Do you expect your teens to pay their car insurance?

Moms—-I’ve got a question. My daughter is 17, a senior, does well in school, works as a waitress 2-3 evenings a week, and will have track practice starting in the spring five days a week til 5pm. She had a car that she paid about half the bill for. She pays her gas money. We live 7miles from school. She is supposed to pay for her insurance, $720 every six months. Her insurance is due in two weeks and she has $300. She complains that no other teenager has to pay for their own insurance. And that she doesn’t make enough to pay it. My issue is she is never home, always out with friends. Do you expect your teens to pay their car insurance?


Yes! I was paying for my own insurance and car payment at that age while working at a fast food joint 5x a week. IMO it taught me how to be responsible with my money.


My mom and dad paid mine when I lived at home. As soon as I left home, I paid for everything.


I was given a car but had to pay for gas. My parents paid for my insurance until I either worked full time or was done with college


I did pay and was expected ro pat my car insurance, gas and maintenance when I started driving. It was part of learning budgeting. I worked after school mon-fri and weekends, usually Saturdays.

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As long as my kids are in school full-time I would not expect them to pay a big bill like that. Sports are so demanding these days, how will she even be able to work during track season.


No. When my daughter was in highschool, her job was to go to school and make good grades. She had a job, and used her money to 1) save and 2) pay for extras like her nails and hair. We talked extensively about budget and expenses, etc. She is now a junior in college. Her job is again to go to school and get a diploma. She is in between jobs, but when she was working she again 1) saved, 2) contributed to a Roth IRA 3) paid for all her extras, even food and gas. She knows all about responsibility, and we are fortunate to be able to afford it. There will be plenty time to transition to the real world.


I paid for our sons happily until he got caught driving recklessly (Life360 clocked him over 100 mph, texting on his phone, and hard braking multiple times). After that I had him look up estimates of what it would cost for insurance on his own if we dropped him so he better understood the expense and just had him pay the difference that it cost for him to be on our policy as a consequence for his lack of responsibility. He straightened up after that and started being more mindful. I paid for my insurance, as well as most other expenses, as a teen and it helped me to be more responsible when I left home.

When my son got a job he became responsible for all his bills.
Phone, truck note,& vehicle insurance ,& contributed $50 a week toward the household.
We as parents are responsible for teaching them how to pay bills on time rather they like it or not.


I neverrrr paid my insurance or bought a car, my parents always did that… I didnt buy my first car untill i was 29 married and 2 kids. V.greatful for my parents :heart:


I never had to pay for my insurance, was cheaper for my parents to bundle me in anyway than covering me independently. If you don’t wanna pay it then have her get her own monthly policy!


I think you are asking a little too much. We will be paying our son’s car insurance and cell phone through college if he chooses to go to college. If not, we will pay those through high school.


It’s my job as a parent to help my daughter succeed in life.
She’s not even close to being able to drive, however-I will not make her pay for insurance and stuff.
she has a job! Life is hard enough growing up. Let her do her job- which is be a student, athlete if she chooses, and a teenager. She’s working, which is more than most kids do these days. So be proud of her. Pay her insurance until she’s able to stand on her feet.


I’m 26 now with a 5 year old, so no immediate advice.

My mom made me figure my own insurance stuff out, and I got 3-4 no insurance tickets for various reasons ig forgetting the payment/not having the funds ect.
I didn’t know how to adult and didn’t realize how important it is to have insurance.
I’d use it as an opportunity to give her the freedom she’s trying to have. Offer to split the cost, have her pay you monthly payments vs one big chunk.
& it’s important to remember the discount she’s getting by being on your insurance.
Her alone could easily be double that.

My son is 18 a senior in high school and has been driving two years, he does not pay his insurance or car payment.


She sounds very independent and responsible. At the very least u could split it. I am sure her having her license helps u out. :person_shrugging: Why financially break ur children. This is the time to be young and carefree. She needs to learn about life just as much as needs to learn about money. She is not out partying and doing drugs she sounds like a good kid and has her head on straight.


My sister and I got our license at the same time. Both had jobs. Our parents got us the cars and we paid for maintenance, gas, and insurance. Putting 1 teen on your auto insurance is high. 2 was just insane. We have an almost 14 year old my husband and I have been discussing this for years. He will have to pay for his own insurance.

