Does your baby hold their breath when they cry?

any moms with babies that hold their breath when they cry? my daughter has forever but she just passed out for the first time. thank goodness my husband was around i had no idea what to do

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My friends son did that when he was little. It’s normal but definitely scary. They’re called breath holding spells. He’d breathe out and not breathe in and he’d sometimes turn completely blue in the face and pass out where he was standing. They don’t stop breathing long enough to actually cause any damage to themselves they’re brain will tell them they need to breath in out of instinct and they will.

My niece did that when she didn’t get her way,and one day her mom was washing dishes abd my niece was hard ng her breath, my sister in law got a glass of tap water and threw it in her face,i wouldn’t recommend it but it worked her, my sister in law said she didn’t do it anymore

Yes! I was told to blow in their face and it worked for my then toddler… 1st time it was weird! Then I got used to it… he only did it a couple of times.

Yes my son did it ALL the time :weary: scariest thing. I use to just panic if im being completely honest :rofl: i would freak out, i think once i blew in his face, tipped him over as if he was choking. When he first lost consciousness i rang ambulance and after that he would still do it but come to not long after it. Still didnt get easier

My boy used to hold his breathe till he went blue & he’d pass out….when they pass out breathing kicks in naturally again…they can’t usually do themselves damage. I had to race quickly to keep my boy upright & not throwing himself backwards….I tried to get him to focus & breath slowly with me

Blow in the face, it shocks them and he’ll start.

I was colic when u was a baby. And my parents told me that I use to scream until I turned blue and passed out. Only thing that would calm me was a car ride or the vacuum cleaner running

All of mine would do this.

I’d blow in their face. It would startle them and cause them to kind of gasp and start breathing again. Sometimes that stopped it and other times I’d have to do it again.