For those of you that co sleep, how did you get your child into their own bed?

Mums who co-sleep, how did you get Bub out of your bed??? Little miss is 11 months old, and I’ve struggled to get her into her cot, I know this is my fault, and I can be a way to soft when she cries and let her in my bed. But it’s affecting both of our sleep having her sleep with me. She will sleep fine during the day in her cot, but at night does not want a bar of it. Any advice on how to make night times easier? How to keep her in there all night??


Pull the side off and put it next to your bed. Eventually you move it further away a little at a time and eventually their own room.


I didn’t…they are still there


I know a lot of people are against it but I had to seriously do the cry it out method with my son . He would scream and I would go into his room every time and assure him I am still here until he made himself tired . That was the only thing that worked for us


Let me know if you find out. We’re almost 3 years and 2 babies deep in the co sleeping :rofl:


sometimes it’s just the feeling of closeness… I gave my son one of my shirts that smelled like me and it helped… he still has the issue sometimes, so I have to let him cry it out… but as soon as he’s out… he is out :joy:

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He’s 3yr.
Your guess is as good as mine :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

So we coslept. I started having my son do one nap a day in his crib when he was 8 months. I then transitioned him to both naps in his crib once he did good with the 1. And at 10 months I just transitioned him to his crib in his room overnight and he has done great ever since. Everyone gets better rest. However, if he wakes up at 4 or after I do just bring him in my bed with me until we get up for the day later.

Lol my 2.5 year old is still in my bed

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My daughter is almost 4 I’ve tried and tired lol every time I put her in her bed she crawls back in my bed during the night

Oh how I’d love to sleep again!!!

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Mine is 13. I go to bed alone and wake up to this


My daughter is 3 and still sleeping with me! Lol

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5yr old sill in my bed. I know he needs his own bed but he loves sleeping with his momma. Trust me, I have a 15, 17, 20, and 22 yr old. I say take it all in while you can


Lol my son just turned a month and he will only sleep with me
Since birth he’s slept on my chest, he will sometimes sleep in his bassinet or his swing (his swing only when hes having a bad night) I think he had nightmares sometimes but I dont mind it one bit. I heard the warnings but hey hes my baby boy, my rainbow baby and it puts my mind at ease when hes on my chest

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I’ve got 2 out of 3 in my bed tonight. Usually it’s all … My oldest is 7 and has finally figured out that he doesnt get kicked in the head or stomach in his own bed… I said … Exactly how I sleep with y’all piled up on top of me in my queen size bed.

side note on the rare occassion I get them to pass out on the couch or pallet and I get my bed to myself. I cant fuckin sleep for shit. So I have to go steal a kid and put them in my bed. :flushed::flushed::flushed:

They start to take it over :relaxed::relaxed:


I put her crib in my room and started moving her into her crib once she fell asleep. Then when she would realize she wasn’t in my bed I would comfort her standing by her crib and walk away into my own bed. I wouldn’t give in to her and she would fall back asleep. I also transitioned her when she was around 6 months so it was easier I guess than her being older

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Well my crooked neck wishes you all the luck…


My 21 month old is still in bed with me. I actually don’t mind it though so I’m waiting until he leaves on his own. Side car the crib would be a good start to slowly transition. Or get a small floor bed for her room, childproof the area, fall asleep with her and then ninja roll away.

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At 2 years old, my daughter loved Paw Patrol. So we decorated her room and had paw patrol sheets and PP stuffies all over the bed, and PP pajamas. She slept in her own bed the first night we did that and a year later, she’s still there. The first month though she got up and came to our bed in the middle of the night but now she sleeps through.

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My 4 yr old is here with me :unamused:


I started reading to my son every night till he fell asleep. And once he was used to it I could just read 1 or 2 stories and he would just go to bed after in his own bed where I read to him

We’re going on 4 years :heart_eyes: hell soon want too have his space . And I’ll miss those morning snuggled or those little grabs in the middle of the night when they are trying to find you.


