Everything My Husband Does Gets on My Nerves

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"I need to know if anyone else has these feelings or not or if I just truly dislike my husband. We have been married for 12 years and I kid you not the way he chews his food gets under my skin. I can’t stand the way he chews, the way he scrolls his phone, the same shirt he wears to bed every day… like everything he does gets on my nerves lately and it isn’t even his fault… I am becoming more and more annoyed as the days pass. I love him but idk if I can get over how I am feeling. is this normal or is the the end of us?"

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"is it possible you need counseling?"

"It could be a hormone issue, or maybe you’re just not in love with him anymore."

"You could be going through menopause…I’m going through menopause and the things that never bothered me before bother me more than ever now"

"Definitely might be pregnant. This is exactly how I felt towards my husband during my last pregnancy….lol, poor guy"

"Menopause will make you feel like that"

"Been there, done that. I found personal counseling helped quite a bit. My prior traumas were triggered by extra stimulus, even though they weren’t related whatsoever. Counseling and medical care helped my sanity, especially when there’s underlying stressors due to every day life, hormones etc"

"Pregnant? I asked my husband if he had to breathe when i was pregnant"

"You might be pregnant or menopause"

"Can you see a therapist? Maybe they can help you figure it all out…"

"Menopause possibly?? Its real you just get so annoyed."

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