished and it took me two years to fall pregnant with my son. I’m weak, exhausted, struggle to keep lost foods down.
A gastric bypass can be a lifesaver for some. And that’s great. But I am walking proof of complications.
When I had the bypass itself, I sailed through with no complications or problems. I stuck to the rules and did everything right!
I didn’t start with ulcers until two years later.
If you’re looking at weight loss surgery, I would highly recommend a gastric band. It’s a simple surgery, it’s easy to remove and can be easily adjusted. It’s far far far safer then a full bypass!

As a nurse, I have seen to many people have the surgery and in a few years they have gained back their weight. Remember this is not a quick fix, it is a lifestyle change and you must stick with the guidelines, if you do you will be successful. Good luck


I had gastric sleeve 6 years ago and have absolutely zero regrets. Do your research and do what you think is best. Lots of women with PCOS get gastric sleeve and lose weight. I’m down 130 pounds and Ive maintained it. I eat pretty much anything at this point just smaller portions. Best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

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Im 6 weeks post bypass n omg it’s been a tough road so far… I definitely would consider all ur options first. It’s far from easy… but its working I guess

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I have pcos, you need to try low carb. Also regular exercise (consistently) helps with the pcos too. HIIT workouts are very effective & can be done in 20 mins a day x


Have you done anything about your insulin resistance? That’s one of your reasons for weight gain with pcos. I think(just my opinion) things won’t change till than.

Honestly stop doing all the gimmicks and give up gluten and dairy for a year.
Go for 2 30 min walks a day on top of that and it should help. That being said. If it’s hormonal there isn’t much h to be done and the surgery only works if you are an over eater.

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It was, is life changing. Have you seen a nutritionist? A fitness guru? You maybe taken on everything but yourself where you could be getting he aspects of everything a little bit wrong. Nutritionist is definitely the way to go

I work with Gastro specialist and honestly I’ve seen a lot of gastric bypass patients come back with more GI issues needing more medication! Stick to a diet, exercise. Results won’t happen right away like the bypass but it’s better and healthier


So a lady i worked with waited until she was 50 for this … once she had this she could fit in a car to drive and she GOT A LICENCE. She opened up a new world for herself. She was so happy and full of life.

Have they checked your hormone finction this makes losing weight impossible if out of balance.

But you are very lucky to be offered it. It will make a difference. Any change is difficult but it could really open a whole new world for you.

I dont know, but good luck huni xxx

I have pcos, low carb high protein was a huge help for me for weight loss.

The amount of misinformation in this thread is unnerving.


I had the sleeve 5 years ago. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER! I already had stomach problems and it made it worse! I have put most of the weight back on. Only 1 person from our group has kept the weight off. She does not eat any solid food. 3 protein shakes a day and tons of water. She goes to the gym everyday for a minimum of two hours.
I just can’t do that. I like solid food. I was going to the gym 5 times a week but then I injured myself and had to stop. I also take multiple medications for my stomach problems. To me it’s not worth it.
Good luck to you.

PCOS means you are carbohydrate intolerant. Try keto.

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I’m 25. Had gastric sleeve in Tijuana when I was 24 and I’ve lost 110 lbs. Soooo very much worth it!!! I started at 314lbs and also have PCOS! i originally did it to conceive, but we were actually in the process of adopting and so that’s on pause & now I’m just enjoying life 100lbs lighter​:heart::heart::heart::heart:


I had a gastric bypass in 2019 and it was the best thing I have ever done. I have struggled all my life with my weight and always hard to shift it with so many weight gaining illnesses and the amount of medication I was on which didn’t help.
I’ve managed to lose 12 stone and literelly half the person I used to be. It’s not easy in any way and you really need to stick to a healthy diet and excersize. It can be mentally challenging at times but you have to be determined and it will help.

Before you consider gastro bypass look up wegov and ozempic

Greatest tool and journey I’ve ever been on
Down 156 lbs in 4 yrs

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Best health care decision I ever made.

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Yes, 27 years ago and it’s still ok. Advice: Do EXACTLY AS ADVISED. Don’t waiver even seeking advice from others who have had it. Listen to your Doctor and your Body.


Ur lifestyle will dramatically chg if u do surgery…alot of struggles…u will never eat normally again

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In my opinion Gastric bypass are for people who over eat. So if you don’t over eat there must be other issues that need to be loked into and I can’t see any benefit in having the surgery done.

