Does a breast reduction effect beastfeeding?

Does a breast reduction affect you breastfeeding? Im 18 and a 36F and I have been thinking about getting one however if it is going to ruin my chances pf breastfeeding my next child (whenever i have them) i don’t want it


Ask your surgeon… consolations are free and that’s who you should be asking


I was able to breastfeed after reductions

I was told to wait until after I’m done having kids just to be safe.

I had a reduction and breastfed for a short time. I produced but just not enough for him. I think it differs for everyone!

It really depends on how they cut. I lost 75% of my milk ducts. So I was able to breast feed for a couple months but mostly vis pumping and supplementing with formula also. Never got more than 2 ounces out of a breast. I had mine done at 14 and my parents were told there would be no issues. Had my first baby at 21 :person_facepalming:

Dr told me some women can and some cant. I couldn’t. I even tried pumping and nothing ever came out. I never leaked or anything.

It may.

You should wait until you know you are done having kids.

I had a reduction in 2001, found out I was pregnant almost a yr to the day after. Kinda negated the whole purpose of the reduction.

I had my breast reduction at 19 I am now almost 22 about to have my second child and let me just say I regret getting my reduction not being done with kids even though it was amazing after
I’m now 26 weeks pregnant and almost back to the same breast size I was before my reduction and that’s all since I got pregnant again I’d suggest waiting but so far my doctor said I should be able to breast feed/pump

Girl i wish they could just do a switch for people i got nothing up top I’m getting implants after this I hope you get your answers

I was told that it does and will not be getting a reduction until we’re done having kids.

My friend went from your size to a 36 c…

She wasn’t able to. .

They had to remove nipples, put them back on after massive removal and something else… I can’t remember…

Ask the surgeon. . Find out your options… go from there

It’s hard to have little tits but big one are really ard on back@many other places of the body.My girlfriend has G cups.They say on her lap.She went to etc.Very happy she had it done.It’s a long process.She was past kids@breast feeding.Have a good long talk w doc this is big time.

She went 36 C she was very happy to rid herself of all that weight.They took 5 pounds off each one.