Favorite newborn baby items?

What were things you absolutely loved when you had a new born? I feel like people tell me I need things, other people tell me I don’t need them. I want some outside opinions!


Most stuff you don’t really need. I had so many things I never used. Diapers clothes wipes that’s all I really needed lol


We like the rocknplay for like two or three weeks. Bouncer of some kind was a must. Floor seats are nice. The ones we thought were useless were bottle warmers and wipe warmers. Also changing table.

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My son loved his swing it was a life saver and a play mat with toys that dangle were great over time. Bibs because he spit up a lot! And swaddle blankets

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If you’re a first time breastfeeder, I loved my nursing pillow. It was really helpful. I literally took it everywhere, even to MLB games haha

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Boppy for breastfeeding, rock and play (still use daily at 6mo) & fleece jammies.

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I’ve has three babies and really all they need is Boobies/formula or however he or she eats, Wipes , Diapers and all my kids loves their swing. And don’t forget love. all kids need love

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The swing love the swing

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Really liked the boppi pillow to put baby on to feed bottle.

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SWING. Omg please. Get yourself a swing. It will be worth it. I swear.

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My swaddler. She stayed warm and safe in it.

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LOOOOOVED our rock and play!! So helpful since we’re traveling with my husband in a camper (of course we’re in a bassinet/pack-n-play now) and I swear by Dr. Browns Options bottles (if you’re bottle feeding)


Boppy, Rock & Play, and Netflix.

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Easy grab food in the fridge. My sister made lactation cookies and they were the best and my aunt sent homemade bagels

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Baby swing, diapers, wipes and patience!

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Rock & play! That thing was a lifesaver for me when my twins were newborns. Swings are also good.

But I would say the essentials- diapers, wipes, blankets, clothes. Bottles if you are formula feeding or pumping.

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My son hated his swing and the bouncy chair. My life saver was my ego 360 with the infant insert. Great support for my back and he was calm because I was holding him.

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Sleep sacks and a babybum diaper cream spatula.

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My son love blanket :heart_eyes:

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Boppy pillow and a good swing have been my main needs for my newborns.

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Diapers wipes clothes and a swing. The swing is the only thing my daughter would sleep in other than on me lol. It made it so i could pee without waking her up when my husband went back to work lol

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Honestly I didnt use a crib for either. I’m a cosleeper but we used rock and plays and nice jazzy electronic swings too :slight_smile:

Loved having two car seat bases it really becomes a pain to transfer between vehicles constantly so if you are sharing the responsibilities of caring for child it is worth the little bit of extra money. also I found having a swing or bouncer to be a lifesaver for those times when you need to shower or cook without having infant glued to you .

Bassinet pack n play was awesome, Expecially when you go on trips and just for general use.

Breast friend nursing pillow, Ergo baby carrier, good breast pump, baby swing, swaddle me blankets

I didn’t find the Boppy to be that useful. I actually took a couple of her receiving blankets, and folded them in half, sewed them up and stuffed them for pillows. Way more useful and cheaper. The swing was great. I would really recommend not buying a diaper bag. Just find a bag that you like.

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Those swaddles that have Velcro. I loved those and so did my babies.

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I really loved the swing and diaper organizer. The diaper organizer was easy to carry all around the house and I had everything I needed in one spot. Definitely easy for nights.

Bassinet, baby swing, diaper wipe warmer.

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A good stretchy, soft, and large blanket to swaddle with. Most blankets were too small or wouldn’t get snug.
I was handed down a blanket that was stretchy but was woven. It’s our favorite, I use it every night.
And one of the little play mats with the foam bars. Has little toys that hang from it. Amazing for when you need to fold laundry or grab a sandwich.

I never used a crib.
Swing and bouncer.
The sleep sack gowns are awesome so you dont have to button and unzip
Extra pacis if the baby likes them.

Rock n play!!! It was a game changer.

Baby swing will save your sanity

My rock n play was good for the first month. It was the only thing she slept in at that time. However, if you don’t have to use it for sleeping purposes, don’t. It’s not recommended at all. I only did it because she would sleep in her crib yet and I didn’t want her dad to crush her in bed since he’s a deep sleeper. My swing was awesome. Other than that, you don’t need too much in the very beginning. Like clothes, baby is going to grow really fast so ask people to get you 6+ month instead of newborn. You’ll be really glad you did.

I got everything and made use for everything! My daughter slept in her swing during the day then a rock n play at night beside me. I use a play pen now to let her play (she’s 4 months) it keeps her off the floor and i can drag it room to room with me while I’m cleaning or something. A noise machine was the best purchase ever. She’s been sleeping in her own room with no fuss for over a month now. With my first born i had a changing table i got for free but with my second since i got laid off work we just saved money and put a changing mat on top of the dresser & i like it better because you can fit extra stuff like a rocking chair or a toy box in the room. I wasn’t too fond of the wipe warmer. I got it for a gift and used it for a while when she was a newborn since she was born in November so it was cold but now i don’t use it. Boppy pillow is nice for multiple things. She loves sitting in it and playing with her toys in the play pen. A wubbanubb or whatever is amazing too! She loves holding onto it when she’s going to sleep plus they’re adorable and i haven’t lost it once so definitely worth the purchase too. Sleep sacks are good too. Plus much safer than a blanket and they go up into big sizes too. Oh my goodness this is a lot but I’m just reading comments and putting my own opinions in here. We use The Honest Company for diapers & wipes. I did the math and it turns out it’s the same price but just paying an extra $10 for shipping which I’m totally okay with for the cute prints plus it’s been a month and i still have 4 packs and two wipes left!!

A baby mirror for the car. It sticks to your back window or clips onto the seat. Drove me nuts not being able to see my newborn in his carseat. Best 15$ I’ve spent so far!
A baby harness or sling. I love love love my harness. Less than 30$ at Walmart and it is a blessing. You can do laundry, dishes, even cook a little while your little one sleeps and looks around. Makes doctors appointments and grocery shopping SO MUCH LESS EXHAUSTING!! No more lugging around the big baby carseat with the handle. They dont have to touch the germ-y shopping cart or hospital floor and your arm is free to carry a diaper bag. :slight_smile:

A boppy for sure…I used it for feeding, napping, playing. A mat to lay on with the toys to dangle over them. A mobile for the crib or bassinet was a life saver for me on so many occasions and my daughter loved her swing! Otherwise…diapers, wipes…soooo many wipes lol and clothes. Good luck!!

Breastfeeding pillow. I wish I had had one. Bottle sterilizer saved us a lot of time.

Book bag instead of a diper bag. A portable sleeper of some sort like a rock n play. Bottle warmer.

Also a night stand basket. Put like dipers wipes and butt cream and passy and little random stuf u know ur going to need for night time

I loved the smell of baby. I used baby lotion baby oil baby bath and baby powder and bath all made by Johnson & Johnson
I would only use draft baby soap to wash their clothes. I kept them clean and changed them frequently. I loved the cloth diapers. They were great for the little bottles but they make fantastic burp cloths.i never had chatty they call a hippy but my step daughter did with all three children and loved them.I got a lot of use out of blanket sleepers with a undershirt under them you didn’t have to worry about blankets in the bed arround the babies. I liked the soft little blankets for the babies.it was fantastic to hold them and snuggle with them and to watch them grow.

Boppy/nursing pillow, some sort of rocking system wether it be rocking chair, swing, mamaroo, etc, many burp clothes and bibs for drool and spit up, some sort of cream for sore nipples If breastfeeding, loose shirts and bras (not necessarily nursing ones just something comfy and lose enough that if engorged you’re not crowded In and easy to feed in), good breast pump for those days baby just isn’t feeling like eating when you need them to or in my case baby has issues latching to breast, as for “diaper bag” don’t break yourself to get the cute fancy diaper bag, a normal back pack or duffel bag or just a large purse work much better for everything you’ll need, make yourself a nighttime diapering basket just a small tote or basket of some sort with a few diapers wipes rash cream anything needed for nighttime feedings such as bottles and formula or lanolin for breasts burp cloth or towel of some sort for spit up, pacifiers (I personally swore I’d never give my kid one but the hospital did without my permission and later on I was very thankful for them as they kept him from fussing during teething and helped him self soothe nights when we transferred him to his own room/bed), also a baby carrier or wrap of some sort for days baby just wants held and isn’t happy with swings or anything but you got stuff to do around the house my son was always in a wrap when he wanted held but I needed my hands or his mamaroo or on a blanket with toys on the floor when I was busy around the house until he was about 5-6 months old and learned to crawl and just always wanted to go once he got it figured out.

