Good apps for pre teens to track their periods?

I’m curious about apps for pre-teen girls to track their periods. It would be for my 11 year old daughter.


My daughter and I both use the Apple health app on our phones

I’ve used flo for years! Love the app.


Lol I need this too. I’m always like didn’t I just have my period and always say I’m going to write it down and never do

Ovia is what I’ve always used

My calendar!!! So easy to use! And u can change ur little emoji thing. Sends u a notification 3-5 days before ur suppose to start. I’ve used it for over 5 years! It’s been great


I use Flo. Not sure if specifically is good for pre-teens but it’s brilliant and taught me more scientifically about my periods than I knew before I got it. It’s fab


I just use the cycle tracking in the health app on iPhone.

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I use my Fitbit, before that I used Premom or Ovia

My kid and I both use "my calendar " it does its job and she knows exactly when to expect it


I use Samsung health but it tracks a lot of stuff that may not be needed such as steps, exercise and calories. The period portion of the tracker counts down day till next, days on and allows you to dairy symptoms such as flow, bloating, cramps and such.

Google and apple both have their own health apps for tracking lots of things, this included.

I just put “AF” for Aunt Flow on my calendar in my phone for the day it starts, no specific app needed

I use life !!
I love it, it’s very accurate if you are regular, you can see when you will get you period and when you will ovulate

Good advice my daughter is 9 but I started at nine

I use “My Calendar”, but keep in mind that when girls are young like that, it’s normal for their cycles to be irregular, so an app like that may not have any benefit when it comes to trying to track when her next one is due. That said, the app I mentioned does have some educational information on it, which could be helpful for her.


Don’t use any. Use a calander. 🫶🏼

My calender!! Completely free and you can get cute little pets lol