Father's Day ideas?

What have you mommas done for their kids dad for fathers day?? I want them to make/help me make their daddy something… just not excited about anything i google :rofl:
But, i want them to beable to help as much as possible!!! :heart: TIA!


I got wooden picture frames and put two good pictures of the two of them in, and then I’m going to have my 4 year old paint the frames.

Pinterest has really cute ideas for all ages to be able to help with

Got this for mothers day from my sisters who helped my nephews and daughter paint

I did something like this

This is what we’re doing this year. Super cute idea I think

Take there foot and hand paint them put on a canvas with the saying I WALKED INTO YOU LIFE AND TOOK A HOLD OF YOU HEART

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I just purchased a Hooray Heroes book. It’s not something that they made but it’s about them and Daddy. He will be getting deployed soon so after he opens it I’m gonna have him read all of the stories out of it and record it for them. We’ve done handprint cups, plates and pictures… keep it simple.

Handprints on a T-shirt or sweatshirt. You can put them on the back like they’re hugging him if you want.

I bought a giant Father’s Day card about being a super dad then let them put their hand prints in different colors then when they dried I painted details on the handprints to turn them into different superheroes of the avengers. He loved it.

My husband is a fisher. So I had him a shirt made that has a dad and 3 girls by a pond fishing. We’re also gonma clean and wash his car for him. Also his favorite dinner day of. Not much. Simple inexpensive

We made Father’s day cards out of wood & hinges & finger painted them :purple_heart:

Get him a white t shirt and put baby’s handprints on it or let them paint it

I just ordered this shirt. Not sure what else to do

Not this Father’s Day, but next year, I’m having my 2 stepdaughters and my son make a shirt for my husband. I’m outlining their hands and putting “Hands down for the best dad”. I can’t wait to do it.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Father's Day ideas? - Mamas Uncut

We usually go to one of my husbands favorite restaurants, but we let our daughter pick the place.

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Father's Day ideas? - Mamas Uncut

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Father's Day ideas? - Mamas Uncut

I just got a big basket and filled it with all his favourite things. And a homemade card from our 2 year old.

If the weather warrants, pack a picnic for someplace scenic.

Instead of a meal, go for a family experience he would like: fishing, bowling, movie, water park or swimming pool,

Spa day for him: wash his hair, scrub and rub his feet, you and daughter rub or scratch his back & put lotion on it. Let him nap until dinner. Or take him for a pedicure. Most men like it after the initial time.

Coordinate a cookout with his best friend’s family.

Forget dinner out but spring for special pastries, ice cream, a special dessert someplace.

Have your daughter make a card with crayons or crafts. Write him a sentimental or silly poem.

Dinner at home with cake and tickets to something he’d enjoy from a movie to a monster truck rally or prepaid online special show.

Texas Roadhouse if you have one there. Men love steak.

Romantic it’s Father’s Day not Valentine’s Day

Help a mama out and respond anonymously on our forum. Father's Day ideas? - Mamas Uncut

Why romantic? It’s a day for him and his children.

I’m not sure if Father’s day is the right time to have a “romantic” celebration. I think if he has children, whether it be your children or someone elses, he should spend it with them.

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It should be a special time with his children!! That would be my advice!!! Its not about You on father’s day!!!

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Wow some of these responses are outrageous and unbelievable how can it not be a day celebrated by someone who loves the man their with and here’s a thought what if they had a child but the child passed so they still have no right to celebrate each of these answers are ridiculous and I say that because no one knows what someone is going thru on any day so alot of you need to reevaluate your way of thinking and secondly if they do have a child and don’t get to see that child for whatever reason they aren’t allowed to celebrate alot of you that gave the answers you’ve given don’t need to say a word especially if you don’t understand or know why they are celebrating

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He is not your father so no celebration for him.

If he isn’t my father all he gets from me is “HAPPY FATHERS DAY”


If he doesn’t have any kids then it’s not Father’s day to him. Father’s day is for children to celebrate their father. So no kids no special day for him. Celebration is not necessary.


Its fathers day not valentines day. Its a day to be celebrated with his children not a romantic holiday. Take him out to dinner and get him a gift from the kids.


Is your boyfriend a father if yes asked his children and the wife to celebrate him,if no advise him to marry you so that you can celebrate him next year.


Ese día déjelo ha hel qe desida dónde hir he’s día del padre no de husted

Since when do boyfriends get treated on father’s day? If he’s a father he celebrates with his kids. Maybe I’m missing something here.


If he’s not your father nothing is expeced


What did he do for you for Mother’s Day?


Barbecue with his kids

Stay home & stay safe.

Nothing he’s not your father

This is what I been doing for my daughter n my son-in law, the last few years. I have them drop off my 2 G-daughters n spend the night over. So they can go out there by themselves n have a especial romantic date… My son-in law is the best father, husband, etc. etc. ever on my book​:100::heart::pray::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: