Has anyone tested positive for CMV at 34 weeks?

Has anyone testing positive for CMV at 34 weeks pregnant? Crazy that something that everyone can get, I’ve never even heard of.


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CMV has a huge range of outcomes. It’s super common and doesn’t necessarily effect baby. If everything else is going ok try not to worry too much.

I don’t know if you have a TiK ToK but there are several moms that have accounts advocating and talking about CMV as they/their babies contracted it during pregnancy but didn’t know until after baby was born. Some of them range from being okay, to being deaf, to having a large amount of health issues, etc. :green_heart: I’ve learned so much from following and watching their accounts

I had CMV at 10 weeks. Please feel free to message me. My child is 11 now.

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Microcephaly is an outcome.