Does your husband do the things you ask him to do?

Anyone elses husabdn not do anything you ask them to do? and then when you start doing it youself because you are tired of reminding him…he jumps up to do it saying he WaS AboUt To Do It? or is mine broken? lol


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Yours is broken. Sorry no returns due to monkey pox.
Stay at Home Moms :fire:

When he sees me doing it he gets mad saying"why are you doing it if you asked me to" & I reply “because I want for it to actually get done” :joy:

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Nah he’s not broken… he’s just a husband :rofl:


We must have the same husband​:weary::weary:

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Your relationship is what you allow it to be.


I give my husband some grace since he brings home the money and is working out in the heat all day.
If I ask him to take the trash out and I want it done now then I’ll just do it because it takes 10seconds.
But then again my husband is on top of things just like I am.

All I know is my wife thought her husband was perfect


That seems to be the factory setting.


My husband is the same way right now he’s on vacation at his mother’s place to help her and I’m happily painting our home. I think they think as soon as the ring is on our fingers they can just stop being helpful

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All the dang time. Drives me crazy, then we get into a fight. I try to be understanding but I’m like dude u get up at 5am. Nobody needs to be doing dishes or anything at midnight. :roll_eyes:I know his ADHD causes the procrastination but it is aggravating still :unamused: we have found a dry erase board honey do list with diff color markers, red for I want it done ASAP, helps sometimes but I am so sick of nagging on simple quick tasks. Like the trash reeks, pls take it out since you came home & put stinky stuff in it… :roll_eyes:

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Mine does nothing around the home other than take the trash out. Rest of time he’s either gone, talking on the phone or sleeping. No lie…

Hes broken, trade him in for a new one

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He must be related to mine…… :thinking:

I’m not a,husband I’m a widow but I help my lady she was not under me or over me what ever she was doing we do it together as a team so long as man could do it. She couldn’t fix the cars I could lol

It’s nice when they do . I try not to ask for much .but if they care they will. love is the little things. Doing stuff for each other is a Sweet gesture…


Some guys are always doing stuff and others are lazy and alwayd forgetful

They learn that in husband school lol :face_with_hand_over_mouth: as well as telling you that you never asked him 10 times in the first place. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No not broken…its a male gene…lol😅

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He is perfectly fine , if he do as you ask then he is broken :rofl:

At least he jumped up to do it I say!

Did you say husband or teenager?


Don’t anyone tell her the secret!


ugh no mines broken also

I don’t ask I just do it myself … my theory is want to get it done do it myself not worth me opening my mouth to ask .

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Hahaha I feel like everyone is like this at some point. My boyfriend will do this sometimes and I know for sure I will because sometimes when he asks me, I think I’ll remember to do it but then I get preoccupied with something and completely forget LOL :joy:

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At least he Jumps up to do it haha

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I ask, no one helps, I do it myself…next I breakdown and tell him that I can’t do everything all by myself. I do need help sometimes. (My bipolar self gets super emotional sometimes) I’ll get help for a couple weeks then the cycle starts all over again.


yeah, except he doesn’t jump up to do it just sits back and watches me do it🙄

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I think that all husbands

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Try learning English might be a start


My hubby is pretty good about doing it right away if I ask him too. I’m worse than he is for putting stuff off hahaha. We both have ADHD so the procrastination game between us is strong :joy::joy:.

i just want mine to support me physically and emotionally and i can’t even get that

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My husband is great about it!

That sounds about right. My Aries self gets impatient :upside_down_face:

My boyfriend helps around the house without being asked to. You shouldn’t have to ask your spouse to help you with things that are their responsibility as well in a house they also live in.


If I suggest something, it will be the absolute last thing my husband will do.

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Mine does that all the time. By that time I’m alrdy pissed so just move tf out of the way I got it now.

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Mine is like that. I’m told him about going to leave his ass if he doesn’t man up and start thinking for himself. My big one is when he ask what he can do to help around the house. If you can’t look around and see the things that need done I don’t want your help. It’s my job to tell my children their delighted chores not a grown as man. Gets on my damn nerves

I just don’t ask mine that simple. I can’t be disappointed and I don’t got the time or energy for nagging. If you want something done do it yourself and you will be a lot happier. He’s also started to be engaged and help more on his own because I don’t ask for help or nag. I have systems and processes for things. Lay things out the night before and prepare for the next morning etc. this way I’m set n if he’s home n helps great if not great

Every husband I’m pretty sure.

Yes every man I ever dated did this :joy:

They are all broken :expressionless:

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Yours is broken. I occasionally have to remind mine, but in general, he does what’s asked of him and often acts like an adult and does things without even being asked.

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This is a universal man thing. Mine will do “something” after the first ask but usually does once I have become tired of waiting and to it myself. We have a code now for things I expect done now I said, “when you have time I need…”. That’s code for NOW!

I work 60 hours plus a week if my wife ask me do anything it gets done it maybe on my day off if I get one you may need to go in more detail on what you want done

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They are all broken :laughing:

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I do some minor plumbing repairs around the house. I don’t fool around with electricity, that is my husband’s job. If he sees that something needs to be done, he takes care of it. If I ask him to do something, he will take care of it. If he needs to get any parts, I tell him to make me a list and I will go pick them up so he can fix whatever.

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Lol I think most husband’s are broken… usually turn around time is 6+ months and then like you said, getting ready to do said project yourself, husband then decides that very moment is when he had planned to do it all along.