For mamas who have hepetitis C: Did you give birth to a healthy baby?

So my husband and I have a two-year-old son. He’ll be 3 in November. We want to try for another baby soon. The issue is, after my son was born, I found out I have hepatitis c. My son is completely healthy and does not have it. My worry is, what if the next baby is born with it? I know that the risk of transmission is very low, but it still scares me. Do any other moms go through this? I want to hear about your experiences. Thank you in advance.

Talk to your dr about the risks and steps you can take to ensure baby would be fine

My cousins and his wife both has hepatitis c there baby was born healthy. But I think had to have a csection. But their baby was healthy and just turned 7

There are treatments for it now. Maybe talk to your dr about trying that.

More than likely it will be a c-section so baby doesn’t contract it and should be healthy

I would look into going to a liver clinic or an infectious disease doctor. There is a cure for it now. I would be treated first and then try for another baby.

I have 2 children found out I had hep c with 2nd pregnancy (ended up discovering it was from blood transfusions in the 80’s). Risk of transition is rare-eldest got tested once, my youngest as she is a baby has to get tested 3 times to check its negative.

There is a 1 in 20 chance.

Get treated for hepatitis C and they try. We have drugs for it now.

I know someone who had it and had a vaginal birth. The child was born with it but they will “outgrow” it around 3 or 4 I do believe and if by chance they dont then theyll treat it. I could be wrong about the age but it would be younger then what I said and outgrow is definitely not the right word.

I did I had hep c and didnt know it I got it from a blood transfusion my son was born 9 months ago exactly and hes healthy and perfect once hes 18 months old he has to be tested. I had a planned c section and everything went perfectly

My wife has hep c and has had two healthy pregnancies and baby’s did not contract it. Doctors told us the chances of the baby getting it is very very low. The docs were not at all worried about the chance of it happening

My uncle actually got rid of it and it’s been about a year now. Talk to your doctor about treatments!

My brother had it for years then was treated with the newer drugs and it was gone in 6 weeks.