For those who had a c-section, did you have a VBAC the second time?

I wanted to know if there’s any mom that had a cesarean with there firstborn and then did a successful VBAC after with there 2nd, and what helps?


Yes… I had a c-section when I was 16 then I had 3 natural births after😊

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Yes, I had a c-section and exactly a year later on the same date had my 3rd child vbac with no complications.

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I have 8 children…I had 3 natural births then 1 ceasarian then 4 natural births after that. I had a gap of 2 years between the ceasarian birth and the natural one. Using aloe Vera straight from the plant on scar during the the first pregnancy after the ceasarian helped me strengthen the scar. Not sure if that helped but i had a successful natural birth. It was a long labour and a little more painful but it was a success none the less. Every birth after that got easier and the labours were shorter. Maybe do a little bit of reading to see what else you do to prepare for a successful VBAC. Xo

My sister had 2 c sections and 2 successful VBACS with her last two.

It all depends on why you needed to have the first csection. Talk to your doctor. Not a lot of doctors will agree to do a Vbac.

No I could not give birth to none of my 3 my opening was way to small

Follow katy hearn on Instagram! She had an c section for her first born and recently delivered her second son doing vbac.

The hospital near me didn’t do it. I had to have a repeat c-section

My doc wouldn’t allow a vbac so I had 2 c-sections but no problems with either.

My 5 year old was breech and would not turn so i had a c section. This time we’re hoping for a vbac.

Its upto you how you would like to try and deliver my first was vbac then had to have emergency c section at 32 weeks with second but them had natural with my 3rd I was determined all the way through I didnt want a section unless necessary and I got my own way :slight_smile: as long as there is no complications you should be allowed to atleast try natural xx

The hospital my doc did all her surgeries would not allow for a vbac but if I had went somewhere else I could of for my second

I had a cesarean with my first born and a successful VBAC with my second … what helps: resting eating healthy drinking water and walking

I had a cesarean with my first and a wonderful and successful VBAC with my 2nd one.

I had a natural birth my first child, second emergency c-section and my 3rd a VBac she was 10 years apart from my second and doctor said by then most of the scar tissue had healed etc. He did have the OR prepared if something went wrong. But 9 hours later and she was natural. He was also the only one within a 50 mile radius that would even consider it. I’m grateful he did. Good luck.

I had a section Dec ‘12 and a VBAC Feb ‘18. You have a 60% chance of succeeding with the VBAC and a 40% chance of ending in a repeat section. Definitely worth it to try!

C section for my first VBAC for my second. I tore so much I would do c section again in a heartbeat.

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I had an emergency c section with my 2nd and my 3rd and 4th were both vaginal. Super easy and successful. I was induced with my 4th. I did have to travel because our immediate hospital doesnt “allow” vbacs due to insurance stuff but they are becoming much more mainstream.

I was set to try one until the 36 week scan. My doctor looked at my sons growth and was like no way will he fit—let’s schedule.

C-section with my first. Vbac with my second. What helps is having a provider who supports you. If your OB is going to “let you try” or “allow” you to try for a vbac, but schedules a c-section “just in case,” you are being told what will happen to you. Find a new provider who actually supports vbac, such as a midwife group. Also, if you can afford it, consider getting a doula. Vbac success rate goes up 25% with a doula. Don’t look at/use/attempt one of those online quizzes about how successful your vbac will be. Those are garbage. Do not let anyone tell you you’re too fat, your vagina is too small/narrow, your baby is too big, “once a c-section, always a c-section.” All of this is also garbage. Yes, there are medically indicated reasons for a repeat c-section but these do not apply to most pregnancies. There’s a great vbac group on FB that really helped me get mine. Good luck mama! :heart:

My doctor would have allowed for a vbac, but my cervix doesn’t dilate… which makes it hard to push a baby out. So… yeah.

My first kid was am emergency cesarean from sudden onset preeclampsia. Then 5 years after that, I had my second kid, and ended up able to have VBAC. I will say this. It was the absolute hardest thing I have ever done in my life. Pushing with muscles that you’ve never had to focus on so intently. It was INSANE! But it was also incredible, because I got to experience something our bodies are meant to do.

It’s scary, and stressful, but at the same time it’s not as bad as my fears made it out to be.

You can do it! :+1:

My first born, a daughter was x-section…then 2 years 4 months later I had a vbac with her brother and then another 18 months I had my youngest via vbac. Both of my vbacs went well and without any problems.

