Does this sound like a period?

Just curious if anyone else had this happen. I should be on my period. And I kinda am? I had some brown discharge at the beginning of my period and has kept doing it. Not much. Not like a period. No cramps, but I feel crappy. Do you think it’s a weird period, or I’m pregnant? I’m gonna wait till I would be a week late


I get that sometimes in the beginning but usually at the end of my period I’ll get it for a few days. More than spotting but not enough to use a tampon at all.

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Sounds like implant bleeding. Take a pregnancy test

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I did that when we was pregnant with my daughter

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Sounds pregnant to me​:eyes: congrats :grimacing::woozy_face:

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I normally get brown blood towards the end of a period, not the start. And my implantation bleeding is always browny… wait it out like you’ve said and test if your period doesn’t come xx

I just started & it started with brown bleeding. I’m also 6mo postpartum

Mine starts off as brown spotting for a few days before the real period begins :woman_shrugging:


it has happened to me before and I was not pregnant

My periods used to always be like that. Then I had to start taking meds to make me cycle. At 45 my period finally got “normal”. But since this is unusual for you, try a pregnancy test.

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If this is unusual for you and it concerns you I’d call my doctor’s office. They can let you know what to do.

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Since you haven’t had a regular period it would be wise to have a pregnancy test because sometime during egg fertilization and pregnancy implantation you may just spot for a few days. If you have been active sexually it’s a good possibility. Spoken from a maternity nurse.


That’s how my period was for 2 months before I got pregnant. Barely anything and just slight brown discharge. Doc told me it was normal.

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It could be old blood that wasn’t expelled. I have that on occasion. If it still feels weird when you’re past your date to start your period then I would go to your doctor. It scared me the first few times I saw it for myself. You know your body the best though. To get reassurance I’d have it checked out when you can get in for a regular appointment

Actually I can’t remember where I heard it but I was told it was normal for it to be brown at the start and at the end but that could be wrong and this is making me question it a little but I’m no doctor and I can’t remember where I heard it🤷‍♀️


You could be pregnant. My daughter had a sort of period when she was actually pregnant with her first child.

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I do this also but I have endometriosis. It starts a few days before my actual period

I get some of those symptoms. Sounds like Aunt Flo is taking her time. It may be a good idea to go to a doctor if you’re really worried.

You should check yourself out to be safe. That doesn’t sound normal even if you were pregnant it wouldn’t do that. You do get spots at times during pregnancy but not brown spots

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My periods are like that every time I get a period—but I’m on birth control that’s meant to stop your period completely. I’d go see a doctor if you’re worried it might be pregnancy symptoms as OTC tests don’t always give you an accurate read

I had implantation bleeding for a whole week ON my expected period
Bfn 2 days before and a bfp 1 week later💗

Hey ladies is there an actual private group here on fb or could someone start one for us females that just want advice an experiences from other women? If anyone knows of one can the pm me please

If it were me…I would take more than 1 test no matter the results just to be sure if the results…

It amazes me when people write for advice. They could quickly get advice calling their doctor’s office.


I did that with my first pregnancy. I started bleeding like that, just that brown discharge, and then stopped after the first day. A few days later, tested positive with a home pregnancy test.

I had that, I was pregnant & it kept a little brown, next thing I can say is go to your doctor now! I had a tubal pregnancy & it ruptured!


it could be a period or a sign of early pregnancy. If a real one doesnt come in the week take a urine pregnancy test.


It’s possible implantation bleeding which can occur. Make an appointment with your Dr to get things checked out.

I think this is not something discussed in a public forum. Ask your girlfriends, for crying out loud!!


I have a brown discharge at the early stages every month

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I had that for months but, I’m 47 years old and going through perimenopause.


Why are you posting this on social media. The world doesn’t need to know about a THIS personal business of yours.


You might want to make sure you do a pregnancy test. [I’ve been pregnant 4 times, and I always had some spotting when I would have normally been menstruating.]

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Well just go to your doctor , why do you need to post this?


Why would you discuss this in public!!??


Just go to the dollar store and get a pregnancy test. If negative see your doctor if positive see your doctor

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I have the nexplanon implant and mine are like this some times

Its worth taking a pregnancy test if you are worried. First response can tell pretty early.

You should take test on your own just to be sure

Work in an gyn setting i heard that happen when ur uterus is shedding which is normal way of vagina cleaning itself from ovulating or return to normal after ur period or premenstrual

i had three periods while I was pregnant until they told me I was four months and did not know

A large amount of women spot some when they are pregnant. If you’ve had unprotected sex, assume your pregnant till tests confirm you are not.

I think you should.
Have a conference with you DR. He can answer all you questions . Our. bodies are different .

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Why in the world are you posting this on FB?


Thats how mine was when I was pregnant. I would take a test.

Sounds like implantation bleeding? All the best xx

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I would take a test. This is how I was when I found out I was pregnant and having an ectopic pregnancy

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Geese guys. Isn’t there a medical site for this stuff?