I am 41 years old.
I paid my own car insurance. My parents would toss me money for gas or going out at times even though I worked at Blockbuster Video (yes, lol).
My parents installed my own phone line for my bedroom in their house for xmas one year. (Cell phones weren’t affordable yet). However, I was required to pay the monthly bill. In 1998, it was $46 a month (including the fee for call waiting).

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My youngest bought her own car and yes paid her own part of the insurance
I taught her how to budget, save, pay bills and file her taxes at 16/17 and she’s a married homeowner at 22 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


And these responses show just how soft we are making our kids, I’m guilty as well of paying for my daughters car insurance. However I paid mine as a teenager


How about give her some financial lessons like save $x from each check to cover that amount that is required. Also she’s still a child and needs time to grow. I don’t know anyone who paid their full bill


I bought my car and paid my insurance and we never expected my mom to help and I appreciate the responsibility it taught me.

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As long as he stayed on the honor role, I paid it.

Absolutely not. When our kids was in school or in college we wanted them to just worry about school and being a kid. We didn’t even want them to work but they all wanted to so that was their money to save so when they started their own life that they would have money and they wouldn’t have a hard time starting out.So no let her be a kid it’s the parents job to take care of their kids not make them grow up fast .


I have a son that plays baseball, is a good student and is adamant about fitness because upon graduation in May, he’ll attend fire fighter academy…he attends school 8-4…baseball 4-7:30, gym 8-9:30…I’m literally putting dinner out at 9:45-10 pm 5 nights week…he’s a great kid, but at what point with that schedule can’t I expect him to maintain a job, extracurricular activities and maintain great grades…we literally discuss and recap our days at 10:30 pm…if she’s handling a full school schedule, involved in extracurricular activities and doing a job, cut her a break and count your blessings! If you’re able, provide those expenses…yep it’s not cheap, but what we have to realize is that our kids are maintaining, juggling successfully a ton of responsibilities! Trust me, as a 30 plus year educator, many parents would trade your awesome daughter who is short on insurance to the horrifying things they could be doing instead of being successful in her activities


I think it’s good to teach her responsibility and remember that driving is a privilege. $120 a month is not unreasonable but it’s truly up to you


No. Not until they’re out on their own.

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My oldest (19) is a college athlete. His insurance is $4600 a year. There is no way he can pay that. We expect him to work over the summer and winter break to contribute what he can to his expenses in general, and we expect him to be reasonable with his spending, but no to making him pay for something he needs yet has no reasonable way of affording.

Absolutely not, will not!
My oldest started driving last February and my middle starts driving this February.
Kids paying bills is ridiculous, save that money for your future.
My son works and pays for his gas/fun/whatever he wants.


Yup. My mom bought me my first car but I was responsible for the insurance and maintenance. It is HER car therefore her responsibility. It truly is up to you though, you can start with her paying half if she truly can’t afford it but I think she should pay something as it’ll teach her to be financially responsible especially if she doesn’t have any other bills

my children aren’t old enough for this yet, but when I was in highschool, if I wanted to drive then I had to pay my own insurance.


I think it depends if they have a good paying job and can afford to pay their own insurance but if they are still studying and only working part time I think the parents should help out with expenses


I wish the premium was that low where I live. I’m paying $480 a MONTH for just my 16 year old. And that’s with a good student discount, driver’s education discount, and a car with all of the latest safety features.

She’s doing well in school, doing extra curriculars AND holding down a job and you can’t help out with insurance? Would you be okay with her taking more shifts and losing out on being a teenager (which is a bigger deal than you may realize), possibly falling behind in her school work and dropping extra curriculars that will have more value to college apps than ‘paid my own insurance’?
Let her be a kid and worry about school. She has the whole rest of her life to worry about the stress of being an adult.


I would get her to pay some. But not all $720 is alot of money for a part time worker to save up especially a teen. Gas is expensive as is. As long as she’s trying to help where she can I would pay it.


Absolutely NOT. I did not and they do not. A kids first job is school…. They don’t need the added pressure of working basically full time on top of it . I can see having them pay for gas or an oil change IF they can afford it. It’s hard enough out there as it is why add more pressure


When my kids become age if I can afford I will pay till there in full time employment x

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If she’s a good kid, working getting good grades & in sports, pays for their gas, we would pay for the insurance. We want to start them off to be able to succeed. Not make them struggle.

My dad paid my car insurance even after I moved out till I got married. I was 20 but still.