Mines almost 8. I’ve gotten her onto a twin in the same room but she doesn’t wanna go any further than that :joy:

I literally slept in the crib with my son a couple times but he was only like 2 months old when I transferred him. So it may have been easier. Co sleeping just scared me. More so if anyone besides me did it.

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Well, we co sleep so I obviously don’t get her into her own bed.

My daughter is 20 and son is 6. They both still sleep with me at times.


My oldest was 8 before he finally was out of my bed completely. Now that he’s 15, I wish he would have stayed longer. My youngest is 4 and he still sleeps in our bed. We have a futon in our room that he sleeps on occasionally or initially but he usually ends up in our bed. Not rushing to get him out, I know he’ll be over it soon enough. I would suggest, making the transition super exciting. Let your little pick out new bedding, maybe bribery, rewards for a full night in his/her own bed. It may sound ridiculous but think of how kids strive in school, they are rewarded with stickers, star charts etc. it’s no different when they achieve things at home. Just my suggestion, but if you don’t have to rush the transition, embrace it while you can. I give anything for more snuggle time with my oldest.

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I have a love-hate relationship with the cry it out method, but it works. Make sure baby’s needs are met, follow their usual routine, and then lay them down. The first night my husband had to hold me to keep from getting baby, but she was out within 15 minutes. Now I set a timer for 10 minutes and if she’s still crying we cuddle and I let her play for a bit before trying again.


I have 5 babies and honestly soon as you start its very hard to stop it as its all they known. I learned with my last 2. Crib since day one! I just couldnt sleep at all! It was getting rough for both of us and honestly thoes 2 are my best sleepers!


You just have to make their rooms super exciting!! Definitely go with what they love and let them pick out where everything will go and what they want in their own room :slight_smile: if you act excited about it so will they :slight_smile:

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It’s my last child so I caved.

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I never co sleep with my son he’s always slept in his crib bc I don’t believe in having ur kid in ur bed my cousin did this with his son and he’s 10yr old still sleeping with his mom or dad or his gma smh everyone has they own opinion so this is mine :woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3::woman_shrugging:t3:

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I genuinely think there’s nothing you can do about this. The child will decide when it’s the right time. I have a 4 year old and a two year old. Both have been treated exactly the same. My 4 year old was a velcro baby and still sleeps in with me. My 2 year old is perfectly content in her cot and hasn’t spent even one night in with me. I think it totally depends on the temperament of the child. Try to enjoy it though mamma! I love my 4 year old in with me - I never used to but now I suppose these days are numbered. :heart:


I got my daughter out of my bed at 3. It was a tough hard struggle. But I would lay with her in her toddler bed in her room until she fell asleep, hours later she would wake up and try to sneak in my bed but I got up and put her back in her bed. I also put a tv in her room so she could watch cartoons to watch.

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My 7 year old did until just a few months ago when his sister was born n took his spot now hes ok since sissy has to sleep with me shes 3 months and hates her bassinet so no winning

5 year old still with me :woman_shrugging:. But honestly wouldn’t want it any other way :heartpulse:

You have to be consistent. This page has tips. Safe Sleep and Baby Care – Evidence Based Support

Well I dont really know how we did. There’s a queen size mattress and box springs in her room and one night hubs was in there playing with her and came out an hour later saying uhh shes asleep. Shes been in there ever since. Some nights shes in there all night some nights she spends the ladt part of the night in our bed.

I moved my daughter to her crib in her own room at a year and a half old. I personally started with naps. After she was comfortable (about a month or 2 in) I put her down in her room fully. For 2 weeks there was A LOT of wake ups, but I made sure to console her and then out her down and leave. After that I haven’t had any problems. Then after a couple weeks she climbed out of her crib ungracefully so she now has a twin bed.


Eventually they transition on their own. Unless you push it. My oldest did and my youngest will. If they sleep better in their most comfortable place, I personally won’t push it. They each have their room and I’m not going to turn it into a place they don’t feel comfortable in. Especially with a son having special needs. Eventually they won’t want to sleep in their parents bed, so for now I keep him close if that is what he needs.