Rock and play and swaddles. This was the only way we slept until she got to big for both. A play saucer activity center. When she was big enough it finally gave me the opportunity to get things done. She could hang out in there and entertain herself while I did dishes or laundry. A good stroller/car seat combo. We’ve used that the most out of anything.

A rocking chair was really helpful for all of my children. I found breastfeeding to be a lot easier than bottle feeding I did both for all five of my children but breastfeeding really is a lot easier because you don’t have to worry about getting up and making the bottles you put them on your boob and they’re happy.

Boppy pillow!
And rocking chair

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See I loved my changing table, I used it ALL the time. Both of my boys used it and they weren’t that wiggly so it was bing-bang-boom-done!
Rock and play was our life saver!! Youngest had reflux which we didn’t know until later, he slept so good in there but not really anywhere else.
Blanket with holes!! lol crochet blanket, my son always wanted one, hated being swaddled. Less worries with a holy blanket.

Baby swing and vibrating chair

I have the owlet sock and monitor, I feel like it’s the best purchase I have made! Great peice of mind and I can literally check on my kid while I’m not home, get movement notifications on my phone and talk to him while he’s in his crib all from my phone. I never used a changing table, more convenient to just change on my bed, the graco sleep glider was a life saver he slept in it for 4 months. A prego pillow, stroller, carseat and bases. I never used my bottle warmer it was a waste of money for us.

A baby swing. LIFESAVER!!!. That and i used cloth diapers as burp cloths. Very helpful

For me, a baby carrier, swing, rock & play, diaper genie, pump and storage items, and swaddle blankets! :heart:

I never used a changing table. I hear a lot of people say you need it but I just used the floor. And I liked changing with their legs toward me, not their sides. Also never used wipe warmers or diaper genies. Also a swing. For both of my girls it was their favorite thing. And we loved the backpack style diaper bags.

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Rocking chair or glider, Rock n play, dockatot, sound machine

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Check out California baby for some organic soaps, creams ect.

Something to baby wear. An insulated cup.

Back pack style diaper bag. I got one for like $25 off of amazon. So much better on your shoulders and back. Recieving blankets are our favorite burp cloths. Zip up footed pajamas are what my babies lived in until summer because they are the easiest to change diapers with.

We did not need a wipe warmer, in my opinion total waste of money.


Lots of one piece baby pajamas! Outfits are cute and all but with as many diapers you have to change it’s so much easier to get their legs back into the PJs than baby pants


Boppy pillow. I was also able to use that same pillow as a nursing pillow.
Breast pump. It’s easier to pump and be able to see how much milk the baby is getting.
Diaper back pack. Waaaayyyy easier to tote around while carrying a baby and/or carseat.
Had a diaper genie and used it until I ran out of the bags. Didn’t use it after that. It’s not a necessity.
Had a changing table but mostly changed diaper on the bed or on the floor.
I bought several small plastic bins and filled them with wipes, diapers, cream, lotion etc… And had one in every room.
I was also in the rocking chair A LOT. So if you get one, make sure it’s comfortable. Mine was just a plain wooden one that was passed down to me from my grandfather, but wood is hard and uncomfortable after a while. Make sure you get a comfortable cushion!
My daughter had (still has) horrible reflux and the Dr. Brown bottles worked the best for her with that issue.
And she did have a crib but hardly slept in it. We used a bassinet and had it next to our bed.

Swaddle blankets and a diaper genie! Change table was the buggest waste of space and money for me

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Hand me downs. They grow so fast and stuff is expensive. Your kid doesn’t care if they’re in brand new name brand outfits. Clean them well and keep them nice to pass on to the next Mama in need :heartpulse:


Rock n play and swaddle me velcro blankets

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Babies do best on a blanket on the floor, i borrowed a baby swing for a short period of cholic. Other than a stroller and a car seat that was all that was needed until time for a high chair

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Bobby pillow. We didnt use much for like 6 months.

Diapers, wipes, nursing pillow, burp clothes, bibs, lots of sleepers, swing, 3 in 1 walker, pizza, chocolate, and caffeine.

