Father's day ideas?

Alright I know it is a ways away but I need help coming up with something to do for fathers day for my husband. He is apparently already planning out mothers day for me and has been for a few weeks now. So I want to start planning something out for him. The issue is unlile him I can’t spend money on it unless I manage to sell some art beforehand. But I’m a stay at home mom to our 3 month old boy, so money for me doesn’t come very often even with the art aspect. Now my pieces do sell for a lot, but I’m just not sure if I’ll have any done by the time fathers day approaches. Some friends have suggested I male an art piece for him but my issue with that is im already doing that as his christmas present. As I need basically the whole year to get it done for him. (It normally doesnt take a year but I want it to be perfect.) Anyway if there’s any stay at home mamas on here or mamas in general that have some ideas of what I can do without money or very cheaply that would be amazing!


Pinterest some DIY ideas that you can involve the baby in some shape or form. Personal touches are the best.

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I always did a neat Craft w/the kids…handprints, foot prints, etc. And made him his favorite food for dinner…oh, and men tend to like other favors :wink: as well. After a hard week of work…even a well planned out back massage. Lol. You’ll think of something.

Use his boots and paint some of it and use your babys shoes to print over his boot print after it dries and write a poem that you feel is fitting for your s.o’s relationship to his child. And make him breakfast in bed, lunch and dinner, may even record the nfl try outs and let him watch it if he enjoys football. Then give him some sexy nooky. My husband is the money maker in this family so the little stuff i get, means the world to him, ask him for maybe extra 20 bucks cash a month or bi weekly or even weekly if y’all have the extra cash. Buy him a movie so y’all can watch it as a family or even have his friends come over and cater to them so he gets some guy time in along with you and your baby.

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Get a journal and write out 100 reasons he is an amazing dad!

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i am not sure if this was about your art or Father’s Day for him…anyway where is he getting the money for your Mother’s Day surprize wherever that slush fund is use money from it. Why does he have money and you do not???


I like several of the other ideas, handmade items from you and your little one(s). The past year or 2 we have been pretty tight on cash so I had to get creative. I planned a fishing trip for my hubby, his best friend and our son during the day. While they were gone I fixed up his favorite meal for supper. Then we had family movie night and watched his favorite movie. After the kids were in bed I gave him a foot and back massage before we went to bed. Point being: you don’t have to spend an extra penny, just make the day extra special for him.


Last year I made a picnic in our living room with some fake led candles and a blanket. Cooked my husband his favorite dinner and the kids and I watched his favorite movie with him. It doesn’t always have to be big. It’s not a competition. Do something meaningful and sweet and he will love it. Even little footprint art from your little man would be something he could cherish.

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