No. That’s your job till she’s 18. 


What insurance is less than $1000 for a teen bc my son did pay his own bc i cant and he paid about $2000? I wish i could swing that. All the parents in the room that can , i wish i was your child bc not even my own parents could do that for me either. We were too poor for that.

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My parents paid mine until I was out of school, and by that I mean even through college. Car insurance is so expensive and if she’s working, in school with good grades and is out of trouble then maybe she deserves your help if you can afford it. Throwing that on her while she’s in school may cause her to try to work more, isolate herself from friends, get lower grades, drop out of sports etc. that’s what I regret doing. I saved my money as my parents paid my car insurance but I worked so much to save to get a first time mobile home after school that I lost all my friends, lost two years of highschool experiences like sports etc, I continued working part time in college and just that part time
Alone it was super hard and I could only get $50 a month in food stamps. I made minimum wage part time so being home about $150 a week I think it was. I was living onn my own, had a roommate some but gosh that’s a whole other story but I ended up Living alone. Because of my parents I was able to keep using my vehicle, keep a decent home, and survive. Even if it was just barely. They say we are in a silent depression. Heck this was in 2012/2013-2016 I lived like that. It’s even worse now! It’s almost impossible to survive and be successful without your families help getting you going. I grew to see I didn’t need to depend on a man ever in my life as I could do it alone. Or with a little of my parents help until
I graduated college. But after that I was good to go on my
Own. Then got married and we sold my old mobile home to my sister for price I bought it for including improvements and used that money towards my new home with my husband and children. I vow to myself if I can, I will
Buy my kids first car. I will
Cover their car and health insurance until
They are completely out of school. I will help them in any way possible as my mom did me. I’ll pay half price of a used mobile home my son can put on our land we own now and live there until he’s ready to move out of it. It changed my life forever in many good ways how my parents helped me and I want to do that for my kids. I want even better for my kids than I had and I’ll
Do everything I can to do that.

Edit to add: this is the one time in her life she doesn’t have to worry about bills and can work voluntarily. She will never had that opportunity to live that way again. I say let her enjoy it and help her as much as you can :slightly_smiling_face:

No! 🫨 like I want them to be safe and legal I provide untill 18. Unless I’m literally too poor. But my parents where poor and they still payed for mine for a year tell I was 18.
$720 is alot of money even as adult i don’t pay for mine 6 months at a time cuz I don’t have that kinda money. If your gonna do that maybe make them pay monthly.


I didn’t… my parents paid as long as I was still in school!

Oh yes she is-want a car pay

Idk, I am in my 40s and have always taken care of myself since graduation from high school. I believe making a teenager take care of their own shit makes them a better person.

The whole bill? No. Figuring out her budget and what she can reasonably afford, yes. After she is an adult though… if she’s going to school I’d definitely still help.
I paid everything except for half the cost of my car. So gas, insurance and car payment. It seemed like my parents wanted to teach me responsibility with money, but never taught me to save (because I couldn’t really) and because I had all the bills I had after I graduated and left home (you know to be a responsible adult) I ended up dropping out of college after a year because it was too much on my plate. Set your child up to succeed, not just “be an adult”.

If you have an issue with her always being gone then be the adult. And yes my kiddo is expected to pay the difference in the insurance. Currently there is $0 difference. Prob bc he took driver education.

What does her financial education look like? Has she actively been taught how to budget? If not start that now. Talk to her that if she doesn’t have the money then she cannot actively drive until it’s paid in full. Suggest that she pick up babysitting gigs or find other legal ways to make cash for her payments if she can’t take on extra shifts.


I would have her pay half.

Nope. I have 2 teen drivers. As their parents, and them living at home, that is a bill we take care of.

If my son’s in school, I’ll pay his insurance.


Driving is a privilege not a right. Insurance is something no one want to pay but we have to. I say half of Insurance. If it’s 750 she should pay 375. Unless you are a single mother with other children.

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My parents never paid for my insurance or car. If my son was doing good in school I would pay half.

I don’t expect her to pay.

No, my mom never made me pay my own insurance until I graduated and started working full time, let kids be kids until they absolutely can’t anymore. This world sucks and they need all the help and support they can get

I was paying for insurance

Remind her that she needs to hustle NOW so she can enjoy life later. Other wise she will spend her adult life pushing to get by all the time. Can the insurance be made to be paid monthly? I think that would be easier for her to keep track of and not such a large number at once.