There is a lot of pro and cons. Just remember everyone is different. Especially different experience. Don’t go by what people say. Do what your heart tells you to do.

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I have pcos. It really all boils down to what you put into your mouth. I eat low carb as far as possible and don’t over do the saturated fats butter cream yoghurt etc. I’ve maintained my weight this way. If you starve yourself you will binge eat. A balance of low carb and good fats is what I did.

Following because i am considering this as well.

I had RNY gastric bypass in 2013 and lost 140 lbs… 10/10 recommend if you plan on using it as a tool to change your lifestyle. I had issues with fertility from being so overweight but after losing it all, I went on to get pregnant 3 times in the first 2 years. It also helped with my blood pressure and avoiding becoming diabetic (was already pre diabetic)

Follow the Mediterranean diet, low carbs, anti inflammatory healthy fresh foods, avoid the things you shouldn’t eat if they are included :). I had a banding but had it removed because after 10years, I started having issues with my eating. I’ve had a gastric bypass, because I had to get the wt off quickly for health reasons, but follow the Mediterranean diet plan for chronic health reasons. My blood work was all over the place and I was very unwell prior to the bypass. Now all my blood work is perfect except the ones we can’t fix due to my chronic disease.

Yes I did and it was my worst mistake surgeon.did the wrong surgery had to eventually have my whole stomach removed gallbladder removed 5 additional surgery 2 feeding tubes. It wasn’t worth it in the end. I realize my case is different. Just make sure you thoroughly check out the surgeon before the surgery

I had it done in 1994. I’m not sure what they called it then but I would have done anything to be thinner. Not skinny just healthy weight. I think I was 302 the day before surgery. I lost 125 lbs and I felt soo much better, but girl, it’s hard too. You start out eating so very little. You have to learn to chew slow and don’t let big chunks go down. When that happens it either has goes up or down. Up is very hard and it happened a lot in the beginning, well actually it still gets me time to time, but I had mine removed. 1997 I had a baby. Still thin enough. Had thyroid cancer and was back to 300 again):
With depression and stuff going on now, back down to 187 on my own.
A few things I learned is, it takes very little food to survive. Chew food very well. Take your time eating.
So in my 60 years I’ve lost over 100 lbs, twice!

Honestly I would research it. I’m going through process now and I’ve spent nights reading about the different gastric surgeries read the side effects the recovery the expectations make a sound decision through research I’ve found gastric sleeve is the best for myself xx

I do intermittent fasting and I’ve lost 50 plus lbs. I also have pcos

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This is something you need to talk to your doctor about. I know a few people who had it done and they both had way different outcomes.

I have had two friends that had this procedure done and both of them have major health issues now one ended up having to have a total hysterectomy other friend has major health issues can’t eat but one or two bites at a time anymore or she throws it up cannot have a bowel movement but every 4 or 5 days wait all ended up coming back on both of them

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I had gastric bypass a few years ago because of pcos. 1 1/2 years after I was pregnant and had my son

Natural unprocessed foods, high fiber. Fatty fish ( tuna, salmon, machrel or sardines.) Spinach , kale other dark greens. Dark red fruits ( grapes , blueberry, blackberries & cherries.) Broccoli & califlower. Skinless chicken & turkey. One doesn’t have to suffer being overweight because of PCOS. Believe me …

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I know someone who had the surgery they lost a little weight initially, but, today they are still obese and have issues with their stomach always hurting…

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Debbie Robinson
Annette Cadieux-Walker
Staysea Periard
Patlou Quesnel

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Both my husband and myself had the gastric bypass 15 yrs ago. We lost tons of weight…I lost 150 lbs in one year my husband lost well over 200 lbs in a year. Over the years we’ve gained back some of the weight. Our youngest daughter is going through the process now
My only regret… I wish I’d had the duodenum switch instead. But hinesight is 20 20…
Good luck … here’s info on the 2 surgeries