Following. My first was am emergency section because her heart stopped and the cord was around her throat. Shell be 20 months when I need to do a VBAC… I havent decided which way to go

I had an emergency csection with my 1st because my body didnt dilate and progress like it should have to allow the baby to come vaginally & was having complications. So with my 2nd he said he would support me if i wanted to try VBAC but recommended a repeat csection as to limit health risks for me and baby. So thats what i did but my doctor did give me the choice.

Had my first via emergency c-section & 2nd was VBAC 2 years later and almost 11lbs. It was pretty easy… I was determined to not have another c-section. When I got further along my scar area would hurt but I survived it lol.

My mom had 4 kids vaginally after her c-section and that was in the 80s and 90s.

I had 3 c-section…pfff

Its possible as long as you meet all the safe criteria. I will say I was given a choice with my rainbow. But, because I lost my baby that I had my csection with I wasn’t risking anything. I was 37w4d with my rainbow and showing the same symptoms as my Placenta abruption, so I was rushed to L&D that day to deliver however I chose. I wasnt forced, but knowing my history that it can take a lot to make my cervix dilate and I wasnt dilated at all, I chose repeat csection. And my rainbow ended up having a short umbilical cord. I just couldn’t imagine laboring for as long as they were planning (they wanted 12 hours of light pitocin for contractions before giving me a medicine to dilate my cervix) and that stress causing anything bad to happen and pull that cord enough for the worst. Its something that can happen. And I was told there is still a possibility I could deliver vaginal in the future given the right circumstances.

I was able too. Had a csection with my first, then had an exploratory surgery at 8 months pregnant, then my VBAC by being induced. Much better than csection recovery. My dr didnt want me too but I advocated heavily.

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My first was vaginal. My second was an emergency c-section. My third was supposed to be a VBAC but half way through the pregnancy, the hospital changed their policy and no longer allowed them. So my third thru seventh were repeat c-sections.

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My friend had a C section with her first, then a vaginal with her second 11 months later. In a hospital, same doctor. She decided she liked the convenience of being able to schedule a C section with numbers 3-5, all a year in between.

I had emergency c section with first one 6 years later was suppose to do a vbac and my daughter decided 5 weeks before her due date that mommy needed an emergency c section then my last 2 were c section

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Yes! I successfully had a VBAC with my second child. My boys are now 22 and 20 and thank God there were no complications. Wouldn’t change a thing!

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It is very possible. Some doctors say that you should wait 3 years but i was born 18 months after my brother naturally after he was a c section. That was 38 years ago when obviously medical technology was nothing like it is now! So i would def do it in a hospital not a home birth.

Ok so i tried but had the same issue the first time, so if my body was able to give birth naturally it would have been.
Both my MIL and my close friend had a successful VBAC


I had 2 c sections and my third child was natural. I was lucky and didn’t have any complications with either. My 1st c section I was up and walking within a few hours and it seemed to be a little easier with the second c section as well. The second c section was a forced one because my OB wasn’t in town when I went into labor and my baby was 6 wks early so… but my OB was more then happy to help me with a natural birth the 3rd time around.

First was a csection due to breech, the 2 successful vbacs. The vbacs I also had epidurals with, but my last one ended up working everywhere but one spot. If you really want a vbac, and there are no medical reasons why you can’t, I would find a doctor that will do it for you.

Yes! A great medical team helped, there was a strong push to have another cesarean and they helped me get the Vbac instead. This was 2006 though!

We had a vbac after a csection they were four years apart and it went amazingly well our csection was only because our daughter was breech so therefore nothing medical

My son was emergency c section and my daughter was a vbac. They are 3 years apart, I still had difficulty pushing my daughter out until they told me they would use the vaccum, I just pushed like hell and she came out at 8:33am 9/11/16. Personally, I feel every woman should try for a vaginal birth.

I had a csection with my first asked about vbac for my second the doc said if I went into labor on my own and did not need meds that make you dilate or induce labor then i could because if they give you these meds and it cause bleeding in your uterus where the csection was preformed I ended up having to have a emergency csection with my 2nd and 3rd child

I did. 30 years ago! A new obgyn assured me I could do it! She was right. #2 and #3 natural!

