Do strep b tests hurt?

Hey, so I’m 34 weeks pregnant and next time I go to my ob im supposed to get checked and the strep test. How bad does this hurt? I’m nervous :grimacing:


Got mine yesterday. Don’t worry :slight_smile: just a swab.

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Step test??? Like for your throat? Cuz I never had one done


Group b is a swab of ur vagina so shouldn’t hurt

Strep test doesn’t hurt at all. Necessary to protect baby. The only thing that will be uncomfortable might be the check. You’ll do great.


They just stick it along ways down your throat, you will gag alittle


Is this not nz?? I’ve never had one with any of my babies

Can’t say I had this with either of my kids


Just hurts your pride😏


They swab your vagina, doesn’t hurt at all.

It’s literally just a Q-Tip around your bootyhole, you’ll be fine :relaxed:


It will be okay no worries ! Congratulations ! I hope all goes well for you

It doesnt hurt at all! Hurts less than a pap

They swab your butthole just so you know. No one told me so I was pretty shocked when it happened lol


Could you have misheard your doc? It is common to have a stress test at your point in the pregnancy: Contraction Stress Test: Procedure, Risks, Results


Never heaRd of this lol. I never was swabbed in my booty or throat lol


I didn’t even know they did this. I never had it for my first. I go to the doctor again on Thursday. I’m going to ask now lol

It is no big deal. And if you are positive they just put you on antibiotics while you are in labor
I tested positive and my son is beyond perfect

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It hurt me !!! Like bad! When she shoved it in my choochie man it hurt. And I had strep :expressionless: but it was fine I was induced and given antibiotics we are both fine

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Group b strep test is literally a long qtip swabbed around the area between your anus and vagina. Strep b may have no bad effects in women but it can be very dangerous if left untreated in the newborn.

GBS | Fast Facts and Statistics | Group B Strep | CDC

It’s called the GSB or strep b test. It’s simple, quick, and easy. A simple qtip swab of vagina and booty. If your positive, which can vary from pregnancy to pregnancy, you will get iv antibiotic during labor but before delivery.

The strep B test doesn’t hurt. The doc will swab your vagina and rectum and send the samples off for lab tests. If you have strep B (very common), you will be placed on antibiotics during delivery!:kissing_heart:

It doesn’t, just awkward and uncomfortable for a minute or less

It doesn’t hurt to bad

Strep test it’s just a simple swan either vaginal, anal, throat or any wound. It’s safe and don’t hurt plise results are in 30 minutes if the doctor do it in the same office. :slightly_smiling_face: Hope everything it’s alright.

The swab didn’t hurt me at all
The doctor checking to see if I was dilated was super uncomfortable but maybe that’s because I was dilated to a 2 already
You will be okay :heart: good luck girl

Not bad no worse than a pelvic exam

I’ve never been swabbed in the back during either pregnancy :woman_shrugging:

Reading the comments myself it sounds like people get these done differently which I didn’t know. Both times with my pregnancies it’s a quick swab with a q-tip no speculum needed so it’s not painful at all

It’s a blood test andnswab

My doctor’s office well my ob made me swab myself

Strep b test doesn’t hurt at all, the use a long qtip thing and swab your bits and butt. As far as getting checked, you can refuse it if you want, it really has no impact on knowing when you’ll go into labor and is unnecessary, but if you do get checked it is mostly uncomfortable not so much painful. Also it depends on who does it…lol…I had an OB with petite hands and well trimmed nails and it didn’t hurt at all, at the hospital I had a nurse with large hands and long nails and it hurt a little


Most doctors will test for group b streptococcus… or beta strep. It can passed, hereditary, from mother to daughter. Only thing is if you test positive you’ll have to have penicillin thru i.v. while in labor so it doesn’t get into the baby’s mucus membranes. I’m a beta strep carrier and have two very healthy daughters.
*** note - my daughter tested negative for it when she gave birth to my granddaughter two months ago ***

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It feels like a more involved pap. So a bit pinchy, but over with quickly.

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Doesn’t hurt at all lol

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Lol honey it’s just a qtip. Birth is a million times worse


It’s more awkward than painful lol


Its easier than a pap!

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It’s like a q tip swab I didn’t even feel it

For me they just sent me into the bathroom with a big qtip and told me to wipe from front to back with it. Then it was done


It doesn’t hurt at all

It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s just an uncomfortable/weird feeling.

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They let you do it yourself in the bathroom. It’s just a q-tip.

I got checked to see how dilated I am by a male OB & literally fuckin hated it. & it hurt a lil and was very uncomfortable and he just didn’t care… the swab is nothing tho lol

It shouldn’t hurt. Its basically a big cotton swab. Having cervix checked isnt great but it shouldn’t be painful


Y’all are trippin😭 strep test was weird af you literally put a qtip in your vagina and then the same one in your butt. Also my first time getting checked hurt like a bitch bc I’m pretty tight down there. My boyfriend ended up watching and he was like “I’ve never seen someone’s hand all up in there like that”

Not at all it’s just “wierd”

On a scale from 1 to childbirth it’s a negative 11


I see a lot if mothers comparing it to birthing your child. Birth being much more painful.
Don’t let that fear settle, honey.
Your body knows what to do, even if you do not It’s genetically designed to do this work.
With all that is you, relax into the process of birth. Allow it to take over andbreathe into, walk into the contraction (metaphorically) then, it’s done and this beautiful miracle is in your arms, suckling ! It’s beautiful and it doable!
It’s a labor of love and it is intense and it is work and it is hard, but your body knows what to do. Trust that.
And relax your jaw and groan( instead of shriek) the tension of the jaw is directly connected to the vaginal muscles.
Keep your jaw loose.

You got this, momma! :heart:


I did it myself here in cali! Front to back swab!! :speak_no_evil:


Giiirrrrllll you’re about to give birth :rofl::rofl::rofl:
This will be a breeze in comparison :wink:

It’s like sticking a qtip in your outer ear - except its your vagina. It takes 5 seconds. Takes more effort to wipe yourself after you pee.

Doesn’t hurt at all…

Isn’t it just a swab?

It doesn’t hurt just very uncomfortable

Wow if that causes you stress because of the chance of pain I don’t think I would even consider having a baby.

Just a cotton swab doesnt hurt feels weird

It’s uncomfortable more than painful

Nope not painful at all. No different than a pap smear is.

It doesn’t hurt promise. It’s uncomfortable a little bit but not bad. I think a pap is more uncomfortable

It doesn’t hurt at all. They just swab your vagina and rectum with (essentially) a Q-tip.

It feels like a small scratch…