My son is about to have a vehicle and we have talked about him paying at least a portion, and paying for his own gas. Life isn’t easy and they need to learn responsibility, the economy is very tough right now and everything is so expensive. If you have the means to pay for it and you want too, great but at 17 they’re almost adults and they need to understand that being responsible and paying bills is part of adulthood.

My oldest just turned 18 in Nov, was offered his first job recently and will start working after background clears. I will have him pay for his insurance but I still pay for everything else for him until we figure out hours etc. and go from there.

Let her have fun.
My mom paid mine until I was 25 & married. & when I tell u I was SO thankful.

Yes! Mine do. Paying monthly seems to be easier on teenagers, though. Teenagers don’t make a lot of money, but they have no responsibility either. Have her give you the money monthly or even weekly. One of my sons is very frugal with his money, one of them blow through it like it’s about to set fire if he don’t spend it. Both have the same responsibilities.

I’m about to turn 26 in 5 days and I just started paying for my car insurance last month for the first time. Very grateful for my parents!!

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My teens didn’t have cars till they could afford them. We dont have driving lessons in school and certainly don’t have space on the grounds for teenagers to be parking cars. Public transport or walk . I would drive them if it was off the bus route or too far to walk. Cant even start taking lessons here till 17yo and insurance is outrageous at that age

No…I cover all costs while they are in high school and make sure they leave with a semi decent car that will last a couple years. They will get plenty of time to struggle in their 20’s. I want them to enjoy high school and play sports VS working.


My parents paid for our first year. Then we were on our own. Teach them responsibilities it’s so important. But if we ever needed up they were there for us. But I’m glad they did it that way.


No! Let them enjoy being with friends. Soon, that’s all going to be over!

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When mine become of age to drive then yes they will have to pay for their own car insurance. The reason being is because cars are a privilege to have. That privilege is also a responsibility to pay for and to maintain.


My dad still pays my insurance on one of my cars, I am 28🙃 granted our situation allows it. My parents are pretty well off and never wanted us to struggle. I pay everything else but they help where they can


Can she do it monthly? That’s a lot to expect from her. I guess she could save every month but then you’re better off her paying the bill monthly

I brought my own car and paid for my insurance and all expenses pertaining to my car. It was extremely hard and I’m proud of myself. However, if my daughter keeps good grades, respectful, and appreciative I’ll pay for her car & insurance. She can do the gas so she understands the value of money. Drive all your gas out in. 2 days, you’re either filling your tank or staying home🙃


My daughter will be 16 at the end of the month… she is a straight A student… plays travel soccer… and multiple school sports throughout the year. I bought her car… I so far put gas in it… and I pay the insurance. As long as she continues what she is doing… and keeping on her grades… I will pay! She wants a job… and if she can handle it… that’s great. She can help pay for her gas… and what she wants. She has many years to be an adult and only a few short years to be a child! I’m going to let her enjoy it!!


Age 18 on your own with bills …it’s the only way they will have responsibilities. Tough love :heart:

Personally, I’d be pocketing the money she’s giving and saving it to give back to her when she graduates.
I think having her pay for gas is fair, and some of her car payment maybe… but i think those two things PLUS her car insurance is a bit much.

My teens pay for their own gas to go places but we pay their insurance.

When I was a kid I paid for my insurance and my parents went half on my car with me for the payment. I’d sit down and figure out with her what she makes a month and just make sure between car insurance and the payment you aren’t asking for over 1/2 her normal amount. Have her break her payment up to you weekly. That would probably help too.

My daughter is not a teenager but from the time I got my first car until the time I graduated high school, my parents paid for half of my insurance.


That’s a tough one ! She is doing everything right! But if she is out riding around with friends , then maybe pay half! She already has a lot going on academically. She is showing responsibility .

Yes I have a 17 yr old and when he gets a car in April he will be responsible for gas and insurance. If he can not afford it then he can’t have a car. He has to get a job and be responsible enough to upkeep the car. As a single mother I can not afford to pay that bill and as a senior in high school who has early release and is done with sports he has every opportunity to get a job and make enough money

Sounds like your daughter is doing well, doing all the right things. I’m struggling with this too. So far we have paid our teen (also 17). daughter’s insurance. We can afford it. But I do agree there will come a point that she will have to start paying it. Thinking maybe I will start with her paying 1/2 while she’s in college.