I had gastric bypass in 2007 and lost 176lbs. And it has stayed off. I actually couldn’t stop losing weight and got down to a size 0, 118lbs but I looked horrible. I kept losing for 2.5 yrs. Dr said I was in the 2% group that this could happen to and lose as much as I did. I slowly was able to put back on 20lbs, which I looked much better. Not a lot of lose skin, but enough to still make me conscious of it. I only wish I did it much sooner. Been overweight since 5 and obese by 11 yrs old. I’m now 55. I’m a size 4-6 now and I still, to this day, have issues with certain foods, cannot eat or if I do, I get very sick. Still can’t eat a lot, I graze mini meals, snacks during the day mostly. It took me up till about a little over 3 yrs before I felt my 1st hunger pains again and did not sweat a bead of sweat until about 7 yrs later (miss those days). I didn’t lose much hair but over the years, have suffered from B12 and iron deficiencies. Now my hair in the last 2 yrs has thinned more and lose it more. The vitamin deficiencies caught up. I take a multivitamin everyday from day 1. Flintstone vitamin in the beginning. Iron and B12 with 1 treatment of iron infusion at one point and B12 shots for a week due to severity of levels and could not get up.
If you’re willing to put the work into it, the emotional part (and it’s getting your brain to match your body saying), exercise, and NO, IT’S NOT AN EASY WAY OUT either as some people would say to me, it’s not easy. You just have to keep up the work, to keep the weight off. You can gain your weight back. No one from the original group that had surgery the same week I did kept their weight off like I did. It’s a lifetime commitment and you have to remember that. A friend of mine had the sleeve done, and they wished now, they would have had the bypass. Good luck.

You will need to do exactly what you are told. You still have to watch what you eat. You still need your will power and things can go wrong. Go on line and talk to others who have done it also. I know many who have had it and some have done wonderful well others not much and some who have put weight on. You can not drink milk shakes one after each other and expect the weight to come off.

Go with a physical specialized in Bariatric surgery and select provider with Care Excellence creds… I work at a surgeons office that specializes in BAR procedures. I’ve seen patients with great outcomes and not so great outcomes. You should be in program from anywhere 3 to 6 mos before you are considered for procedure. Know that u have to loose percentage of weight and have to quit smoking etc if you do so. Also you will need to have endoscopy to assess your upper digestive system. You will be or hopefully the provider you go to will have you attend regular nutritional meetings and encompassing support groups. Know you will also be assessed by social worker/mental health provider as well.


My daughter-in-law had it done she went from a size 16 to a size 6 and now she’s super healthy. Alfredo is no longer in her vocabulary. She has become a health nut when it comes to the food but that’s what you have to do. I personally lost 35 pounds simply by taking milk bread and sugar out of my diet.I know of a couple others who didn’t change their eating habits after and they blew right back up

Do not recommend, common side effect - malnutrition :flushed: try Keto instead x

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I got gastric sleeve surgery. I was super stressed out at the time & cared full time for both elderly parents who died 2 years apart. I lost 60 pounds but I gained it back. I would not recommend the surgery. I never ever felt any kind of restriction & I even took classes. They tell you it is just a “tool” & it’s true. I do not recommend it.

I had this done in my 50’s . It was the best thing I have done for me!
I have gone from 250. And went to 135 and have maintained 138 for over 16years. My earring has totally changed . I no longer live to eat but eat to live. My entire way of eating has changed. For me it was the best I could do for me!!! Pray about it!! I definitely did the entire process.

I had a friend that had it done yes she lost a lot of weight but turns out her intestines were leaking and she died 18 months later. My daughter had it done and she too lost weight but still has stomach problems, this surgery is not an easy way just saying

After my mom had it, she started having all kinds of digestive issues including chronic acid reflux, which resulted in esophageal cancer.

I cant give advice but im on “one drink a day” (coffee, hot choc or tropical juice) and lost 6.5 inches off every where. My friend has lost 11lbs in 2 weeks aswell on the same drinks.x

I had the gastric sleeve done 10/16/17. Best decision ever. I have maintained 132 pounds loss I would like to lose another 20-25 pounds. My exercise level depends on my epilepsy. Which I got got diagnosed with after my surgery. Most days I don’t let it get me down. Only bad thing was my insurance didn’t cover it. But a friend of mine recommended a place in Tijuana Mexico. She had also went there. They was awesome and I got great care at a cheaper price. Plus a vacation at the same time. My only regret is not having it done sooner.