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Cotton and merino AIO clothing, light merino blanket, Velcro wrap swaddle, dim Light lamp

My baby hated the rock n play so I just used it as a stand still seat for her, couldn’t live without my boppy pillow although I didn’t use it for a couple weeks until I realized how much bette it was than holding baby with arms or regular pillow. Lived in gliding chair with foot stool for nursing. If you plan on breastfeeding mostly you don’t need a ton of bottles. I literally used three and that was it. Surprisingly didn’t need a thousand receiving blankets although I had them. I’d occasionally use them to lie baby on but that was it. So many toys she had way too early and didn’t even care for till months down the road and that’s because companies want more people to buy so they put unrealistic age ranges. My baby always got out of her velcro swaddles no matter how tight I’d make them. Try and use those zip up ones I think they are safer with less material. Always used a dhome white noise machine and humidifier in the winter.

Boppy pillow, my Baby K’Tan because she had Colic from 5:30-8 each night for the first 6 months. There was no way I could have cooked and bathed 3 other littles without wearing her. She loved music and lights.

Nail clippers with the light! Game changer for those tiny nails!

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Boppy nursing pillow (still good to have if you decide not to breastfeed)

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Things we absolutely LOVED. Zip up sleep and play outfits are literally the best. Swaddles with velcro. Boon grass drying rack, and Nose Frida.


Boppy pillow my daughter is almost 2 and still uses it just to play with. A bath cup they sell them at target for like 5$ for washing them. Binkies. I had to go through so many to find one she likes. But now that i know i bought the whole shelf out so i never run out. A baby tooth brush not only good for brushing teeth also good for teething. And my doctor said it was perfectly fine for them to use as long as they are watched. And a nasel thing you get so much use out of them. I just took the one from the hospitial when she was born they work alot better then the store bought ones. And a walker those are so usefuli loved it… Baby swings on the other hand were a waist of time and money my daughter hated them. And would only cry if i tried to put her in one. And most importantly is a bassinet they’re $50 at Walmart but there a lifesaver

I loved going garage sales, babies don’t care what they wear,as long as they are clean. My first born wouldn’t use a pacifier at all! I breast fed my last two babies,saved alot of money on milk. Used cloth diapers too! I loved every minute of taking care of my children,without any help!

Lots of receiving blankets for spit up. I found 2 piece outfits better when the stump was healing. And other then the obvious like wipes and diapers. Didn’t need anything else really

Bouncer or swing, I didnt need both. But one or the other is nice to have.

Something that rocks on its own is nice.

The swing and my rock and play!

I used a messenger bag style diaper bag and it was HORRIBLE it pulled on my shoulder and back soo much and then my mom found a backpack style diaper bag! BEST THING EVER! It’s a little awkward in tight spots but I still love it! And it has pockets for days!! Highly recommend one!! Also invest in a wipe warmer. Those are great too! No more jumping because of cold wipes!!

Burp cloths galore, bouncer/swing, boppy pillow and any type of baby wearing carrier. I use my carrier more than a stroller.

Must have a fisher price auto rock and play

My Brest Friend pillow, especially if you have a c-section and plan to breastfeed. Sleep sacks and the sleep gowns with the kinda cinched bottom. A stretchy wrap for baby wearing.

Boppy for breastfeeding, backpack diaper bag, zip up footed onesies, rock and play.

I think you get the variation because every baby and every parent is different.

My top 4 most used items:

  1. Pack n play with built in bassinet. The first few months he slept in that next to our bed which was a godsend. We still use the pack n play for naps.

  2. Crib, one he outgrew the bassinet it was an easy time to transition him to his crib, which is great since cosleeping in the same bed is extremely dangerous.

  3. Changing table, I know for some they didn’t find this necessary but damn if it didn’t save me a ton of hassle and backaches. We ultimately moved it to the living room since that’s where it’s the most used.

  4. Car seat/stroller combo travel system. Everything was so much easier with it. I didn’t have to carry a heavy car seat around when going out. No matter where we went, straight into the stroller he went without having to wake him up.

Now that he’s older, he loves his bouncer, but I waited to buy that until seeing how much he loved jumping around while holding him.

The one thing that was a godsend but definitely not necessary was the baby brezza. I didn’t get one initially because I planned to breast feed. Him coming early and being in the NICU changed that unfortunately when despite working with two lactation specialists he wouldn’t take to breast and my supply couldn’t keep up pumping only. Using formula though, the brezza is amazing. It makes his bottle in seconds, warmed to the perfect temperature. It’s not cheap, but buying it directly from their website I got 20% off which brought it down to $130.