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Super Nanny had the best advice when iy came to this.
So she said stay near the bed and do not acknowledge them(turn away, but stay close). If they get out of bed place them back, without saying a word, and sit back down and keep your focus. Do this until the child falls asleep.
It gets easier with every night.


Mine is 11 years old. Someone tag me if they figure out the trick lol

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I never understand these questions. Yes, I am an older mom, and now a foster mom and adoptive mom. Put your babies to bed!!! They will know that is their bed, that is where they sleep.


My almost 3 year old sleeps with us. We got her a bed and bought her moana bedding and made it to how she wanted it. At first she was super excited and she slept in it for a week and now it’s on and off if she sleeps in her own bed. My youngest I didn’t let her sleep with us at all. I had a c/s so I kept her pack and play next to me and it was easier to get up and care for her. As the months went by I moved her further and further away to where I felt comfortable with her in her own room. She’s 18 months as of yesterday and she actually prefers to sleep by herself. I have a good nanny cam and it helps me feel comfort that I can still see and hear her. I enjoy my little big baby in our bed though. It doesn’t bother us at all.

My son coslept with me once out of the nicu until 10-11 months, he did perfect but there was days where he wanted to come back in bed with us and if we didn’t he would stay up and want to play, me and dad would leave the tv on in his room until he falls asleep and by the end of the movie he’s out lol

When someone finds the cure for this let me know I have an almost 5 and 3 year old still in my bed :joy: but honey feel so much safer when they are next to me and I wouldn’t trade it :heart_eyes:


Not sure lol my 5 year old is still in my bed. I’ve just accepted defeat at this point :joy:

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I co slept with my baby that now a year old. But a week ago she got sick and was hospitalized for 3days. So she had to sleep in the hospital cot. Since we got home shes been sleeping fine in her cot. But the last few nights shes been very restless. So what i did was put the cot against my bed so i can still reach out and touch her if she do fuss abit. I think that makes it abit easier for her to settle down again. She even figured out how to take her bottle and drink it if i leave it in her cot. Dont know how that happened but thank God it did. :smiley:

Give her a place to sleep on her own. Eventually she’ll choose to use it. Until then enjoy it. You’ll look back & wish you can have these moments again. This coming from a mom of 19yo who has learned to enjoy her younger kids.

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I slept on a pillow then put it in my son’s bed to use. It helped but I struggle when he is teething. I just let him fall asleep in my bed and then put him back into his cot once he is out.

My sons 7 and still sleeps with me sometimes. I had to start turning him to his bed though because I’m about to have another baby and don’t want him tired for school. I also noticed when we sleep together we both sleep so bad now. He rolls everywhere and I move a lot so he wake up every time I move and I wake up because he’s usually laying sideways kicking me.

My daughter slept with me off and on for several years.

I co slept with my first and he still sleeps next to me (he’s 2) my daughter is 8 months and has never co slept cuz my son is a wild sleeper and I thought she’d get hurt and I wish I hadn’t co slept cuz it’s nice having them in their own bed😅

True story: Several years ago, my mom’s friends daughter was co sleeping with her newborn. Somehow during the night the mom rolled over on her, and suffocated her. When we’re sleeping, we’re not always aware of what we’re doing. Having your baby, toddler, child sleep with you is a wonderful feeling, but could end in tragedy! Be careful!

My kids eventually just went into their own beds when they were ready. Boys are 11 and 9 have been in their own beds for a while and oldest daughter is 15. What I love the most is that even at their ages now they will still come snuggle up and watch a movie some nights and eat popcorn. It’s the best and also one of the best parts about it Is that they do it when something is bothering them too. So it’s like our safe place we can talk about anything and everything. No judgement. No stress. I love it. Or when they arent feeling so great or just had a crap day or even a great day.


Guilty. We just put a bed in our room and after kid asleep we put her in her own bed. Most days she stays in there all night.

