Has anyone experienced low heart rate after pregnancy?

I am 12 days PP and experiencing resting HR in the 50s and when I sleep it’s in the 40s. I went to the hospital and everything came back fine… just that I have sinus bradycardia after giving birth. My HR is usually in the 70s-80s resting so this is a big change. Anyone else experience this and their HR eventually go back to normal???


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Maybe get a sleep study test done? Idk

Definitely get a second opinion

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If you got an epidural I highly suggest going back in and them checking to see if you have an epidural bleed. My sister in law had one. Her heart rates was in the 30s and 40s , had developed a headache so bad she couldn’t stand, sit up or even walk, she kept going in and out of consciousness, her doctors neglected her tremendously. It took 4 days post birth for a doctor to take her seriously about it and even then he was a jackass acting bothered because she wasn’t a covid patient. She also had been bleeding huge clots from her cervix not being stitched from where she tore.

Most doctors do not care for peoples actual health. I’d definitely go get a second opinion.

If you are concern. See a cardiologist

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So I actually have a heart condition HOWEVER since a week before having my now 1yr old, my heart rate on any type of monitor or checked manually is in the 40s to mid 50s… this is standing etc so not even resting.
What they found with me is that I now have what they call a " silent beat ". This silent beat can only be picked up if I have an ECG done. They don’t know why I have this silent beat all of a sudden (as never had an issue with my heart rate before this started.
It was explained by cardiologist that when your heart beats it goes from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4. However with me, you can’t pick up 2-3. So manually or on monitors my heart rate seems really low, but it is actually beating at a " normal " pace…

Momma did you have an epidural or pain management, c section? These medications are known to decrease heart rhythm. Mine lasted a few weeks, I just stayed up moving around as much as possible. Ate salty foods and meats. It helped soo much. Also kept taking my prenatal

Go to your primary care doctor. You need to wear a heart monitor for at least 73 hours. You may need a pacemaker. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Me! Low blood pressure and my heart rate went way down…… it went back to normal pretty much 2 weeks pp

I’m gonna say theres prob a explations something to do with the volume of blood needing to be pumped is going down along with less strain on the heart in general after having a baby I think its prob just a less known side effect of giving birth my man has these episodes of bradycardia where he almost passes out his heart rate drops so low in the low 30s the docs dont know why the last doc said it was anxiety so really who knows… runners and other athletes have a lower heart rates again there is science behind that

Yes! For a couple months! I wore heart monitors and had all the test done. They said they thought I was just exhausted and my body was trying to rest!