Do you send your kids to school if they have a cold?

Out of pure curiosity since my kiddo just started kindergarten and this is all new to me, how many ppl send their kids to school if they have a cold? No fevers or throwing up or anything, just congestion and a cough. My kiddo is sick for like a week to a week and a half when she has a cold and I just can’t see keeping her home for that long. 


I do if they aren’t showcasing any other symptoms of being sick. Both my boys have stuffy,sometimes runny noses,but they both still have a lot of energy,their eating great and seem normal outside of the obvious symptoms. So they’ve been going to school. Now,if their nose was perpetually running and they didn’t know how to blow their nose and wash hands or they had a persistent cough or were lethargic,then I’d keep them home.

Depends on the severity. If they’re coughing consistently, nose is running everywhere etc and just seem visibly sick then no. If they’ve got a small cough or a bit of a runny nose then yes. (Anytime there’s a fever present or throwing up absolutely not).

If kids sick, take them to the doctor and they’ll tell you if they can go to school or not. Usually if not, they’ll be put on antibiotics for whatever it is and 24 hrs after starting antibiotics they can go. Over a week of being sick, she should really see a doctor.

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If he doesn’t have a fever, he goes. However I also base it off of him and his complaints. If he’s saying he really doesn’t wanna go because he really just doesn’t feel well and can’t stop coughing or was up through the night coughing, I’ll keep him home. It’s allergy season, unfortuntely the entire school probably has the sniffles and coughing

They don’t go in the beginning, but once they aren’t contagious and just have residual sniffles/cough then they go. If it’s so bad that they can’t sleep at night, then they stay home.

I think it’s funny all these post about keeping your kids at home if they just have a cold. They can only miss so many days. Plus they will so behind

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It really just depends on severity. If it’s just a cold with mild congestion/runny nose, etc I send them to school. The only time I keep them home is if they have a fever, respiratory distress (like shortness of breath or bad cough) or throwing up/diarrhea. The school can be strict with absences. So, I try to only use them on emergency situations or real illness. Otherwise, I just send tissues, cough drops and hand sanitizer.


Minor congestion and cough, yes they go to school
Fever, vomiting, diarrhea, or persistent cough, then no school and we stay home until no fever and symptom free for 24 hours.
If we stayed home with every sniffle she would miss the entire winter’s worth of school!


Depending how bad it is. If my kids have a sore throat they stay home. With a sore throat it usually comes with a runny/ clogged nose anyways.

No never. Now we homeschool. That was just one of the many reasons we do.

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My mom always just checked if I had a fever. If I didn’t she asked me to get dressed and ready to see how I felt. A lot of times when I used to wake up I’d be sooo stiff and the flem settles in your lungs to how your sleeping which causes coughing right when you sit up or roll over. 30 minutes of walking around helped a bunch and 50% of the time I’d change my mind and feel well enough to go.


Our school sends out notices when a certain percentage of kids are out sick, reminding parents to keep their kids home if they are sick. If mine have a fever, throwing up, or severe cough that keeps them up at night, they stay home. Unfortunately I have two little ones at home, and we are already battling RSV due to the two older siblings bringing it home. The last several days have been hell. I agree with if they have minor symptoms send them, but anything beyond that, keep them home. Truency is ready to fight, I had to a few years back. My daughter got mono. Took her over 5 weeks to even be a little well enough to go back. They didn’t offer virtual, but I picked up her work from school each week, and she kept up with class.


My entire family got covid the first day of school in 2021 and ever since then my 2 boys 6 and 3 get bad coughs that last for like 2 weeks at a time. Their dr says it’s just allergies/sinus stuff but there is no way I can/will keep them out of school for that long. I’ve talked to their teachers about it and I the dr tells us the same thing everytime they start coughing so we use the nebulizer and dimetapp which will stop the coughing for a few hours at a time.

A cold is a virus that could be spread to others, so no school until the symptoms are lessened. Runny nose, cough is how it is spread.

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Would depend on the severity. If just basic sniffles and slight cough… then yeah. But all 3 of my kids always went from fine to a temp to 40 in a blink of an eye - so would be kept home till temperature had settled.

