Fiancé won’t let me have a guy friend

I have been with my fiancé for four years, during this for years I have lost all of my friends except for one mainly because he was uncomfortable with me having guy friends and he didn’t like me going out. I had a guy friend since high school and we kind of fell off when I started dating my now fiancé. 1 and my best friend have been wanting to hang out with my guy friend because honestly we miss him. When I brought it up to my fiancé he got mad and told me I was not allowed to hang out with him because that would be weird for me to hang out with a guy and other people around. Even though my fiancé does have female friends and I have no problem with him hanging out with his female friends along with other people. Should I go hang out with my friend anyways or should I respect my fiancé and just leave it alone.

Why are you not allowed to have male friends but he can have female friends? It should go both ways if that’s what he wants. I would go out with your friends and have fun. By doing that I’m sure it’ll cause issues with your fiancée, but I would still go. The whole thing isn’t fair and he’s being a hypocrite honestly.

Run. Run now. Else the day you wed it will all be downhill. He is cutting you off from others and isolating you. He doesn’t trust you, because he is up to something himself. Unless you know you can be happy with him and only him, no family, no friends, let him go now.