🙋🙋 my oldest was a c-section. My youngest a VBAC. My doctor with my youngest told me I wasnt able to have a VBAC due to his system he used I would of had a 37% of a successful VBAC. However he left the state when I was 36 weeks and i met my new dr at 38 weeks and she said sure let’s try it and I was able to do it all natural no epidural either. My babies are 6.5 years apart. My oldest was 9lbs and youngest 8lbs.

Yes, i had a very successful VBAC after my first c section, all natural. Had to work my butt off all pregnancy to fight for it but im so thankful i had a healthy baby boy and the experience was amazing.

My sister had a c-section with her 1st and had 4 successful vbacs afterwards. Her last being an almost c-section as well since water broke and baby was taking her time since she was on the bigger side.

I had a c-section with my first then had v-bac with my 2nd & 3rd. One thing that helped was that I had the horizontal cut instead of the vertical one. This was also over 20 years ago not sure of the protocol now. Prayers

I had a c-section 1st and successful vbac with the second. Helpful to have a doctor that was supportive and educated that was able to educate me in options and risks. Also very supportive of my decision to do it. I honestly didn’t prepare any differently for the delivery. Recovery for me was so much easier so I’m glad I tried!

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It all depends on the reason why your first was a c-section to begin with. C-section doesn’t automatically mean you will never have natural birth. Its the reason behind it.

Yes! First delivery of twins at 33 weeks was a c-section due to one being breech. My next delivery 2 years later was an induced VBAC as she was 42+ weeks and everything went beautifully! My next 2 deliveries were c-section as they were large babies and the risk of induction of a post-surgical uterus and post dates babies were too scary for me!!!

Successful VBAC with 2nd after csection with #1. (3.5 years apart). Hoping for another this time around with our 3rd. Find a supportive doctor and good luck to you!

I had 2 successful VBACs. First you need a supportive OB and hospital because not all are. I am thankful for finding my OB office. They were so helpful with my hyperemesis and then my VBAC choice. I did have to sign a form when I went in acknowledging the risk, but my reason for my emergency c section was due to unexpected breech and cord prolapse since I was I was in active labor. So no other conditions or medical concerns. I went with the same doctors for each baby and they were always supportive of my choice. Having the first VBAC was so liberating in a way that I could do it. I felt a bit like I failed the first time. It was a tough delivery, but I did it. With our third he came so fast it was amazing. I was induced the third time but they broke my water instead of pitocin due to my previous c section. I wish you the best of luck!

I had 2 vbacs after my 1st as a csection and what helped me bc there was no physical reason I couldn’t was getting the epidural after 4 cm. Before, labor might stall and after, at least with me, I couldn’t tolerate the contractions which led to decels in my baby with my first. Two successful vbacs after my first attempt at natural labor. Also, do not let them break your water! Contractions are much more intense. It will happen naturally. Good luck!

I did an emergency c section with my first and a vbac with my 2nd. The vbac was way better. I used no epidural or meds so I was able to be mobile during and directly after he was born. It helped speed up my recovery tremendously.

Hi, I have 5 living children, lost 1 prematurely and have also had 1-2 miscarriages. I had vag birth with my oldest 2. My 3rd (premature death) was a C-section. After that I went on to have 3 VBACs! I was told it couldn’t be done and was railed against more than a few times. Twice I did not even have meds with the VBACs. It can be done and you recover soooo much quicker. I will say you should make sure you go to a large, reputable hospital or they may try to coerce you into having another C section stating its too dangerous. It can be, but if you have large hips like me, its a lot easier. A lot of them were worried but I pulled through just fine. My last one came 2 weeks early AND I have double pneumonia at the time. So just make sure you go to a place where they support your decisions and stick to them unless you are actually in imminent danger or have health issues. Feel free to ask me any questions!

I had an emergency c-section with my first, a scheduled c-section with my second and a VBAC with my third pregnancy and it was twins. No issues at all and it was amazing!!!

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Yes …c sec with #1, vbac #2, c sec #3 (was measured to be too big), attempt if vbac #4 but after3.5 hrs if pushing…determined wouldn’t fit (8lb 11oz) try for the vbac…if it works you wilk live the quicker recovery time

I did! What helped me was not gaining as much weight as i did with my first, changing my eating habits the second time around and also being more active the second time around. I did squats throughout my whole 2nd pregnancy and i also got adjusted by the chiropractor. I literally pushed once and he was out.

I did. I have a csection with my daughter because she got stuck (she was 10 lbs 14 oz.) Then with my son I had a successful vbac with no epidural. I actually ended up having a rougher recovery because I ended up have a joint disorder that I didn’t know about and I couldn’t walk for awhile. It took me about a month to walk without a walker or any other sort of assistance.

I had a C-section with my first. She was breech and we couldn’t get her to turn. I have had five VBACs since then with no problems. Just make sure you and your doctor are on the same page and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Stay calm during labor and keep breathing slowly and deeply. The pain is very much manageable and definitely worth it in the end.

C sect with 1st due to health conditions that made it a must…vbac on the 2nd child and she was supposed to be c sec so I could get my tubes tied…2nd baby decided to come 2 hrs before surgery lol. Her was ready

first step is find a vbac supportive provider! it’s sooooooo much safer than repeat cesarean but it’s more work for the doctor so a lot of times they don’t wanna do the work :woman_shrugging: second, hire a doula. third, research, research, research! arm yourself with knowledge! fourth, research your birthing location. i had no idea with my first that they had a 47% csection rate. when you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail. i chose to have my vbac at home (0% section rate) with a midwife who had a 2% csection rate.
our bodies aren’t broken, the system is.

My first was an emergency csection, 4 years later I had a successful vbac and another just 3 weeks ago

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My oldest was an emergency c section. My second was supposed to be a Vback but due to him going into distress and his cord wrapped twice around his chest very close to his neck he ended up being a csection. Third child third different dr, he was very old school and didn’t even want to try fir vbac

I did a VBAC with my second. They were 2.5 years apart and my uterus ruptured. He and I almost died, it’s not worth it!

Talk to your doc. They can give you actual numbers and stats.
The chances of any complication from a VBAC after only 1 C-section are very low. That increases with the number of c-sections you’ve had.
I had my oldest naturally, my middle was an emergency C-section, and my youngest was an induced VBAC. I had zero complications during the whole ordeal, even tho she was 4 days late and had to be induced.

I had a vaginal, planned csection, followed by a vbac and now hopefully another Vbac…I think it is completely circumstantial and you should communicate with your doctor what you want your birth to be and see if its a possibility for you

I had one emergency csection followed by 2 more scheduled csections. No regrets

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I had an emergency csection with my first and when I went to have my 2nd my dr told me I could do a vbac but I wouldn’t be able to get an epidural and if he was under a certain weight my 2nd boy supposedly was only weighing 5lbs 3oz for weeks and then I went the week to decided if I was going to do a vbac or csection and he was weighing at 9lbs 3oz so another csection it was for me because he came out 9lbs 12oz

Yes!!! My 1st was breech and turning her was unsuccessful. She was a planned C-section. I unexpectedly got pregnant again when my daughter was 15m old. I decided to have a VBAC. It was successful but they will definitely force you to wear a fetal monitor which can force you into a bed which is hell imo. However, I do know that if my C-section had been an emergency one last time my Obgyn wouldn’t have allowed it since the pregnancies were less than 2 years apart.

Time helps. My successful VBACs were 6 and 8 years after my c-section. I would get a doula if I were you. If you’re less than 2 years, most doctors won’t allow a VBAC.

Yes I did two. The first vbac I didn’t struggle to find a doctor but the third I did. I literally went through all my list of providers and no one wanted to do it because of risks. This was back in 2004 though. I did end up finding a doctor and everything was fine no issues at all.

I had 2 successful vbacs after a csection the only thing i couldnt really do was have a lot of pitocin to speed the labor up had to have my body work on its own to prevent ruputre

I had to have a scheduled c section due how things went with my first pregnancy. Emergency c section with my first.

I had emergency c- section with my son. 7 years later had my daughter no meds, no nothing, no epidurals. Had her ala natural, VBAC. No issues

I had a csection with my twins (6th pregnancy) and delivered naturally with my 7th in my vehicle. I guess it depends though on why you had to have a csection… I had mine because I never went into labor with my twins.

Glad the question was posed, I had my 1st in 2011 it was an emergency c section at 34wks. Currently I’m expecting to give birth all these years later and was given the okay for vaginal for this one. However when I signed the waiver and things I’m a little nervous now to do a vaginal although I wanted to so long… & I presume its easier than another c section as far as after birth.

I had C-section with 1st he was breach 9lbs 9 ounces and I have no hips to turn him and VBAC with second he was 8lbs 13 1/2 ounces and they gave me pitocin and I had an epidural…26 hour labor but everything ended up great.