I think that’s a little extreme. Especially at your age. I know a person that has PCOS and I want to say she had to cut out gluten as well. I’m with others saying that they cut out certain foods from their diet.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone tried gastric bypass? - Mamas Uncut

Try the sleeve first. That way you aren’t rerouting your intestines. My sister and mom did that and have had great success! Do you research and then decide what might be the best option. Some people just can’t loose weight no matter what we do.

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I had thr gastric sleeve done in Mexico in April and I’ve lost 87 pounds and feel better than I have in years! They told me unless your BMI is over a certain number they do the sleeve! I had tried literally everything after gaining over 100 pounds after finding out I had Lupus. I’d recommend it to anyone! My only regret is not doing it sooner!!


I got the sleeve and wish I had done it sooner! Honestly the best decision I ever made :woman_shrugging:t2:

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Get the sleeve, it’s the more modern safer option… I have alot of friends who’ve had it done and they’re looking amazing!! Join support groups on fb and read people’s posts, it sounds hard and painful at first but going by the results it is worth it.


I’m 26 and had it in April. One of the best choices I’ve ever made. Join some support groups and then make sure you find a surgeon who will ensure you’re thoroughly informed. It really is a huge life change. The one thing I wasn’t prepared for was the mental change (not food/habits wise but self love/body image wise). The one thing that made me say yes was the amount of people who would say they regretted it was few and far in between. Most said they just wish they’d have done it sooner. Just know it’s a tool, not a guaranteed success and with all tools, you’ll have to properly utilize it to get full results and commit to the change to maintain after your goals are achieved.


I have PCOS and I got the lapband last march and Im down 93 lbs


I have PCOS had gastric sleeve and lost 240 pounds. It also fixed my insulin resistance.


I had the full roux-en-y bypass 4/2013 at 26 years old. I’ve maintained 130lbs weight loss and would never change a thing. :heart:

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Do your research! Check the Doctors credentials and be sure they have a good success rate. As far as PCOS goes, losing weight may cure it or it may not. It is a metabolic disorder and affects are more than just reproductive.


You still have to diet and exercise with the bypass


Hello! I had the gastric sleeve back in 2014 when I was 20. I’m now 28, and have gained a fair bit back after two pregnancies, a global pandemic & making poor food/exercise choices. As someone a little farther out than most of these comments I wanted to share my input. If I could do it all over again, I would in a heart beat, but I would go to & stick with some intense therapy. Oftentimes those of us with obesity issues use food as a comfort, b/c we’re sad, bored, tired, happy, etc. Gastric surgery works on our stomach, not our brain. My surgical team warned us heavily about transfer addictions. You can’t eat a ton of food to satisfy the food addiction so you turn to something else like shopping, drugs, alcohol, etc so something to be mindful of. Also, vitamins will be an everyday for the rest of your life thing. I still have to get iron transfusions as my body doesn’t absorb enough of even the iron vitamins I take & I take a fair bit of iron daily. Something I learned recently too, is that extended release medications are not recommended for a gastric patient. So in addition to no NSAID’s for ulcer concerns, extended release medications are also off the table as your body absorbs them differently. Maybe not a concern for you, but I just learned of it, so I wanted to make sure you knew.

I’m always willing to chat, anyone (OP or additional people) feel free to message me. I can happily share what I know! :slightly_smiling_face:


I had the sleeve done and it was the best decision I’ve made. Less long term side effects than the bypass

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My friend just went to Tijuana. Had hotel and hospital care. Cheaper than the US. They are cleaner than here also. She did years of research. She came home a few days later and feels the best ever. She’s already down 15 pounds a week after her surgery!


I was sleeved June 2018 and was 275lbs at 5’3”. By July 2019, I was 155lbs and 5’2”. I have had some regain, it fluctuates 30-40lbs, but I don’t 100% follow the diet. I have zero food/drink intolerances, so I sometimes indulge. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for myself!


Theres a group you can join and learn alot. Just search for gastric gypass

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Check out the Gatric sleeve and bypass support groups theres lots of people on there with very helpful advice.

Like others have said- I’d also recommend the sleeve first. The bypass is a lot more intrusive on your body.

My partner and I have both had the sleeve- he was 3 years before me but I also have PCOS and 7 months after having my sleeve I fell pregnant.

It’s definitely not a quick fix tho, it’s only a tool to help you along the way but I haven’t had any regrets at all


It was a choice I’ve made to have done!! I went through the process which took months because I had to quit smoking! Just waiting now :crossed_fingers:t4: already got my pre surgery shakes!

