Does birth control cause weight gain?

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I recently got of my birth control which is the depo shot, not beacuse I want to get pregnant but because I’ve been gaining so much weight. Before I got pregnant with my first I weighted 115 lbs(size1-3 in pants) after my first I weighted 130ish( size 5-7) then I had my second baby and after birth I weighted 145 (size 9 in pants) and now with the depo shot for a couple of months I weigh about 160 (11-13 in pants) and its just aloot of belly fat, and its not like i eat a wholeee lot beacuse I get full so easly. I was wondering what types of diet/routine would ya’ll recommend, im 18 yrs and would just like some advice!
my goal is to be 120 lbs.
Thank you in advance


It does make certain people gain weight. Im 27. I have 2 children. When I gave birth to my 2nd I was 119 lbs. I went on the depo immediately. I am now 128 lbs. I’ve been like this for months now but I feel like a cow. I eat alot and I’m not gaining anymore weight. I’m confused on why. I would try to eat small meals throughout the day. Eat fruit. Drink water. If your diet consists of fatty foods it can contribute.