Has anoyne had to get Iron IV infusions during pregnancy?

Has anyone else had to get IV iron infusions during pregnancy? What was your experience? Thanks!


I did !! & they arent that bad. I always felt better after them!

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I had 7 or 8 of them.
I had a bad experience the first time because they gave it to.me in 15 mins. But the next ones they did 1.5 hr and it was alot better.
I got a little dizzy with it. I had a snack and juice while I was getting them and it helped alot!
Felt alot better with them!

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I had them! They werent bad, but I was always sleepy because they made me take Benadryl before to off set a reaction. My last infusion I was in labor for and i passed out after it, had to have an ambulance ride to the hospital. I dont know if that was,coincidental or not

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I’ve had quite a few, I have UC, and my last infusion was during a pregnancy. It went fine, just like the others. Be sure to ask your doctor how long you will be there. It can be anywhere from 2-6 hours. If this is your first they should start you off with a small dose to make sure you don’t have a reaction. Good luck!!

What exactly is this for? Just never heard of it but I’m interested bc my iron is super low

I’ve had two so far at 34 weeks. My only complaint is the burn but I did feel better after them!

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Yes two of my kiddos. The last few weeks. I felt better after I had them. Had to have them three times a week.

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Yes, I had to through my whole 1st pregnancy, even with taking Gentle Iron. My 2nd pregnancy it wasn’t needed. My doctor said it can be different every pregnancy and maybe my 1st born just wanted a little extra iron for herself. Lol.

I went every month and then every 2 weeks. It took a good hour for the infusion and I was able to have my husband there for company. The staff was great and accomadating with blankets and snacks.

When I delivered, they checked my iron and gave me an infusion afterwards just to bring it back up from the blood loss. After that, all was good. :blush:

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Nope I refused them. I also had super low iron levels in my last pregnancy and refused iron pills to as they made me super sick

I had 5 of them, it’s boring basically bring a book or your phone charged! It’s not painful & I had nothing happen afterwards. Always felt good!