My first was an emergency c-section my second and third were both natural. Definitely find a ob that believes in vbac’s. I know when I was talking g to mine he was all for it and told me many ob’s don’t like to do vbac.

My daughter has 3 csections and then 3 vbacs. It’s actually up to the patient. My daughter’s Dr told her if the baby isn’t in distress and you refuse to sign the consent for surgery it’s illegal for them to do a csection. It’s actually considered assault if they force you to have one without your consent.

C section in 1995, vbac’s in 1998, 2002, 2010. Had a doc tell me in 2010 I was required to have another C, didnt matter it had been 15 yrs since the c, and I had 2 vbacs since. I quickly found another doctor. I understand the risks, when a c had been recent, but not after 2 vbacs and 15 yrs!

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Emergency c section first one , 6 yrs later the dr was scared of scar tissue being a issue so I had to go c section , always wanted to push out my baby :sob:

My first was a csection because after 18 hours of staying at 7 cm dilated and not wanting to risk complications for the baby it was what was needed. My 2nd I was determined to do a VBAC. It helped to have supportive OBGYN. My son was in danger during labor though due to amniotic fluid infection and cord around his neck, so had to make the decision for a second csection in the end. But, my third child I was able to do a VA2C. (After 2 csections)!! They had already wheeled me into the OR for a csection for him after similar circumstances with my first where I wasn’t dilating enough, my Dr decided to check me one more time in the OR because she knew how important it was to me to try vaginally and I was 9 cm! So they wheeled me out and I was able to start pushing within the hour, after a few big pushes my baby was born. I said all that to show you it’s definitely possible! However, sometimes you have to make the decision not to for the safety of your baby so either way you are a rock star!

I have! When I got pregnant the second time (4 years after my first) I was so worried about having to have a csection again. My doc said to me that factors they look at in determining how you will give birth are the length of time since last csection, how the uterus was cut (horizontally or vertically), number of csections prior (this for someone with two or more pregnancies), and how well you and baby tolerate labor if you try for a vbac. I feel that ultimately your body will decide once in labor so I don’t know if there are any things you can do to help.

I had my 1st natural 2nd csection and last 2 vbac (1yr 12 days apart) in 92 and 93. From what im hearing vbacs arent popular amongst Drs anymore.

I was considering it but the hospital that I had my babies at don’t do VBAC so I would of had to go to a hospital 2 hours away. I didn’t really want to go that far away so I just had c-sections for the rest of my kids.

My friend had c section her 1st child and vaginal after and it went just fine! Every woman/experience is different.

Want able to have any more children. But if I did get pregnant again, I would have to have a c section. My first one was all the way vertically up my stomach. I couldn’t do a vaginal birth,

I had a C- section with my first.
I was scheduled for a c- section with my second but he came early natural. My third was also natural.

Yes I did: twice… 1st child was an emergency c-section and the other 2 VBAC. It, also, helps that between the 1st and 2nd kids is about 15 yrs and 6 yrs between the 2nd and 3rd.:wink:

I had an emergency CS my First Born then went on to have a natural birth after falling pregnant a month after having my Son :see_no_evil:.

My oldest was an emergency csection i was in labor for 3 days and then she was in distress and dr did an ultrasound and saw she was tied around her cord. With my 2nd 5 years later I got a new OB and he honestly would take the risk so I had another csection and both were a piece of cake. I drove a week later and was doing what I normally would do.

I had a vaginal birth with mt first born, a cesarean with my second, and a vaginal with my third. I was told they put my info into some sort of system which would tell them my percentage of having a vbac and it the odds were in my favor.

VBACs can be very risky but they can be done. It’s safest if you wait two years after your caesarean to have another (My dad and brother are both OB-GYNs and this is what they suggest to their patients).

I tried but failed - however I laboured to fully dilated after a 14 hour labour then was pushing for a further 5 hours when I agreed to another c section. But then again she was near 10lbs. My MIL has a c section then 3 natural births all without complications so it can be done

With my 1st I had an emergency c-section (22 years ago). I’ve had 8 successful VBACs since then

I had a c-section with my first and three VBACs after. Not a problem with any of the births.

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I had my 3rd csection and my 4th vbac. 4 years apart

My mom. In 1977 and only 14 months later with my little sister. I was an emergency c section (up and down cut).