Fathers Day ideas?

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Lol HELP cheap idea for a gift for Father’s Day. 2 kids, 3 year old (girl) and 3 week old (boy)


I’m making something like this but for a key chain

Foot print or hand print cards or souvenirs are my favorite to do with kids


Ive done a homemade card with their handprints/footprints on it


Canvas art of feet hand prints

Hand prints made by the kids also find a large roll of paper and have them lay on it … the oldest first with their arms out and trace her then do the same with the little boy and you can write (we love you this much) on it… something homemade is more meaningful

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If you private message me I run my own vinyl business and would love to create something for you, free of charge! Feel free to message me or my page at HAK’T Custom Creations!


Get a big frame from dollar store and decorate it. Maybe take a picture of ur husband and kids together. Try to get outside on a nice day and just be like…“aw, u guys are cute. Let me take a photo”. Dont say why and dont have too much pressure. Put it inside the frame with comments written on the back about how loved he is and why.

White tile and permanent markers…

Coffee cup with there picture on it

Cooking … A good .meal :yum::birthday:

Hand make something…plenty of ideas on Pinterest or the internet! If you live near a park or wood area…sticks for a frame and some glue! Maybe some cardboard with material covering it for the back and some cute pics of the babies inside! And bake a super fabulous cake and let them decorate it!

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