Send them to school. Most schools have a policy in the student handbook about when to keep your child home due to illness. I would try to look it up on the schools website or the districts website. I keep my kids home if they’re throwing up, have diarrhea, fever, or are just too sick to be able to participate in class. If they miss too many days, they become truant and depending on your districts policy, you could be fined. Hope your kiddo feels better soon.

I usually keep my kid home for a day or two then send. Depends on how sick. If there is no fever or cough I’ll send kid to school. Our school was specific on certain symptoms that are allowed and not allowed. Also depends on how bad her runny nose is. Cause sometimes it’s her allergies. Told her to use tissues and sent sanitizers and wipes with her.
We ended up putting her on airborne and she never got sick again. Took her off airborne for the summer and she got her first cold last week. Now we are back on airborne. Hopefully no more colds for the rest of the school years.

I kept my kids home as doctors (and school policy) recommended and when their absences were more than 10 days in one school year I received a summons to appear in court.

Fortunately, Covid hit the week after and the appointment was canceled. Went to homeschooling online full time and never looked back.


I keep my kids home. I don’t want other kids getting sick because mine can’t get better.

I also wouldn’t want people having their kids go to school and get my kids sick. Keep them home and take care of them.


Depends on how bad it is. Never with a bad running nose or cough. Or a fever. But if I didn’t send with with every little thing they would have zero reason to be enrolled in school

I keep my son home if it’s more than a minor runny or congested nose, or if he has multiple symptoms. If he looks weak, has a cough, body aches, fever, anything of that nature he’ll usually stay home.

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If it isn’t contagious, they are going to school

My daughter is in kindergarten and just finished a “cold”, wednesday night she want to bed kinda stuffy but gave her some stuff and off to bed. She woke up thursday with a small fever and a runny nose so she stayed home. Friday she no longer had the fever but did have a deep cough so she stayed home again. Monday morning she still had a small couch but acted normal during the weekend so she went to school and is fine since. Her little brother has the same cold but its kicking his little butt unfortunetley turning into broncitis

honestly since covid all started i keep my kids home … if the coughing non stop sore throat constant need for tissues to blow nose then i would keep 'em home , a light cough and i can trust em to keep a mask on then they fine for school . my opinion anyway… ohhh and before covid yeaa i was that parent that would send my kids to school and if the school called me to pick em up cuase they were sick then i would and if they didn’t well they went to school sick… don’t bash me cuz i think and feel so differently about it now

If the snot is thick and colored and/or if my kid has a constant cough, I keep them home. I feel guilty as if I’m doing something wrong because the attendance policies are so strict but I’m not going to make my kid sit miserable at school.

I’ve worked in various school settings and you wouldn’t expect a child to be off with a cold. Just supplied with tissues and a water bottle. I’ve also let kids have throat sweets on their person and parents frequently dose with Calpol or similar before sending them in. I think it’s up to you as a parent to decide whether they need a day in bed or not.

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And this is how we all end up sick!
if your croch gobblin is sick keep them home. It’s a virus and it’s spreads. Not like we want our kids sick :unamused:

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No and my daughter was sick atleast 2 times a month in kinder

Yup. They can literally only miss so many days a year before you can get arrested for truancy. They will only give you an excused absence with a doctor’s note. I’m not running up to the docs at every cough, sneeze, etc. Cost money for them to tell me to give him Tylenol or cough syrup. Plus, most adults WORK. I wouldn’t miss work for my kid having a cold. A lot of parents wouldn’t even be able to have someone watch their kid to work. Be freaking for real. It’s school, they will get sick no matter what. It’s a germ filled place. Unless my kid is puking, :poop:, barely move and has a high fever, he will go to school.


You should not send a sick kid to school , it’s not fair for the teacher , the students and most importantly your kid , most school will call you to get her.

You can email the teacher and ask her if she could send you the weekly work so she doesn’t get behind

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I personally don’t send my kid if they have something contagious (cold,flu etc). But I know a lot of parents do. I find it inconsiderate to send my sick kid to school and infect other kids and their families.