Idk… hes four… send help!:sob:

My kids are 7,9 and 10 and still cosleep with me :laughing:

My daughter is three and she started falling asleep in my bed now after she is asleep I take her and put her into her own bed and sometimes I wait till she is just nearly sleeping and put her in also , she also has a wee night light that I leave on for her and she stays there all night x

My son is 6 and still sleeps in my room. I got him out of my bed by putting his bed in our room next to ours. Were still working on getting him into his room, but he has high anxiety so it is what it is. They are only little once

You suck it up and just do it

We coslept for the first 6 or so months and when my munchkin started crawling that was it. (Couldnt have her waking up at night crawling around the bed in risk of her falling off in the middle of the night). Gradually we just put her back in her crib though. When we coslept shed sleep the first half the night in crib and the rest with us so it was fairly easy once she started crawling.

Let me know too, I wake most mornings with one or both the kids in my bed 7 and almost 9

At about 2 years old, I bought her a fancy toddler bed and made a big dealabout it. Me or dad still had a twin size blow up mattress next to her bed for another few months. She’s 7.5 now, and we still have to read nightly and do 20 hugs and kisses… and she still sleeps in my bed when dad is gone :joy:

I was told to co sleep with my son that’s going on 2 in june…my doctor suggested it when we brought him home from the hospital because he had breathing problems … she had me prop him up on a made cot in the middle of me and my hubby … so we could hear and reach him easy and quickly…but now… we can’t get him out of our bed…lol… he has his own bed/bedroom…we can put him to sleep and move him into his bed and he will just get up in an hour and crawl right back in bed with us… we are struggling to figure out how to transition him too… he’s the only one of my kids I’ve co slept with…

My 4 year old co slept untill my boyfriend and me moved in to our own place. We would put her in her bed. Let her know it wad okay and we were still here. She would still come in our room. We would get uo reassure her everything was okay and laid her back in her bed. It took about a month but she stopped all together. Now she says a prayer and goes to bed with I love yous❤ not sure if this will help any of you mommas

When u choose to co-sleep ur choosing to co-sleep forever… you can’t get a kid out of ur bed when that’s all they know.

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Start putting them where you want them and don’t let them sleep anywhere else. No exceptions. They get the idea pretty quick

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Let me know when you find out lol. My 6 year old daughter still sleeps with me. And my sons jumps in bed with us too at times. Just us 3 so dont mind it at all. They are my snuggle buddies.

If it makes anyone feel better my 13 yr old tried to come sleep in my room too…I would tell him he could sleep on the floor not in the bed…so he did…thank God he hasn’t done that since we moved in with my boyfriend…but now I have a 2 month old that will only sleep on my chest! I can’t take another 13 years of this!! :woman_facepalming:

Mine are 11 years old and still sleep with me. I sleep in between them. It for our comfort. We had a traumatizing 2019.

My oldest slept with me til he was 3. My youngest was 2. I found its an easier transition if they understand what’s going on. Make it a big deal. Tell her how big she is and that sleeping in her own room makes her such a big girl. When she gets up, calmly take her back to bed. The first week is rough, but it’s worth it. I would buy my kids cheap toys or treats for the first few days that they slept in their own room all night.

I laid with mine until they fell asleep and when they were old enough replaced me with a giant stuffed animal that they had to put to bed. When my son was an infant I’d put him in his bed and pat his back gently until he fell asleep, when he was sick I’d sleep next to his crib for an hour or so each night

We have a bed right beside ours for the older two and the youngest sleeps in a crib

My son’s 12 m still in months bed so whoever got the answer lmk

I dont co sleep, but i imagine the training will be similar to when you are transitioning from bassinet to crib in their own room when they are little babies. It will be rough until she gets the idea that shes not sleeping in your bed. Just gotta push through, let her know who’s boss, and be stern. She will get used to sleeping by herself at night. Just dont give in during the time you are training her to do this. You will have to start all over again.

Put her in her crib and shut the door. She will scream for a while but it wont hurt her. She will get over it and fall asleep. Stick with it for a week or so. I promise it works.


I’m 30 and still gladly crawl in to my mum n dad’s bed for a cuddle :rofl:

Push her baby bed against your side of bed, take the front railing off. I did that to my sons bed and i put a piece of foam mattress on top of his crib mattress. Ever since ive done that he sleeps all night. He puts half his body on my side and the other half in his bed still though. Hes slept that way since he was little over 1 and he’s 4 now.

