Has anyone ever dealt with a toddler with a tooth abscess?

Just noticed this evening his gums have a giant lump / knot thing and am trying to figure out the best plan for action. Should i just call the dentist first thing? Rush him to the emergency room??

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Has anyone ever dealt with a toddler with a tooth abscess? - Mamas Uncut

Call the dentist my daughter had one on her gums they put her on antibiotics

Call the dentist they will get you in to get an antibiotic

Call the dentist. The emergency room isn’t legally able to treat tooth stuff ( I’ve had to check into that myself for when I had tooth abscess)


First take him to urgent care to get on anti biotic. The abscess is caused by a dead tooth, so call the dentist and get him in as soon as you can. They will have to pull his tooth out.


I’m a dental assistant. Call his dentist and get him in ASAP!

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Dentist asap for antibiotics.

My son was 6 when needed to have a abscessed tooth pulled…

R u sure its not just another trying to cone in

My youngest daughter kept getting them. She had to have those teeth pulled because antibiotics wasn’t helping. I would schedule an appt with the dentist. ER isn’t necessary unless they’re in extreme pain or fever. That’s what I was told.

This was also the kid who had weird gums. Before she even had teeth she had buds on her gums that looked like front teeth. Out of 5 kids she’s the only one who was like that.