Has anyone taken phentermine for weight loss?

Has anyone taken phentermine for weight loss? My Dr put me on it, and I’m so afraid to take it bc I don’t want to get addicted to it, and I don’t want it to make me feel high.


I take it and I’ve been on it for 2 months and haven’t lost a pound :weary: I was on it before kids and lost 4 lbs in a week tho before kids it made me feel weird now I don’t have any weird side effects

I took it for about 6 months and only lost about 5 lbs… it messed up my sleep/eat schedule bad though and over a year later I still have trouble sleeping … my dr did put me on ozempic (no im not diabetic nor pre diabetic) back around Christmas 2019 and so far I’ve lost 40lbs… its slow but its working :muscle: :relieved: I wasn’t addicted to the phentrimine but I didn’t like it

I was on it last year before I had a stroke. It definitely worked. And I was able to immediately stop it when I needed to

I’m currently on it. I have Bipolar Depression so some of the medication I’m on has caused me to gain weight. Which in turn, makes my depression escalate. It is an ugly vicious cycle. I have lost 60 pounds and I feel great. I have plateaued but I have gained a great deal of energy. I able to be a mom to my 17, 15, & 13 year old boys. Overall I feel great!!

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My Dr put me on it but theyll only Rx it for 2 months then you either have to take a month off or switch to something else. Im on something else now. Didn’t like the extreme dry mouth phentermine gave me. I lost 30 lbs in 8 months between that and my new medication.

I was on it for a few months…lost 30 pounds …kinda made me a little jittery but not too bad…I’m using truvision products now and it works amazing.

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Ok, so please don’t judge me. I took phentramine for years for weight loss. Honestly its an amazing weightloss tool. But I had a huge problem with taking too many. I loved how they made me feel and how much I got done. They made my depression pills not work as well


I took it but it did nothing for me and didn’t make me feel anyway, I stopped it with no problem because it was not helping at all

I was on them an lost 7 pounds a week didnt have any problems when i stopped

I took it and lost weight but I did not like it so I stopped taking it. It constipated me so I just stopped taking it…

I have permanent heart damage from it. I’d personally pass. It’s not worth it.

I cleaned like OCD status. I didn’t find it habit forming. It’s like having lots of caffeine and definitely eat something with it. Helps tremendously with the jittery feeling.

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I lost about 20lbs the first month and about 5 the following month. I never experienced any issues with it other than it did give me energy. My bff took it and had it affect her sleep and she got jittery from them. We both had the dry mouth and I used the wintergreen breath savers to help fight that.

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It’s essentially lab created speed, so it will give you a lot of energy and you will lose weight, but it has a lot of serious side effects you may also deal with. Talk to your pharmacist about the side effects so you know just what you may experience.

For short term, I would say give it a try. It is definitely not a long term. It has some serious side effects dealing with your heart.

I’ve taken it it will not make you feel high it will definitely make you feel like you have a lot of energy. If you feel like your heart is racing cut it down to half a pill and always take it early in the morning as soon as you get up or you will have trouble sleeping. But I don’t know anybody who’s become addicted to it

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I use it. It always works for me. I lost 35 in 4 months and gives me lots of energy combined with a B-12 shot every week

Can cause rapid or irregular heartbeat, delirium, panic, psychosis, and heart failure.

I’d personally rather eat right and exercise.

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That stuff is dangerous for your heart.

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It makes you really jittery and can drive anxiety if that is a problem you already experience. It does curve the hungry feeling though.

It’s legal drug’s same as speed .

Oh, you mean METHamphetimines… nah, I gotta food habit and don’t need a drug habit!!!

I had to stop it after a couple weeks. It was affecting my heart. The problem is when you go off meds, the weight most likely will come back.


HOW do you get your doctor to prescribe weight loss pills?

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Omg… Who would put this stuff in their body to lose weight!? Has no one ever heard of eating right and exercising!?


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I’m taking it right now and am down 27lbs. Eat something with it and you should be good. I like the energy, but it did make my stomach hurt the first few days. Good now though.


I took it and got pregnant both times I took it

Don’t take it! I felt great for a few weeks of it and had tons of energy. Then had high blood pressure, shakes and was very hard to get off. My husband noticed my mood change and I didn’t feel right for several weeks when I got off. Exercise and a heathy diet are much easier then the side effects of this!

My weight loss doctor put me on it and I used it for a couple years the result for me was good as far as loosing weight but I have permanent heart palpitations from it .

I couldn’t sleep while I was on it.I maybe slept 14 hours in a week.About 2 hours a night.It was awful.I also had dry mouth really bad.I didn’t lose but about 5 pounds.It was not worth it.

I took it for about 3 weeks and lost 12 lbs. I couldn’t sleep and had horrible anxiety while on it. My husband also took it and didn’t have near the side effects I had from it and lost a lot more weight while on it. Everyone is different.

Yes, no problems, no addictions

Makes you a total bitch

It did the opposite for me made me sleepy an when I took a full pill made me very ill.

I took phentermine along with topomax and had very successful weight loss. I took 1/2 the phentermine pill for several months before taking a whole pill at a time. I never felt jittery, just had so much energy.

Yes its definitely a weight lost booster/ appetite suppressant! I would start with half a pill and eat healthy an drink plenty water . Light to moderate exercise and you’re a winner . I lost 21 pounds my first month. Starting weight 211 currently 141

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It doesn’t make you feel a high. I have many patients on it. It can cause high blood pressure. It just boosts your metabolism and curbs hunger. Its a good tool if you’re having difficulty losing weight and need something to kick-start you

It worked great for my husband! It Wasn’t an addictive type atleast fir him!

I’ve taken it off and on for years but it can be bad for your heart so u have to weigh your options. I take half in the morning and half early afternoon so I’m not too jittery.

I used it on two separate occasions for the 3 months you are supposed to use it and only lost 5lbs each time. I gained all 5lbs back within a month or so of being off it. My weight loss wasn’t enough to make taking it worth the risk of addiction. It is considered a controlled substance and an amphetamine. Some people have pretty significant weight loss so I think it’s best for you and your doctor to decide. It never made me feel “high” but definitely gave me tons of energy I don’t typically have.

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It’s basically lab created speed. It will give you energy and you’ll lose weight, but there are a lot of potential side effects. Talk to your pharmacist so you know exactly what the downsides may be. It can cause things like paranoia, jitters, disrupt sleep, etc.


I’m probably the minority, but it had the exact opposite effect on me that it was supposed to. Instead of decreasing my appetite and increasing my energy level, I was STARVING 24/7 and had no energy whatsoever. They think it might have interacted with another medicine I was on.

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There were lawsuits in the 90’s because it was all the rage back then. However, it caused heart damage. Getting “skinny” is great, not being able to see your kids grow up or grandchildren due to heart damage not so great. Chose carefully. Good luck. Google fen-phen lawsuits. Phentermine was supposed to have been taken off the market in 1999.

I was on it and loved it until I had to use a heart monitor for a month from the side effects of it.

You should look into herbal life. Google it. It’s a lot of shakes that help you lose weight. And with the right kind of excersize you should be able to lose weight. Only thing is you have to be consistent with it. And if you’re not down for that maybe you can try keto, or a paleo diet.

I did and it was awesome but always eat before you take it in the morning or whenever you take it That is what my dr told me to do because you probably won’t have much of an apatite while on it

Curbed appetite, gave energy but made me hateful and couldn’t sleep but maybe an hour or two a night

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I been on it off and on for years! The 1st month you feel like you need to keep moving and it sucks sitting still but after about a month that feeling stops! Dry mouth is a side effect so you drink a lot of water, you have to force yourself to eat bc you won’t have a appetite. Its the only thing that works for me, I started at 200 and down to 145. My primary care dr monitors my heart, liver ect every year to make sure everything’s fine and so far I’m fine! Some people can’t take it but I’ve never had any problems with it! I’m not addicted to it and l been on it for about 5 years (off and on) if you want to talk about it just message me! Oh and yes it’s hard to sleep at night but I take a non addicting sleep aid and I don’t have any problems! Message me we can talk

I definitely wouldn’t take anything from no Dr.
They are looking for that pharmaceutical money. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: please go all natural for your weightloss. I have been on thrive for 4 in half years now. All natural vitamins, fills your nutritional gaps. I have lost & maintained over 100lbs . I feel amazing.
Be blessed & never stressed

I am on for both weight loss and for blood pressure (really low) I am a recovering meth addict and I only had high like 1st 3 days. I know everyone is different but I’ve already lost 20 ponds and its only been 2 month

I have been on it before and currently taking it. It definitely helps for kicking off your wight loss journey. I only stay on it for 2 months at a time. The first couple of weeks I feel a little jittery but that wears off.

I took it years ago and loved it. I never had any side effects.

My husband is currently taking this under the direction of his weight loss doctor. Since he started it in September he has lost 37 lb. The only issue he has with it is that he has to take it before 7:30 in the morning or he cannot go to sleep at night. It gives him a lot of energy. One time he messed up and took it at 10:30 and he could not fall asleep until 2:00 or 2:30 that night. Other than that he says that it just makes him feel more full so he doesn’t eat a lot.

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Is it hard to get a doctor to prescribe it?

You won’t get addicted but I’m you’ll definitely feel weird the first few times you take it. It didn’t work for me :disappointed:

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I think I tried these once before, for about a week. I kept forgetting everything though so I stopped. My short term memory no longer worked. I was forgetting the things I did the day prior. I wasn’t taking any other medication with it.

I was on it for 2 months earlier this year. Lost 27 pounds total. Felt no different taking it except the feeling of wanting to eat was just gone and I actually had energy all day long. However the side effects were a huge pain in the ass. :sweat_smile: I had a side effect of constipation and hemorrhoids along with dry mouth despite drinking 64 ounces a day. Felt like SpongeBob dehydrating inside out lol

I’m an addict in recovery. That kind of stuff is a BIG no for me. And if addiction is in your family at all I wouldnt risk it.

When I was on it, I hated it. It sent my blood pressure through the roof after almost 2 wks of taking it. Couldn’t take a deep breath, BP was in 150s and I was constantly sick because it suppressed my appetite so much, I didn’t eat for a week! So . It’s not so much the high your should be worried about, it’s the side effects. I personally would not recommend it

I am on it now. Lost 14 pounds my first month.


I used to take it. I never felt high, but I do imagine that the energy I had is what crack or meth must feel like. I was up all night, my heart raced and palpated. I was never hungry but always, EXTREMELY thirsty.

I hated it! Worked great for curbed appetite but made me feel like i was on meth. My skin felt oily i couldn’t focus on one task i would scrub a wall and then be like hey lets go pick up tiny peices of trash out of my yard. Tried cutting them in half still felt the same way

I’ve taken it a few times and it’s the one thing that helped jumpstart my weight loss. They won’t typically prescribe more than 2 months worth at a time and they ensure that your blood pressure is normal before they agree to prescribing it. I loved it. In fact I’d like to try it again. More energy and less hunger.

I am currently taking it. No issues with addiction. I’ve lost 24 pounds with just changes to my diet. It does increase your heart rate which they monitor at your appointments. I’ve taken it previously and again didn’t have issues with addiction. I don’t get the “high or jittery feeling” from it. It’s

I took adipex years ago after my first baby. It does give you energy. I lost about 30 pounds and after I stopped getting it gained it all back. I didnt change my bad habits and that’s what you have to do.