Has anyone had fibroids while pregnant?

I’m 17 weeks pregnant with my second child and I have a fibroid tumor. My mom had one with me and they removed it before I was born and then years later she had a full hysterectomy due to fibroids in get uterus. My Dr said he’s not worried about mine yet and it doesn’t seem to be in the way of birth. I would like to get it removed asap. Preferably right after birth while I’m still in the hospital and my boyfriend is on paternal leave from work. Has anyone else experienced the same thing and had multiple children after the fact? We want more kids and I would like to know how to prevent future fibroids and avoid a hysterectomy.


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I don’t know if you can prevent fibroids. I got them and they got pretty nasty. Not malignant, just gave me bad periods with bleeding in between. Check with your doctor.

They won’t do it right after you give birth but you can have it removed its called a myomectomy and you can have kids after but they may have to be c-sections

Mine were pretty bad but I ended up having 2 kids before hysterectomy it really wreaked havoc on my body though and ended up with other more serious health concerns. My girlfriend went through Similar but shes got 4 kiddos removed hers and been okay since. Just proceed with caution get as much information about yours as possible

I have fibroids. Apparently they’re not bad enough to warrant surgery. I think they can get pretty bad but I’d not worry unless your Dr says you need to.

I’m so sorry , I will pray for you I just had my hysterectomy 4/22, I was not able to have more kids after my second child due to fibroids. Best wishes , avoid any hormones change because and little change make things worse . Eat healthy

There isn’t really anything you can do to avoid them. You either are susceptible or not. Hopefully, you’ll be able to gave more kids if you want them, but if you can’t, it isn’t the end of the world.

My mom began getting them when pregnant with her first. She had 10 children. She still has not had them removed.

I had a fibroid. It was missed on all my ultrasounds. It was so large that is stopped my daughter from being able to move into the correct birthing position. My daughter was born via C-section due to low fluid and being breech. They left the fibroid in. I do have mild cramping during my menses but other than that I was told it was normal and didn’t need to be removed.

Yes. It’s painful but you’ll be able to carry your baby full term