Never had this problem with any of my children

That’s one habit I never started… Thank God… Kids need their own space just as you do…

Don’t fret over it. She’ll move to her own room when she’s ready. We don’t see anything wrong with adults sharing a bed but for some reason when it comes to babies and children people think they need to sleep alone or they’re being ruined. I have three independent adult children, all slept with us until they were ready to move to their own room. At one point we would have five of us sleeping in a full size bed. We even put a two full size beds in our room to help transition the kids when they were ready. They’ll be gone soon enough, enjoy every single moment with them, don’t push them too fast. These stages will be gone forever all too soon.

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I made it a game and made it where she picks two nights out of the week to sleep with mommy and they can not be back to back. And on her b’day is a sleep where u want dayit’s a birthday girl day thing.

time, patience, and most importantly…persistence

I let my now 1year old sleep woth me until he was about 6-7 months old then i let him sleep in his bed i sometimes caved and let him sleep with me but ince he was in a deep sleep id place him in his bed. Now that i have a 4month old baby girl im atarting to think that transition wont be as easy because shes only slep in her bassinet a few times. She sleeps fine thru out the night beside me so guess ill see how this transition goes once we get to that stage wish ne luck cuz im sure it wont be as easy as it was with my son.

My daughter slept with us until she was six couldn’t get her out of my bed but that’s my fault for putting her in the bed when she was a baby. I work nights so she was used to sleeping with my husband in the bed when I was off I would make her sleep in her bed but she would come in my room crying and I just put her right back in her bed. Just keep putting her back to her bed.

You can setup a sleep area for her in a seperate room and start putting her to sleep there, but leave when she falls asleep. This can help her be in a seperate room but still feel your with her. And you also get to sleep in your own bed until she wakes again

What I did with my son was let him fall asleep with me then put him in his bed ,you could let her fall asleep with you and carry her to her bed or maybe even sit with her near her bed idky what size bed she has but lay or sit with her till she falls asleep ,I never had issues getting my kids out of my bed it was hard to get them to stay in their rooms to sleep they’d get out and come find me so I just laid with them till they fell asleep in their beds

Mine is almost 3 and still crawls into my bed occasionally. As long as he true his bed I allow it. Probably not much help but he is my last of 4 and I’m taking my time letting that last baby thing go

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Mine are 8 and 5 and 1 and they all still sleep with us. Its tight but i say when they ready they ready. Good luck. I struggled with the 8 year old and finally gave up.

I let my kids sleep with me until they’re awful sleep partners. Once I wake up with a foot to the face it’s over.

Really though, how long will the unlimited snuggles last? Not forever. Might as well get them in while you can momma.


I put my daughter in her crib and let her cry it out. 30 minutes the first night. 5 minutes the second night. By the 3rd night she whined for a second and went to sleep. She’s also 11 months old.

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I started weaning the co-sleep pattern at about 9 mo. I would like down with her in her own bed and rub her back/ sing until she fell asleep. I continued the tradition of back rubs their entire childhood as a way to continue bonding.

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We moved her toddler bed into our room 3 months ago (she’s almost 2!) Most nights I nurse her to sleep then move her to her bed. She usually wakes up about 1-2 AM and cries so I just let her come to my bed. It’s slow; but it’s progress.

My 5 year old is back to sleeping on a toddler bed ( in my room) three year old in bed with me still, my older kids left when they were ready, it goes by so fast

Once she falls asleep carry her to her bed, when she wakes up go lie with her or let her back in your bed to fall asleep again then again carry her back to bed. Eventually she will sleep in her own bed…I had 4 sons all of whom co slept at first

I let them decide when it was time. My 16 and 10 year old sleep in their own beds. My 7 year old still sleeps with me and when shes ready she will too.

13,8,4,1 they still don’t sleep in they own bed​:woozy_face: when u get the answer please let me know because at this point I’m still sharing my bed.:woozy_face::woozy_face::joy::joy: