Has anyone gotten pregnant after a tubal?

I was wondering if any moms had gotten pregnant after a tubal… My tubal was two years ago. And here I am almost a week late. I’m stuck between taking a test or waiting it out. My cycle is usually 28 days and very regular. I have been tracking my cycle for years.


It’s possible. My friends mom had 2 pregnancies after her tubes were tied twice.

Definitely possible, but it’s very likely it could be a tubal pregnancy. So the sooner you know and get checked the better…

It’s possible. Your tubes can grow back together.

It happened to me after I got it done I got pregnant 7 year’s later

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A tubal pregnancy or a tubal ligation??? Big difference. I had a tubal (ectopic pregnancy) and I’ve had two healthy pregnancies and babies since then.


I did after 10 years of having it done They grew back together


I had a tubal ligation and had a tubal pregnancy. Don’t wait to find out. Take a test. If it’s positive call your doctor ASAP or go to the ER. Best of luck

A girl on my friends list is currently pregnant after having a tubal

Have had a friend have 2 babies after 2 different tubal ties…

Yes, 15 years after a tubal.

Had my tubes cut, burnt and tie that was in 1979 never got pregnant. But my period was awful

i knew someone who did

I had my tubes tied and got pregnant in my tube. Didn’t know it but the pain was awful. I was 2 months pregnant and the tub broke. Eptopic pregnancy they called it. I had to have emergency surgery. Almost died. If you don’t start your period soon call your doctor. This was way back in the early 80’s. The told me this happens a lot

Yes but I also skipped a couple periods randomly after my tubal ligation

I had my tubes tied 2 years ago, I got pregnant in September of 2020, and had a miscarriage in October of 2020. Doctors confirmed it was not a tubal pregnancy and lost the baby for unknown reasons. I was also a week late, and the pregnancy tests were pretty faint but they were there. I would definitely test. And get an appointment asap as soon as you know it’s positive.

See your doctor right away to do an ultrasound to make sure it’s not another tubal.

Yes 15 years after having them tied,cut and burned… I got pregnant with TWINS!

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About 1 out of every 200 women end up pregnant after a tubal, so it’s fairly common. The younger a person is when it’s done, the more likely it is to fail. If you think you might be pregnant, it’s best to find out sooner rather than later. I would go to your doctor. It’s not uncommon for pregnancies after a tubal ligation to result in a tubal pregnancy which can cause some serious problems.

I have been so worried about this. I just had this done in december. My boobs have been hurting for 2 and half weeks now. At first I figured it was because I was going go start my period. I havent gotten it. Now after reading all of these comments im gonna be smart and take a test so that I know for sure it isnt that

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My tubes were cut tied and burned 2012 and so far no pregnancies

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I had essure placed and I got pregnant 7 months later with my 4th child. But device migrated. I did not have them clipped and burned

Not me personally but i am in this group pregnancy after tubal and it happens quite often!

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Yup… I had mine done when my 4th baby was 5 weeks old then two years later I got pregnant with my 5th (he’s a happy almost 5 year old now) I’ve now had to do mine twice and I made my husband do his too :rofl:

Yes it is possible. Everything happened for a reason :heart: from God.

I know of 2 women who did and went on to have the baby. It really depends on what procedure you had.

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I did twice. I miscarried both. You can get the cheap tests at dollar tree if your curious but don’t want to spend big money on the other tests.

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I have got pregnant after a tubal i now have 2 boys 5 & 8 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Please make sure you see a Dr asap. My sister had a tubal back in 2006. Then not long ago she got pregnant. On Saturday, Feb 6th she woke up at 4am in excruciating pain. She crawled down the hall unable to walk. I woke up to her calling out my name and I called 911. She was taken to a local hospital by herself (covid). And she sat there for hours (until after 9am). They determined another ectopic pregnancy with the ultrasound and her fallopian tube had already ruptured but this hospital wasn’t equipped to do the surgery she desperately needed. They called another hospital and ordered a helicopter to medivac her…but due to the bad weather that day, the helicopter was canceled and she was at the mercy of waiting on an ambulance (30 minutes away). I rushed to the hospital that she was being taken to…crying and praying going 85mph while texting her the whole time. I felt like if I could keep receiving texts from her, I could keep her alive. I got to the hospital before her and the ambulance did and she was placed in a waiting room for surgery. I was able to go back and I saw how much pain and fear she was in. She was struggling to breathe and the rupture had her filling with blood internally and putting pressure on her lungs. I was begging the nurse to hurry and call the OBGYN Surgeon. Finally when the Surgeon came in he immediately realized that this was a life or death situation. He ordered “red tag” which means The individual has suffered life-threatening injuries but has a chance for survival if they work quickly. He ordered blood because he knew once he opened her in the O.R. she would be full of blood. My sister was in surgery for 2 1/2 hours! She had 2 liters of blood in her stomach and had to have a blood transfusion. She pulled through and stayed overnight at the hospital. She just had her post-op Dr appt yesterday, and the Dr read her chart and said, “Do you realize this surgeon saved your life?” My sister had so many prayers lifted for her and she is doing well thank God. She was 6 weeks and 4 days pregnant. She may in the future explore her options for pregnancy. But I share this just to raise awareness and want others in her situation to please be careful. Ectopic pregnancy is no joke and can kill you. I don’t mean to scare anyone, just inform. And I pray blessings over you and your baby :heart::blue_heart::pray:


It is not as rare as you might think. One common circumstance is when the cut tubes are not shortened, they can end up crossing over and basically rub a hole in the contact area. The ovary is still releasing eggs, and they can travel through that hole and into the uterus. I hope this turns out they way you need it to.

I had a ruptured tube at the beginning of 2018, got pregnant very end of 2019 and had a healthy baby/natural birth July 2020


I know some one who got pregnant after a tubal. Then she had another tubal after her baby was born then two years later got pregnant again. So it’s quite possible


I had a tubal in 2007. Periods were predictable. Got pregnant in June last year. Was told they don’t always stick


My ex brother inlaw said there was a couple she got her tubes tied …she got pregnant…HE got his vasectomy…she got pregnant …So yes it could happen


My friend had hers completely removed because her tubal didn’t work and she got pregnant 3 years after having her daughter.

I have heard of MANY people becoming pregnant after having their tubes tied/cut/cauterized.
The way I see it is that it is God’s plan!
With that said It may be your body trying to acclimate to the change. I suggest waiting a week or two, maybe three, then if nothing. Either take a test or go see your doctor. :slight_smile:


I know someone that had her tubal after her second son. He was probably 5-6 years old and she started having super heavy bleeding and went to the doctor only to find out that she was having an ectopic pregnancy. The real surprise was that there were also healthy twins growing in her womb!

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When I was a labor nurse I had a patient that was pregnant after a tubal. She had another tubal after her c-section.

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I did but it was ectopic and I had a miscarriage. It was 10 years after I had my tubes tied.

Didn’t get pregnant, but the tubal did stop my periods so that I had to take meds to bring them on. Years later I got uterine cancer.


I had mine cut,tied an cauterized 32 years ago and haven’t gotten pregnant but know a few that have gotten pregnant so could be


I have a tubal in late 2003 and early 2005 pregnancy and at my c-section I asked dr to redo the tubal well 2 doctors said they didn’t see where my tubes grow back together so they removed my tubes

We had six sons and decided we didn’t want any more children so I had my tubes tied. The doctor cut, tied, and cauterized them. He then told me the next one “was on the house”. Twenty-seven months later we had a beautiful baby girl and true to his word there were no prenatal or delivery fees.


Many women develop ovarian cysts after having their tubes tied…at the 5 year mark it isn’t uncommon to have to have an ovary removed due to cysts. Also not uncommon to have pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness…weight gain…no period) when you have numerous cysts built up. If caught early birth control sometimes helps dissolve them…not always…I had an ovary removed due to a softball sized cyst inside my ovary…I thought I may be pregnant all signs and symptoms. Lucky to have caught it before it ruptured. This was at my 5 year mark…good luck


I got pregnant after a tubal and it kept growing i was bleeding internally had to have surgery where they removed my tube


Yes ma’am! Not me, but my cousin. She was 41yrs old, she’d had her tubes cut, cauterized & tied when she was in her 30s. Her daughter (& only child) was 23 & graduating from college…she thought she had the flu. The doctor told her “Nope! No flu, you’re just pregnant.”

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My ex had one years ago … still had my daughter after that. I would say soon as you relax and not stressing about it it will happen. my hair dresser as a teen tried and tried even had treatments spent tons of money. She adopted and soon was preg with twins.

Bite the bullet and take the test. Tubal pregnancy sometimes occurs. That is oftentimes emergency surgery . Best to know early


I had a friend who had a tubal and got pregnant almost 10 years later


Depends on if you’re talking tubal ligation or tubal pregnancy. If tubal pregnancy, I had 5 total, and no live children. Finally had tubes removed.