So many parents do it and I despise them. They get my kid sicker with 103 temperatures costing me hundreds in medical bills fearing my child’s life, pumping him with prescription, Tylenol, over the counter meds. Bringing it home around grandparents with heart conditions and autoimmune diseases. Making them miss life saving surgeries and getting them sick. Making my child miss 3 days of school and his grades drop 20% or so then he hates school. Then gets his other side of the family sick who works at a hospital possibly getting patients sick before they know they have it. I’m so sick of it. Been dealing with this new trend for 10 years now. Just like adults and the theory with Covid. If your sick stay home. Sorry I’m sounding negative and I’m not being mean, just voicing my story and how this scenario has constantly and negatively effected our lives. And I really mean just the snotty runny nose stuff is bad on other kids, because it transits into really bad viruses in many other kids. 100% every time for mine and we have great immune systems. We are totally fine around adults coughing and sneezing. It’s the schools with kids coughing and snotty runny noses everywhere it’s a cesspool of germs that cause major viruses.


Depends but I usually keep them home a day or 2 at the start of it.

If they feel fine and it’s not contagious then yes

I didn’t with my first he’s now in 1st grade and my youngest is in kindergarten and I learned so much. My first missed so many days and caught it all I think so my second If no fever, vomiting, or diarrhea he goes to school. And I work hard to build their immune systems but regardless they will catch things esp so little just do your best!

So you want the rest of us to keep ours at home instead bc you couldn’t follow simple steps?

Depends on age and how they’re feeling. As littles I would keep them home. As they got older I would ask if they felt up to going to school. Not my place to judge how someone else is feeling and I feel it gave them more voice, which gave them the chance to make the right decision themselves. And yes, there were plenty of times they went to school with the sniffles because they felt well enough to suffer out the day.

Congestion and cough yes , unless fever , puking, diarrhea , pink eye is present in most schools 24 hours no fever reducing meds and vomiting and diarrhea

I keep my kid home for at least a couple days and if it’s just a lingering cough I send him of not I don’t send him because our luck he just spreads it to his whole class and by the time he gets rid of it he has it again.

No fever, vomiting or diarrhea they get medication and go (90% of the time) as generally it’s allergies and not really a cold(for mine). I’m not totally heartless though, so if they occasionally just don’t feel good and ask or I can blatantly tell they need to, I’ll let them stay home that day and rest.

Fever or contagious stay home. Snotty without fever send to school unless breathing is hard.

If they have to stay home and you can help home school them during that time then I would, but if you can’t that’s understandable. It depends on how bad it is. Fevers, projectile messes, stay home.

My son’s school says to send them to school unless they have a fever or they’re vomiting. If you’re not sure if you should send them you could bring them to a doctor or call and talk to someone at the school. I’ve called to talk to the nurse before when my son was in kindergarten when I wasn’t sure

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Get vitamins with zinc! Major game changer

Fever, diarrhea, vomiting, and/or if extremely tired from being sick I keep home. A bit of a stuffy nose and cough they go. My son missed so much school his first year. Once he had 2 ear infections, 2 eye infections, throat infection, and skin infection all at once. Of course he stayed home. I sent him today with a cough and sneezing. If he has a fever or gets worse they will call me.


If they have a fever, no. If they are severely congested and keep having coughing fits, no. If it’s just a cough here and there and a mild case of the sniffles, they’re 100% going to school lol

I tell the school if my child has a cought but keep an eye on them if they seem worse ring me or his dad to pick him up and if its worse ring the doctors right after the school inform you to get an appointment and get them checked

Technically as long as there is no fever, diarrhea, vomiting or anything else they aren’t allowed to school for, yes. Do I want to keep them home yes? But I dont want them to think bc theyhave a stuffy bose ane cough they can miss work and everything else.


Not if they have a fever, cough or vomiting. Have to wait 24hrs of no symptoms before they can go back to school.