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Your dr can prescribe medications like wegovy, saxenda, ozempic, contrave, etc, before surgery. You have to put in the effort no matter which option you choose. I’d see an endocrinologist before I went the surgery route

Jennifer Bagwell advice?

My grandma did. Helped her a ton

I have 2 family members that had it done. One was bc her pancreas is out of whack. The meds made her gain an extreme amount of weight. Her heart was working overtime. It took about 6 mons but she lost the weight and stays really active…hiking, exercise, etc. She feels great and is doing so much better. No death scares since the by pass.

Have you tried Keto? It’s a lifestyle and not a quick fix. I have heard a lot of women say it helped PCOS.

You still have to make lifestyle changes. You still have to eat healthy and exercise. If you dont it defeats the purpose as you will put the weight back on.


It’s not a quick fix unfortunately. You’re going to have to still do the work to get and keep the weight off.

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Talk to your doctor about phentermine.

My suggestion would be trying prescription weight-loss medication first before you go that route. You are very young to have such a life altering procedure. Either way you have to have real lifestyle changes. You’re gonna have to have weight loss even if you qualify for surgery.

I had the sleeve in April! Best decision I ever made! I’m down 120lbs in 5 months and I feel amazing!!! I have no cons! I would do it over and over again!

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I had the sleeve July of last year I’m down 160# and no regrets other than I didn’t do it sooner

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It worked for me and I had mine in 1992
I now weigh 130 down from. 255 lbs. There are a few things to remember that sometimes you have a low blood sugar so u need to eat something to raise it with food, snacks etc. I’m glad I had mine

I had the sleeve almost 4 years ago, and lost right at 120 pounds. I have since gained some back, but I am told I now look healthy.
Gastric surgery isn’t the “easy” way out. You have to change your eating style the rest of your life. It’s easy to stretch your stomach back out.
Sadly, I know several people who have let themselves go, and are almost as big, if not bigger before their surgery.

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I have PCOS and endo, my doctor put me on addipex with synjardy and jardiance and within 6 months I lost right at 50 lbs. We were also trying to conceive for 3 years, my OB put me on chlomid while taking those meds to lose weight and within 9 months I was pregnant. I also went in at the beginning of last year and had surgery to scrape some endo out. Best decision of my life. The weight lose meds isn’t permanent, it’s only until I reach my goal then he is putting me on a med that is long term to maintain my weight.

My OB told me she only does ozempic (sp?) shots and she has lost a ton of weight but she also doesn’t have PCOS or any health issues so not sure if that would help or not. It has been proven though that diabetic meds help lose weight efficiently and is safe.

The sleeve, in my opinion, is more effective but either one you do will be a long process. You have to lose weight before the surgery to determine you are serious about it, have to do liquid diets, etc. You will also have to take tons of vitamins after surgery. My cousin had the sleeve and she lost hair by the handfuls but weight loss was a success, she also has PCOS. My sister had gastric and once she lost 50 lbs she completely stopped losing weight then started having issues so they had to do surgery to remove it and her stomach had grew over it and caused infection, she also has PCOS. None of this is said to scare you, just for you to weigh your options. Any way of losing weight still consists of working out, eating healthier and positivity. Not everyone will have the same side effects as the other.

Good luck on your weight loss journey :heart:

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I would wait and change a few things about your lifestyle a gastric bypass is a lifestyle change as well.
I have been obese since my teens, from 15-32 my weight skyrocketed to 340lbs. I had pcos diabetes and severe nerve damage.
One day I got sick of all the pills and started a diet, I didn’t go with any of the fads at all.
I cleaned up my eating habits, I avoided sugar completely, I avoided carbs and snacked on fruits and veggies. I also changed to a very active lifestyle. I started small, I parked further away at stores, if things were close I walked instead of drove. I started a garden and did chores and 6 months later I had lost 70lbs I completely beat my diabetes off all meds and insulin. My body started to make its own insulin again, after a year I had lost 148lbs total six months later I unexpectedly became pregnant and after testing I also beat pcos.
I didn’t need the meds, I needed to make my body healthy again. Hard work, and a lot of lifestyle changes will make you feel amazingly better.
I was in your shoes I thought nothing but the surgery would work for me it’s so hard to lose weight with pcos.