Has anyone gotten pregnant with an IUD?

Deidra Lloyd Ashley Barber these are slightly terrifying to read!:grimacing:

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I had an IUD for years and did not get pregnant when I wanted another kid it was removed pain-free

False positives are not common. False negatives are the common ones


No absolutely NOT! Once that trust is broken it is broken. It is burned into us like a scar. Scars never go away, and every time one see’s the scar they are reminded.

My iud BABIES are turning 5 and 3 this year :grimacing::sweat_smile: it’s def possible lol.

What was anyones symptoms???

After reading all the comments, I’m so glad my hubby had the snip, but now I really need to know if the poster, is definitely pregnant, please let us know cause I’m curious now. :joy:

Do they give you girls any explanations as to why the iud failed?

Absolutely possible. I am an iud baby.

I got pregnant on it my daughter is perfectly healthy :slight_smile:

I had the paraguard and was pregnant 15 months later

I got pregnant twice with an IUD. First one was a miscarriage unfortunately and the second one was ectopic. It happens more often than you think.

Yes my daughter is an IUD baby