Does your 4 year old have a TV in their room?

Nope . We say no kids need them here…


Literally every person parents differently. No matter what you’ll get mixed opinions. Do whatever you feel is right. Your allowed to decide! Don’t let anyone tell you your a bad parent either.

Mine has one in his room. He grew up always sharing a room with me and his dad and now he finally has his own room and we got one for him. He loves it.

My 11mo old has a tv in her playroom and its playing the 2018 Grinch movie 24/7 its not connected to any type of cable or streaming devices it just has a built in dvd player

My 5 year old does but it only ever get a used of a night for about half n hour when she is in bed as she watches a movie before she goes to sleep :slightly_smiling_face:

my 7 year old has one in his room. we dont have it hooked up to actual tv( satellite or antenna) he can only watch his DVDs, we also have his xbox hooked up to it. he knows it is not allowed while in bed. for the same reason to help occupy him so that he isnt wondering around and getting into things he shouldn’t which lately he is doing anyway. He would get up at 4am…but he has been told he is to stay in bed or his room until the sun rises or I am up. I have a baby and what sleep I can get, I’ll take.

My daughter is almost 10 and no tv in her room still


All of my kids have their own tvs. No fights and they don’t over watch them. Started as babies.

Why would you let your 4yo wonder around the house that young?! That’s asking for something to happen! Get up with him!! You’re the parent and he’s not a teenager. He shouldn’t be up alone making himself breakfast and watching tv by himself


My 4 yr old has one she falls asleep with it at night only way I could get her to sleep in her own bed set it on a timer to turn off

A TV at 4 years old? Jesus, I didn’t have a TV in mine until I was 19. Keeping in mind technology is everything now to children, that still seems early to me. Wait until they’re over 18.


Our daughter just turned 2 and she’s had one for almost a year. She watches a movie/show before bed every night. She also watched The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That on Netflix during the day occasionally. The only way we got her to sleep in her room was watching something before bed. She was used to our room, where she slept for the first year of her life. We watched tv before bed every night.

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Do whatever works for you. People are gonna judge either way. Not like you can’t put limits on things. Our 7 year old doesn’t have a tv in his room but neither do we. It’s just a personal choice for our family. People judge us for it.


When my daughter finally sleeps in her own room then she’ll have one lol

My 3 year old son has a tv in his room he likes to watch a movie before bed. He has had one since he was 1.5 when he started sleeping in his own room. Still occasionally he will get up in the middle of the night and come lay with me. Do what’s best and ignore the negative.

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I mean … my 6 yrs doesn’t have one nor a tablet or any device for that matter… :woman_shrugging: but that being said… of thats what works for you ?! Then do you :woman_shrugging:

My grand kids are 2 and 3 no tvs in their room. Both need complete darkness in their rooms to sleep and no electronics. My grandson the 3yr old just got a tablet for Christmas thats for educational purposes and is limited. Also with the programs geared at kids on TV we supervise them when watching programs. We do interactive learning. Drawing, play dough, colors, counting, alphabet. Kids dont need to be watching so much TV.

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All my kids have a tv. 8,5 and 3. I like them to have there own because when they need time alone and there not really wanting to do anything else they can go watch tv, or if they wake up super early (all have hyper disorders) it helps keep them entertained and go back to sleep.

You have a 4 yr old who doesn’t come wake you up as soon as he gets up :flushed::flushed:
What’s that like?


Yes, we have a smart Tv in our boys 3 and 5 and our daughter 7 rooms - they don’t know how to turn on the tv or navigate except or daughter. When we need our time we put the Tv on for them

My 3 and 4 yo have a 65 inch in their room with cable, Netflix and Amazon :woman_shrugging:t4: I say he’s your child do what you want

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I hate tvs in bedrooms personally

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I’m less concerned with the TV and more concerned that the 4 year old gets up and tends to himself with zero supervision. That is a problem.


God bless all the amazing mothers on this page. Each fiercely doing what is right for their children. For those brave enough to seek advice despite judgement, for those who have it all figured out, and for all of those doing the best they can. We are the warriors of the next generation.


Ask your government I’m sure they have the answer

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My kids have had a tv in there room since they where really little its not used every day they mostly watch netflix on it or use it to play there xbox its always goes off a hour before bed

My 4year old has a 50inch in her room just limited screen time

That’s awesome! Put one in his room if you want, sounds like heaven, you get to sleep in :laughing:
My older kids always had TVs in their room. Nothing bad has happened to them lol they are intelligent, interesting human beings.
My little kids do not have TVs but they have Echo shows and their tablets which they watch kids YouTube on …
Do what is comfortable for you!

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My kids who are 9, 8, 5 & 3 have a TV each in their rooms (younger two share) but it’s limited use but it means on the weekend in the evening they can watch a film they want and I can watch a bit of TV myself. It’s very rare they fall asleep with it on so they aren’t reliant on it to fall asleep. It’s never used to have on so I can stay in bed when they get up though…

My daughter has a tv in her room since she was 2 shes 4 now only because we got a bigger one for my room but she never watches it so it just there occasionally she’ll want to watch a movie but again it never gets watched shes busy doing other things. But there is no harm in it because we dont have no ipad for her she doesnt use our phones.

I have an almost five year old & he has a TV in his room. Granted, that doesn’t keep him in there any longer in the mornings :sweat_smile:

My five year old does, but she rarely watches it. She would rather be in the living room with the rest of us.

My kids just got one in their room this year because I got a new one for my room, mine went to the living room, living room went to their room. They have a 32 in and a DVD player. Thats it. They are 7 and 9.

My kids didn’t have a TV in their room until they were teenagers. Although I wouldn’t put a TV in my little ones room personally, I won’t judge.
I will say though, that when my 4 year old is up, I’m up. Oh, the trouble he could get into if he’s alone…


My 6yr old and 2yr old both do!

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I put one in my 5 yrs old room. He gets up and pees then grabs him a juice and heads to his room and waits for me to get up. Then I have time to sleep and make breakfast and him and his juice comes and eats with me

I did it with all our children we limited tv time at night and nap time.
Do whats right for you mumma

Shit at 4, both mine only had one of them portable dvd players!

My son will be 3 in 3 days and has had a tv in his room for about a year. He watches vhs Disney movies in there from time to time. He also has a ps2 in there that we all 3 play on every now and again. We take turns playing crash bandicoot. If you are comfortable with it, then I dont see the harm

My son just got his TV for his 4th birthday boxing day , he only has dvds for it so we can control what he watches and only watches during the day never to go sleep with , he goes sleep with us reading him two stories every night and a snuggle still , he loves his TV so far he’s watched two films cars 1 and 2 lol

Mine didn’t have a tv until 10 and why don’t you get up when your child wakes up. Leaving your child unsupervised is accident waiting to happen


Both my boys (ages 7 and 2.5) have TVs in their room and they have for a while. My oldest was 3 when he got his first tv in his room. They’re not on all the time. When they’re playing in their rooms is when they have them on.

I think you should do what you think is most convenient for your family. You could also try it out and move it back out if it’s an issue. Either way, chose the option that makes the most sense for you.

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My 1 year old has a TV in his room🤷‍♀️


I don’t believe it hurts them in anyway. My daughter has a tv in her room. She picks the movie she falls asleep to. She gets read to at night. We have a routine. It’s background noise to her. Although I do know kids that can not just have it as background noise and will stay up all night watching movies. I think it just depends on the child.

My 4& 6 year olds each have a tv in there room. They dont use it to sleep but do get to watch it in the day.

I had a TV in my daughter’s room to play DVDs on when we tried to get her to sleep in her own room. Then she got in trouble and it was taken away. This past year with Covid and her dad moving away she has been sleeping in my room. I have a TV but we just started watching it recently when we go to sleep. She is almost 5. She’s been having a rough year. Tonight is her first night back in her bed. Time to set up something of a routine for her. We haven’t really had one since March.

Grown adults all up on here shaming other parents being rude/negative/condescending/judgemental…then saying screen time is whats wrong with society :eyes:


My daughter won’t be having a TV at all. Completely unnecessary in my opinion and hardly benefits the child.


as much as I hate it I love tht our 4 yr old does this n hes not allowed to touch plugs so he can’t grab his tablet but he does have a t.v. in his room n we keep the cable turned on too Disney junior fir him n he just turns it on with the clicker cones in lets me know hes up n I can get up as needed then hes up my bun per usual so for our house it works n no it is not on all day no he does no have his tabelt all day either but where he is okd enuff to know what to do n he still get up n wakes me I don’t see a big problem n I get ppl don’t like this but judge yr own mom-ing no1 is perfect

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My 5 year old does. He’ll have it on in the background whilst playing with his toys. Nothing wrong with it. He just doesn’t have it on before bed time

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No. Mine are teens and still don’t have electronics in bedrooms. I actually have an Electronic Free Zone sign and a list of consequences of one is in that area.


I’m more concerned as to why a 4 year old is being left alone to make his own breakfast… :woman_facepalming:t2:


Mine does. Sleep timer set to shut off in an hour.

My kids are 1 and 3 we don’t even have a tv in the house let alone their rooms. They play with their toys and love playing outside


My 4 year old has one in his room.

My 4 year old has it in his bedroom !

My niece and nephew have one in their room and they are 4 and 3

We just got our 3 and 5 year old tvs for Christmas so far so good. I do take the remotes at night tho and all electronics

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My almost 4 yr old twins have a TV in their rooms and my 2 yr old shares a room with one of them :blush:

My four year old and 7 year old have one in their rooms.

Never. We have a rule of no TV’s in any bedrooms, even ours and the older kids.


Yes, my 2.5 year old has one on his room.

My 4 year old has a tv in his room. My
Kids have always had tv since they were baby’s

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I don’t like televisions in the bedroom. We have a family room for that upstairs (not the living room) along with a library nook. I have one in the kitchen and that’s about it :woman_shrugging:t2:
I prefer reading and they have their iPads so there’s that.


That’s bad for sleep hygiene. 1. it’s bad for melatonin production and 2. It trains the child to think lay down time is for tv not sleep. Buuuuuuuut if you go in there and shut it off at a certain time, it should be fine, that’s what my dad always did. Like my 5 year old gets a certain amount of tv time and then the tv goes off and all he gets are storybooks until sleep, like we read a couple together and then after that he can read until he passes out.


my 2 and 1 year old have a tv in their room lol

We have the TV in the lounge. That’s it, one only. We also have rules around screen time and when it gets turned on and for how long. Our daughter has a big bookcase in her room and an audio system for her music and audiobooks via Spotify.

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My 4 year old has a TV in her room.

My 3 and 5 year old boys share a room with a small TV in it. They have no remote so only I can control it with my phone.

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Absolutely not. I didnt have a tv in my room until I was 37

My son didn’t get a TV in his room until he was 11. I didn’t give him a cell phone until he was 13. He is 15 now and still doesn’t have social media. When it comes to video games during school he is only allowed to play video games on the weekends if he doesn’t have any missing work for that week. I am happy with the choices I made. It is your choice on what you want to do. I would just makes sure he doesn’t get into the habit of needing to go to sleep with it on.


No tvs in the kids bedrooms. My kids would stay awake all night watching if I let them have tvs.

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My daughter has one in her room for awhile. She is 7 now and hasn’t for over a year because of a move but it was great for mornings or if she just needed some down time. It was always monitored and never on at night.

Not anymore. My oldest did when he was younger but he was getting up at night watching tv lol

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Dont start bad habits is my suggestion… your son sounds amazing, dont ruin it. Have as much input into his life as possible… dont let TV be another parent ?!


My 4 year old and 10 year old share a room, they do have a tv that’s hooked to a dvd player only. DVDs are kept in another room. We’ve had zero issues

No. I’m 46 and don’t have a TV in my room! Don’t know that I ever have.

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My girls had a TV in their rooms at that age. I just made sure to have the remote and that it was always off for bedtime :slight_smile:

My 6 year old does but it’s got an older Nintendo hooked up to it. No actual TV to it.

I waited till my son was 5 in kindergarten and he follows the rules. Only watches it when I give permission.

My 2 year old has one but never watches it. We kinda just had an extra after Christmas a while ago and knew he would want one eventually so saved jt

I would put one in my 4 year olds room… but surely not a flat screen. It would be broken the same day I put it in there. Hell anything my 4 year old and 2 year old touch ends up destroyed… so until my kiddos can learn to appreciate and value what they have they will not have a TV in their room/s.

My 4 year old does and he does good with it. He only watches dvds on it and he can start a movie by himself but i don’t let him change movies by himself. Never usually have an issue with him staying up all night watching it but if that was a concern you can easily set a timer on there and it will turn off when you want it to


Nope! 4 year olds don’t need a TV in their room. No matter how independent they are.

No, we encouraged our kids to be in the living room to promote family bonding and family time. We kept their toys in the living room, too. It’s also proven that kids’ brains develop better with little to no screen time.


So we had one in every room but no one was sleeping good including us so we down graded to only one tv in the living room and watch movies or what ever together after dinner and before bed and everyone has been sleeping better. But honestly its your child you do whats best for you and your family im just sharing our experience woth tvs in the bedrooms

I agree with some of the parents on here who say Nay to tv in the room. It was a big riff with my husband at one point you allow our 4 year old have atv in his room but I wouldn’t allow it. He finally realized my point when our son was turning his main light on in his room to play/keep the scaries away (even with 2 night lights plugged in). The kid was so emotional and irrational the next day and he was like that for a week before we realized what he was doing. Once we fixed the problem his attitude completely changed! My point is if a light can cause him to have that big of an emotional shift, a tv would make him a zombie/have anger problems. Just my opinion though! You do what you think is best!

My 4 year old niece has a tv in her room.

My 4/5 year old have had a tv since they went to big kid beds. The nice thing is they don’t have to have it all the time. Mine get a show at bedtime then it gets turned off.

My almost 4 year old and i share a room and we have a TV. But he doesn’t watch it at night. We read books until he’s asleep, then I turn the TV on and watch my shows for a bit. Its nice in the morning when he wakes up really early, he brings me the remote and I turn on a movie and I can go back to sleep for a bit. I think if your son can follow rules with it, it would be okay to put it in there.

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Unless you can control content, put it on a timer so he is not up all hours of the night, (kids are super smart sneaky little boogers), and put it in a safe place, I would advise against it.

Mine always has. We have always lived near an air force base (super loud planes 24/7) or off main roads that are super loud, so the soft sound at night blocks that out so she gets in a deeper sleep. I don’t let her wander the house though. Im always up before her or she climbs in bed with if she wakes up first. Also she can only watch dvds that loop all night like paw patrol or sunny day

No. For us it would affect their sleep and it would always be a fight getting them to come out of their rooms. I also do t think they should have one but every family has to do whats right for their family.

We all have tv’s. Our kids know the rules it’s definitely a personal choice.

My daughter has a tv in the room. Rules are no tv before bed though as in like her laying down for bed no tv. There’s time where I want to watch my own shows and stuff so it’s fine to tell her hey go play in your room and watch a movie or something she has Disney plus in there also. She also has her 2 year old sister in there hanging out playing or watching a movie together.

My kids have TVs since they were born so I could watch stuff during feeding and when I was up all hours of the night with them

I’m not putting tv in any of my kids rooms. They dont go 2 bed after a certain age it just becomes a nightmare honestly is my opinion.

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Nope none of my kids have that age even being independent there still 4

Your the parent. You know your child better than any of us. If you want my advice… Mount the tv on the wall. If your kid knows how to turn it on and pick movies then allow your child to still do that but i say mount it on the wall