Yes I had my tubes burned and tied and got pregnant. I thought I was one in a million but reading the comments it is a lot of us.

I had my tubal 13 years ago no scares periods have been late multiple times but never pregnant and I have also went a year without a period

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Yep. But had a tubal pregnancy. Not fun. It ruptured, and had to have emergency surgery. The doctor told my husband he saved my life. Take a pregnancy test.

Get checked by doctor there could be complications if you are.

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My mom was cut burned and tied then had a baby 7 months later

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You need to take a test! Happened to my niece for her 3rd child & a coworker after her 1st child

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I had two and the 1st time I was 2 months and that thang hurt. But I got pregnant a year later with the same due date as the 1st one. Then I had another tubal a few months after I had my son and was told the egg had falling out and I was 3 months pregnant. But best wishes I hope you are with child.

I know 3 gals who got pregnant after a tubal. One their youngest was a senior in high school, their oldest was pregnant with their first grandchild. And then she find out she was pregnant😳


It’s best to get them burned No pregnancy other wise they are known to come undone .

Had mine three years ago and my periods have been irregular ever since

My exs mom got pregnant with him after having her tubes tied

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My daughter had a baby 7 years after having her tubes tied.

I have 3 girls and I had my tubes cut, burned and tied and 5 years later had a boy. Dr said tubal ligation is only 99%
My son is the miracle baby.

My mother had her tubes cut burnt and tied 11 1/2 years before I was born

I had a beautiful baby girl 2 years later… get tested early care is important!

My sister had her tubes tied and ended up have a third child after .

I had a tubal after my 3rd son. Got pregnant for a little girl 2 yrs later. Then I got my tubes removed lol she’s 6 now and still the last one.

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Yes and I have a 22 year old but had to have a total hysterectomy

Had a tubal and periods were never normal again!!

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Mine grew back after 4 years, had a miscarriage and chose to have another ligation…that was 10 years ago.

Please take a pregnancy test. It could be serious if it is a tubal pregnancy.

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I know someone who got pregnant in her tubes not too long after a tubal. Apparently the fallopian tubes sheds and grows itself back hmmm

Had a tubal… July of 1981 and delivered my son Sept in 1983

Will be 32 weeks tomorrow! Tubes are coming out with her

I have 3 children after tubal reversal. I had them ties at 22 after my daughter and had them untied at 34. Got pregnant with twins at 38 and my last one at 40.

Yes I had five children after tube now I have Six all Adults.

Yes, it happens more often than you think

My daughter-in-law had a tubal after having 3 daughters … got pregnant and had a boy.

I had my tubes taken out in june and got pregnant in November.

Im currently in your shoes 2 months late multiple negative urine test so idk

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Got pregnant one year after having my left tube removed, my daughter is 19, miracle baby

I got pregnant after a tubal but it was in the tube so the tube repudiated and I had to have emergency surgery so make sure you check to make sure you are not pregnant

I did i had a tubal then got pregnant and had my youngest son

Ok they did cut and burned it but this was 5 year ago my period is weird even before but now I been maybe 1 or 2 months with out it the said there is a 95% that I will not become pregnant and no one will attend me because of covid I called every where I’m at I been worried because of this

YES ! With twins 2 years after tubes tied burnt and cut …miscarried at 3/4 months …my sister same

Burnt and tied…no more babies in 22 years

For Pete’s sake, there’s 1000 reasons your cycle can change. Go to the dollar store and get a test.

I had a tubal and was surprised with my 4th child 7 years later.

I got pregnant a year later after tubal. Very possible.

I got pregnant 6 months after an ectopic pregnancy. Blessed with a son now 32 years old.

Yes I had 3 children after my tubal. I only had one tube & doctor told me I would have trouble getting pregnant but I’m miss fertile I guess. Lol

That happen to me and my tubes busted open .i like to have died.

I had my tubed tied back in need of 97 and haven’t gotten pregnant . I don’t have my periods any more think it is menopause. No pregnancy here after tubal

I had two children after a tubal pregnancy

Depending on what type of tubal just tied it’s very possible.

I had a tubal when I was 22 and I’m 72 and never had to worry but I have heard that to happen.

Yes. My first was a tubal at 19. Had my oldest at age 23. I also have 2 other kids.

My cousin did. Twice. Babies are Almoat grown now.

I have met a few that got pregnant after a tubal. :grimacing:

I know 2 women who got pregnant after a tubal and they had to have that tube removed