I understand the “never home” issue. I hate it. When my daughter is home, anywhere between 2-10 friends are there with her. She’s growing up….

Maybe unpopular opinion. Right now her ‘job’ is school. So I only ask she pays for her gas and do well in school. That works for us. Every family is different. :heart:


Absolutely! Did that for all my kids and that’s how I was raised!

My parents "made me pay my insurance " but I didn’t know it at the time they were putting the money back as a savings for me. Or if something needed repaired for my car. Taught me responsibility and helped me.:heartpulse:


My parents paid mine while I was still in Highschool. I paid my gas and registration and worked.

I mean… to have one bill at 17 isn’t a bad thing considering in less than 12 months she will be expected to pay for EVERYTHING on her own. This is just teaching her responsibility and how to budget and how to maintaina car. Real life lessons are being learned, the kind they don’t teach in school.


It is really a mix! I am an insurance agent and about half of my families have their teens pay their portion. I paid mine when I was her age as well. It is what works best for tour family Momma!!

No! They will have enough of paying bills once they are grown and gone. Let them enjoy being a kid! My kid pays for some gas

My bought my first car and paid my own insurance. I have been doing so since then and I am 33. I am so glad my dad made me do so because it made me who I am today with money management.

I was expected to pay for my insurance, gas, and any repairs for the car, and to either buy the car or pay the payments my mom co-signed on and the deal was the day I turned 18 her name got taken off the loan. If I couldn’t pay any of those, the car sat til I could. It’s her vehicle and her responsibility, it’s a good way to teach her about budgeting and what she needs to save every week to be able to pay for it.

As long as my girls were active in school with sports or other school activities and made good grades. I never expected them to get a job because I wanted them to focus on school and enjoy high school. So I paid the car insurance.

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I offered to pay my own car insurance as a teenager and my mom still wouldn’t let me get a license so I could get to and from work on my own. I worked 6 days a week after school and on Saturday.
I even bought the car she wanted with my own money for her. She Still wouldn’t let me get my license. But let my brothers friend use the car for his daily driver to get him and my brother all over god creation… I got it the day I turned 18 and got my license. :woman_facepalming:

We plan to buy all of our kids their own car (as long as they’re responsible teenagers) but they will be responsible for their own amount of car insurance. We have 6 children tho. So we could never pay that amount for all of them but plan to do drivers school for each one so hopefully a discount will be added to insurance for each of them to make it a little cheaper for them to pay.

I sure do. My son wants a car too. He’s 16 and I am 64 on Social Security disability. If he wants a car on the road before he is 18, he has no choice. He has to pay the difference in my insurance bill.


What I would do and this is just me and my ideas … I would pay half . Let her start learning how to manage money and pay bills.

I was 15 and bought and paid for my own car by working summer and after school jobs. I paid for my gas and insurance myself. If I wanted to go out with friends and was short on money then my family would help me out but otherwise I paid my own bills for my car.


I could never put this kind of pressure on my child.


Only if they want to drive :blush:

My boys paid for their cars , car insurance, gas , and everything they did period . I was a single mom and had no money . They turned out to be the best men and awesome money managers !

I paid my mom, her insurance went up $100/month and then there was a “fee” to have secondary drivers, so I paid that as well. Came up to $140/month. Taught me responsibility and to pay bills on time otherwise it gets taken away!

I had to pay for my own car, gas, repairs, ins, maintenance, I had to learn what was important to me money wise and bill wise etc it builds a stronger person if she wants the car she has to realize that it takes sacrifice sometimes

Her being out is another issue. She should still be following your usual rules/ guidelines. Now if my child is doing well and involved and I have the money, I will pay. But every household is so different. My father paid everything until my first job after college, so I was 22. Even when I had part time jobs that way always my money. I’ve seen parents take half their kids check. Good Lord willing as long as my daughter is in school I will do what my dad did.

Your daughter is very outgoing and on the right track in her life at the moment. she is soon going to be dealing with a complete life change that comes with hefty bills and responsibilities. pay the insurance.

Absolutely not. I wanted my 4 kid’s primary job to be their education. If they were good students, they earned it. We don’t have buses in California, so it’s certainly convenient for you that she drives herself to school and foots the bill. She’s correct, most of the other kids that are fortunate enough to have access to a car probably aren’t paying for their own insurance.

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