Have you had covid as some have had theirs go away for after covid

I would call your doctor’s nurse and get better advice that way.

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There are many reason why it could be that way. Have you tried a v-steam to balance you out?

Have you any morals?this is not to be discussed with the world go see a. DOCTOR

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Sometimes birth control can cause changes to your period. It’s normal for your discharge to be brown or dark red at the beginning of a period, but like everyone suggested I would take a pregnancy test just to be sure! And ignore the assholes on here. Clearly there are some Karen’s and keyboard warriors on this page.

Brown blood is old blood. So, you could be either or. It’s hard to tell.

Maybe she is asking advice from a wide range of women, because she thinks going to a doctor for something that turns out to normal and routine is a waste of time and could be expensive. Maybe she thinks that in this modern age of 2020, we could be free and open to discuss anything necessary. It probably too a lot of courage to post such personal details, and we should all be kind.


Why not ask a Doctor?Ridiculous forum to be posting questions about your body functions

Doctors really make better diagnosis then Facebook


I always have this for a few days before my period

LOL, maybe go to a doctor.


That happened to me when I was pregnant

Oh boy! I remember those days. Glad that’s over and good riddance!

That happened to me at the beginning of my pregnancy

Ask you gyn doctor, why here? Or family? Why 2nd hand opinions?

I’m still a virgin but I’ve gotten periods like that

Too much information for everyone on Facebook!

See a Dr. It could be something other than a period.

Sounds to me like you may be pregnant.

Dollar stores carry pregnancy tests.

you people are fascinating , amazing beings , in the first place !

I did that for 4 months…I ended up being 16 weeks along…it was a first for me… I actually had a so called period every month

Buy a stick to pee on

Sounds like a question for your doctors office.

When I was having a cycle, I usually spot q 28-32 days. Mostly brown blood but because of PCOS, my progesterone levels are extremely low which could also be a sign. You could also be experiencing implantation bleeding or it could be something hormonal. Either way, if it isn’t normal for you, I’d recommend getting checked out. :heart:


Sounds like you’re pregnant!

How old? Could it be menopause?

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And you need to post this, why??


Brown blood is usually old blood ans maybe your body did not expel it all last period or you could have had a cyst burst.

Happened to me, I was pregnant. Better take a test.

I hate to see people attacking her for asking a simple question. This is a forum for questions. If you don’t like the question or have nothing helpful to add just keep scrolling. We have no idea what this woman’s circumstances are. Maybe she had no one to ask. Maybe she can’t afford to see a doctor. As an RN and a middle aged woman I can say throughout out the time we get periods we have bleeding for different reasons some are nothing to be concerned about others are. The only way to be sure is to be seen by MD or nurse practitioner. Family Planning Clinics are a great source of women’s medical care . I am sure a bunch of people will start squawking about abortion. This has nothing to do with abortion. Family Planning provides low cost or free gyn exams, PAP smears, breast exams, birth control to women who can not afford A private doctor. A store bought pregnancy test is only going to give you a sketchy yes or no as to whether or not you are pregnant. It can not tell you if you have an ectopic pregnancy which is a life and fertility threatening condition which needs immediate attention. Pregnant or not please see a medical professional, make sure everything is ok and put your mind at ease.


No morals anymore. Why would you think that this is something that you would put on social media. This is a private topic that anyone with dignity will discuss with their friend or Mother or doctor, not with the world. I would be to ashamed to discuss my private problems with the world, but some people have no dignity. If you think this is ok, there is something wrong with you.

My periods come at the end of sentences !!

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Happened to me when I was pregnant too. I even had some mild cramping.

There’s some really rude people on this post. Where is your Christian love and compassion shame on you

Facebook really isn’t the right place for this.

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So many bitchy women on here it’s unbelievable. If you don’t like the post , scroll by , don’t read it .

Sounds like implantation bleeding

dont screw,you wont have to worry !!!

Too much information for facebook…

What a nice(??) comment to post on Christmas Day!!!

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You sure you didn’t shit yourself

Good grief, call your Dr. or talk to the nurse. I don’t want to read this shit🙄

She got that nasty woman’s disease

This is such a personal matter and embarrassing to be discussed in this open forum! The only person this should be discussed with is your personal physician !! Please tmi

Why would you ask on facebook, for the world to see, something so personal when asking a doctor would make so much more sense?

Why do we need to know this?

I have to agree with a lot of people on here about posting this on social media. When I first read the post, I scrolled up quickly wondering which one of my friends posted this!! Happy to see it wasn’t one of them. For the people that are saying things criticizing people for the way they think about this post, such as “What?! Have you never had a weird period before???”. I would like to say I have had some pretty weird bowel movements before but I don’t think I would EVER describe them in detail and ask for medical advice on social media. Just my opinion.

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Ask your doctor. I get fed up with reading stuff about periods and pregnancy on facebook all the time

I was pregnant every Time. That was my telling.

Don’t wait contact your doctor find out what’s going on the people on Facebook are not doctors don’t ask us

Gross post. That’s what doctors are for