Do you take meds for yoru ADHD?

Mamas who have ADHD. Do you take medication? If not, is there a reason? I was recently diagnosed but don’t want to take medication unless absolutely needed.

No I do not. I have tried as an adult and I hated it. I have learned the best way is time blocks aka schedules , putting distractions away. Phones kids etc. , and also wearing out my energy that’s a huge one. Workouts first thing in the morning almost daily help and if I still have energy a walk with the kids or a quick shadow box / hit class.

For me I have been working on slowing down and focusing on 1-2 tasks at a time. When I am alone one at a time when I am with my kids 1 task and them.

Lists and visuals are always a major help 2.

So far I’m managing with discipline to routine, meditation, and working out but honestly meds would make life easier.

I take my Adderall almost daily except Saturday and Sunday’s. Why wouldn’t i take it? It doesn’t make me high or anything. It just helps me with my day to day life. If i don’t take it I’m fine but i find i am better on it.

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