It depends on the cold, like they are a fountain of snot and coughing nonstop obviously home they stay but if it’s just a bit of sniffles I’ll send them. I dont send when sick because 1 they aren’t going to learn anything with their brains full of snot, 2 I dont want to get any other kids or the teacher sick, 3 who wants to be at school sick as a dog. So like I said it depends on the level of sick. If fever in last 24 hours, home. If throwing up in the last 24 hours, home. If diarrhea in last 24 hours with no know cause like spicey food, home sniffles with a small cough from postnasal drip, school.

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Just had this happen this week. My 7 year old had cold symptoms (runny nose,cough). As long as there is no fever,diarrhea and they feel decent then I send to school. My daughter missed 2 days this week because she was so tired from being sick.

Tons of people do, I see the sick little buggers in the class line up every day sniffling and coughing lol.

If they aren’t that sick, then they go. Not going to have them missing school over a tiny little cold.

Please don’t send your kid to school if they’re sick. You do and they bring it home. I’m immunocompromised and get everything they do 10x worse. Plus the baby at home gets sick too.


If your kid is sick & contagious, they should stay home.


I send them as long as they aren’t fevered. Also as long as they haven’t been fevered or been given fever reducer for 24 hours. Vomiting diarrhea strep, pink eye etc no school until antibiotics (if needed) have been given for 24 hours. Just a cough, runny/stuffy nose they go! What helps is our school has a little clinic and if the teacher feels they’re contagious they can be seen and then the nurse practitioner can decide whether they need to stay at school or go home.

Cold symptoms I send them in. They catch it at school, so :man_shrugging: They’re all just boosting each others immune systems lol.

My son’s school sent out a flyer of when to stay home granted so many days might need a doctor note.

I teach Preschool. If the child has a fever, vomiting, diarrhea, disruptive cough, green snot running constantly, or just feels bad, keep them home. There is no down time at school and sick kids are not happy. Plus, kids are gross. They don’t understand how germs spread, and they are always touching their mouths and noses and eyes. What seems like a cold to one child might go home and be RSV or pneumonia to someone else. Some people do not have the luxury of staying home at every little sniffle, but if you do have that luxury, take advantage!

I wouldn’t because COVID is still around and is starting to go around again. It actually mimics colds.

My pediatrician would just give antibiotics to treat symptoms, but otherwise the kids were sent to school regardless. So now, when the kids get a cold, if it can be treated with over the counter stuff, then they get sent to school.

No fever, no diarrhea or vomiting. Off to school you go. Those little snot monsters got him sick anyway :woman_shrugging:

If I look at my child and know they won’t be able to function well at school they don’t go, fever or not. Only you as a parent can determine that about each of your individual children. Everyone is different. My daughter gets very grumpy and upset when she is sick, even if it’s just a small cold and my son handles it really well unless it’s very bad.

If I keep my kids home for very cough and runny nose, stuffy

School would be pointless z

Nope don’t send them because when my kids get sick it gets bad even a cold can trigger their asthma and being in a hospital sucks be mindful of others kids keep them home :woman_shrugging:

What if that cold was really RSV & you sending your kid to school is passing it around? Took my kid in yesterday & they tried to say just a cold and we had him tested RSV positive. He’s home until Monday from it all, School sports and social settings.

This is why all the kids are always sick & the doctor can give cough medicine. I wouldn’t put off taking my kids in when sick to save some money….a sniffle and a full on cold are 2 different things.

No cause it’s selfish. I don’t care what anyone says it’s disgusting and selfish.

I cant afford to keep my kids home with a stuffy nose. What job wants to give all that time off when you have aick kids…none, your baisically risking being fired. So they go unless its bad or they have any other symptoms🤷‍♀️

Ask the school nurse what their protocol is. Every school is different

Unless they are extremely miserable then yes they go to school

The doctor say to send kids to school as long as the fever is no greater than 100.4, I hate sending my kids to school miserable but what can we do if we can’t get a doctors note and truancy laws.
Spread those germs. Send kids to school sick because they learn so well that way.

That’s why your baby sick everyone sends their kids to school sick lol :mask: